The worlds in outer space:

Probably, many wondered why we, the earthly community, do not grow up, what can be expected from civilization, has mastered the nuclear and computer technology, mastering space, dreams of finding a fellow intelligence in the universe ... Why earthlings so slowly moving towards the realization of its involvement in the living and intelligent cosmos,

Worse - stubbornly deny the existence of advanced civilizations? Why do we care not how reasonable the concept of "crown of nature" and the uniqueness of terrestrial intelligence in the universe? Why do not we just do not cultivate spiritual from age to age, but significantly degraded and of themselves, and in international and interpersonal relations? Why we built a consumer instincts and pursuit of pleasure to the level of the main priorities of mankind? For thus we are like creatures living under the law of the rectum! Obeskrovlivaya planet in the pursuit of comfort, we do not think about the future of their own offspring, and the other planets in our stock no ...
Can we do anything to learn from other civilizations? This issue is dedicated to a great chapter in my, not yet published book "People from the Stars", and here I can only summarize the basic principles of life of a number of VC. The features of civilizations from the Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, Cygnus, Andromeda, Libra and others. Achievements and differences of these constellations VTs sufficiently detailed in the "Catalogue ETI" Paul Haylova.
The presence of other stellar systems in our earthly society is not as impenetrable mystery, and it shows in the stories that I and other researchers were able to collect and analyze. But, of course, will be even recognition - I'm sure. For something as so-called "people of the stars" embedded in our society?
And yet ... As long as you can draw some conclusions about the social arrangement of a number of extraterrestrial civilizations.
Lessons from other civilizations

The most important thing, in my opinion, is that all advanced civilizations totally move away from division, fragmentation, division by fiefdoms and the state. On their planet there are no borders between the subjects of national entities, and hence there are no territorial disputes and claims. And there is the struggle for raw materials and resources, which now become the common property of all.
These civilizations are united and are subject to, as a rule, a single common tsentru.Nazvaniya control centers are different, whether the Council of the Wise, the Supreme Council, the central government and the Central Council of civilization - as they stand on the sovereignty of its planets. In extreme cases, the highest rulers can not control the entire planet, and separate continents, as is done, for instance, on the planet Pikran. That is the tendency of some countries to unite Earth as it is done slowly in Europe - are steps in the right direction.
Of particular interest is such an important aspect of how much the population of some of the planets when populations reach tens or even hundreds of billions of people, but it does not cause any insurmountable problems in society. All residents are equally provided and meals (mostly energy, autotrophic), and area for residence, and creative work. "They" have made peaceful coexistence on their planets, build something like a super-communism - of course, without exploitation of their own kind. The main occupation of the residents VC - creative work for the benefit of everyone.
A very important role in society is the recognition of extraterrestrial cosmic laws, which they know and are always respected. Analyzing the behavior of the earthlings, VC representatives come to the conclusion that we, first of all, it is necessary to change the priorities in life. But this is impossible without a change in mindset. Therefore, as a basic measure to save humanity, some VTs see the work on the development of intellectual and moral potential of earthlings.
And it seems that this work has begun. Probably not without reason in all countries at the same time were born "the new children", or, as they are called, indigo children who have highly developed intellect, there is no self-interest and extremely high internal strap morality. Perhaps the birth of Indigo children - this element of helping us.
In our great aggressiveness, and this too should be overcome by any means. Until the correction of genetic change in us this feature. According to the Computer Center, the majority of inhabitants of the Earth emanate radiation mostly negative.
A very important feature of the inhabitants of advanced civilizations, in our opinion - is telepathic, not verbal communication. Thus, apparently eliminated this negative quality inherent in people as falsehood, insincerity when they say one thing and thought something else entirely. In an environment alien thoughts and feelings tend to be quite transparent.
We bring great harm to the division of ideology and different religions, which are a source of conflict and wars in the world. Overcome the ideological strife that understand that humanity is one and must have a common spiritual and moral orientation - this step will be a significant act in our development as a civilization.
Life on our planet in danger of self-destruction, because contrary to common sense, we do a lot of harm to themselves. We act as if the destruction of the home planet - a matter of honor for each of us. Our negative energy - the energy of thoughts, feelings and deeds - is growing in alarming progression.

The mission of messengers from the stars

The phenomenon of the birth of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations in the bodies of people, probably not accidental, and it is not a hoax. Perhaps, over time, it will help the earthlings more effectively understand and accept the help of the Cosmos. People from the stars who came from the depths of the cosmos seems to have guarded their cosmic cousins, but it is about these people in an apparent struggle of light and dark forces, as the dark, too, are aware of their mission among earthly humanity and struggling to interfere with this.
So people in the world to live not easy, they have twice heavier than usual inhabitants. I can see it in their difficult fate. But they, "People from the Stars", overcoming the obstacles posed by the world around them, suffering and purifying the soul, bring us hope. I remind you that one of these people, the newcomers was Helena Roerich, who made it clear that one of her place of residence was the planet Venus, and the selfless work that we all know.
I think we should study the phenomenon of people from the stars, explore their purpose, to protect the envoys of the cosmos, but the first thing that we are willing to do - and this is defamation of the phenomenon, and those who said it out loud, and, of course, the phenomenon of media themselves. It is necessary to understand the phenomenon involving the research unit, if we really want to enlightenment and cleanse all earthly humanity.
Finally. Perhaps I presented the concept looks pretty pessimistic. We are disorganized, poorly trained creatures, aggressive, narcissistic, but ... is not hopeless. And interest to us from a number of extraterrestrial civilizations, they help us even in the form of introduction of "people from the stars," or the same indigo children, as well as other actions, too, are not accidental. Education of the Incarnation on Earth, what they talked about Nietzsche, Vl. Solovyov, Roerich, slowly, but still sold.

The historical example of Russia in this sense is also important and revealing, and we, as you know, have a special hope. Understand, accept the help of advanced civilizations - it will be a significant step in his earthly humanity moving forward and it will be our evolutionary reasonable choice. Self-isolation from other civilizations is only earthlings to a standstill, to self-destruction, as it was the previous Earth's civilization.

... Let's listen to tips we? We are aware that all of this is vital to us? On this there is hope ...


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