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If a person is certain sacrifices for the sake of transformation of his inner "I", sacrifices his ego in the name of God and the soul, he really transformed into a new creature - a particle of the Divine Essence. If a person goes to the sacrifices ego - he gradually dies spiritually regressing. Death is a necessary phase of development and is to sacrifice the individual ego and dying at different stages.

The more understood the art of humility and forbearance, especially in thought and desires, the more there is a creative force in the achievement of the objectives and overcoming sometimes unimaginable obstacles. The greater the force applied to contain the circumstances - the more destruction it prinosit.Tolko art know when to stop (not constrain) in their requests and desires can give plenty of internal and external values ​​and the power to use them for the benefit of themselves and the world.

Once success is seen as the Divine Will - you experience the feeling of Love and Thanks to God and does not think about it as a stable, and certainly, the more eternal value.

Man, a desire to cling to the material, or simply a more dense world, immune to the dark forces and can not with this burden rise above Zemlёy.I reverse side of the same coin - abandoning goods of the earth, you accept - you lose the ground under their feet, and then the sky You will return to earth - to give her a debt.

If Fortune is perceived as its own achievement - you start (in the case of its absence) to make claims, and the worst thing for you, that they are directed to the Bogu.Razum man gives him a fortune to be workable and rich, look at the world in which he came, evaluate it and rejoice. This is the greatest gift to man.

However, the mind, to pervert the mind - the Divine gives a reassessment of values, replacing them by their imitation of a moral and ethical nravstenno plants - and people immersed in the vanity of vanities, illness and problems of their relatives and acquaintances. AK if allows a person to earn that wealth goes "between the fingers."

If you bring the light of the Divine Wisdom in themselves, they may light up any dark and desolate terrain and gently ignite the lamp in susceptible hearts and minds. Loving others, his mother that brought you into this world, it does not feel for him is no requirement - that is the true sense of seclusion. The man would not hooked, but looking for the way of propagation of light, all-loving unconditional love - no fear of upheaval - it can only acquire, he has nothing to lose. And the acquisition and lost entirely belong to God. He understands that everything is destroyed, as it is perishable. Only Love and Light can be rebuilt on the ashes of his temple.
Hermit can be in his cell, cut off from all living things (out of love for his "sublime" ego and because of the lack of love for the people), and in its own building complexes, stereotyped patterns, patterns and even the ordinary material well-being, with This considering himself "king of the castle."
But we must remember that the Divine Eye of lightning destroys any outdated designs down to save the soul, giving it a chance to build on this site scorched more successful "architectural composition."
Our subconscious programs, our domestic program and the relationship to the roots and traditions often put us in the position of the prisoners, and then begins, it seems, the external destruction. In fact, it is the destruction of the interior, with much earlier start.
We need to keep only the love with which we came into this world, and that ignited us with even greater force when you first look into the eyes of the mother.

The balance and equality allow progress and development prospects of all terrestrial processes. Only an inner sense of justice of the Supreme Creator gives us hope not only for its own existence, but also happiness.
Also, the presence of internal and eternal hope - Dara all living - is the basis of life
civilization, guarantee the conservation in her balance and basic "prevention" of chaos. The loss of hope - the gloom, the mortal sin, which leads us to spiritual suicide, and that is the main battery Antiworld, its driving force. They are much more interesting whole person affected by despondency than even a man besotted strongest passions. This internal loss of hope - a rejection of God, by faith in his divine will - lead to a global catastrophe, for preparing the ground for any depreciation in the first place, the spiritual values. Is replaced by the concept of divine justice the human, sometimes pretentious and hypocritical laws and regulations on human values ​​ereorientiruyutsya denser levels - and as a consequence no balance of power, and chaos.
It is in force equality of male and female laid a priori program happiness of their children. Guiding star shines all the way creators and doers (parents - the same creators), and gives them inspiration when they are in equilibrium causal law.

The main triumph and the victory of any man - a victory over his shadow "I". And only those
triumphs in the history of the Earth's valuable when they first took place in the inner world of man, in his inner conflict, and then only in the outer. Not great significance of the success achieved without a degree of internal doubts, insecurities and fears. As a result of the transformation of fear, man acquires the true power of the victor, which does not need anyone's losing streak - both delight his vanity and pride. The desire to win and a desire to see his opponent defeated

(a living being or a problem) - only reinforces the internal weakness and doubt and gives a person the way for a new, even more "bloody" struggle.
Daily work, sometimes a chore given to us to pacify our inner pride. Victory over it gives us joy and strength to work, and new prospects for development, and is a great stimulus to the surrounding society.
Our health - wins and losses reflected in the eternal struggle with the subconscious. But only if the first is greater than when we understand that this fight is not for the destruction of the subconscious, and for his acceptance and transformation.

We often think that the correctness of our decisions depends on the correctness of our choice, and as soon as we think, be sure to commit a wrong move. This is for the simple reason that we, the people, in this case, rely only on themselves. With inner sun, light, feeling the presence of God in the heart and relying entirely on his will - given the right move taking us through the hand of Providence. But what is most interesting, least likely in this case
there is the choice of the situation itself, or whether it is not measured by man as an option - it has been in only one, the only right decision!
Morality and ethics, ethical considerations often make us waver in decision-making. Often we think that the choice adopted as a result of the pressure of these categories, the most correct. But listen to your heart - whether there inside the sun? Do not violated blissful state of Unconditional Love? This will be the response of the correct choice.
Boundless light coming from the inside, the inner sun, gives us love, loved children and grandchildren, peace and happiness. Loving God, we are the most capable of true love and partnership with both the loved and the children, and to all others.

Only the understanding that the Supreme Divine Justice Laws do not always coincide with our human notions of justice, gives us the right understanding of the law of causality. In this case, a man can really go the way of the transformation of his karmic debts, while not remembering things, accomplishments earlier.
Only in one case it has the opportunity to bless or, conversely, to ask the other person to think again - if he could bring to your mind the knowledge of the interlocutor, while not making any human, personal assessment of what is happening. He did not need to think (as certain representatives of humanity) that God speaks through him. God, indeed, puts in his mouth, his Word, but this man, at this moment, does not even know about his "great role". Only in this way can take place any more or less fair earthly court - without evaluation, without bias.
Court - is a message, not a condemnation. And only the defendant has the right to assess the decision or judgment of the court.
Once the ego allows the assessment of the circumstances - you give the opportunity to feel the pride of a judge in the first instance (whether you are even just a counselor). You will not bring real benefit to the defendant, who was no need to get your score, and news, and only you really bring yourself replenishment burdened karma.
True transformation is dying ego, even for short periods of time and to provide itself for the purposes of his soul.
Sexually important facilities are those who in one way or another makes us
sacrifice their vanity, and are the result of the prohibitions or vice versa breaking the silence of past lives.

Originator, for the first time in His incarnate Son, come down to earth He created things not only as equal to their creations, but also a deliberate move all the hardships and vicissitudes of life on earth, caused by his own creations, and ready to suffer for the rebirth of love in human hearts. Not the emperor, not a king, clothed with power from the depths of the people released, and to madness (from the standpoint of the people) is not afraid - he was able to its purity, humility and meekness to give a chance to return to the hearts of the living God.
But the Emperor, and any authority clothed also has a chance for spiritual salvation and peace.
Not clinging to wealth, power, and the like - he can get them at its disposal, always mindful of the Will of God. Otherwise the fear of losing all their pitiful belongings and Sovereign characters - it will become a slave, a larger than normal slave.
Truly national language understanding between nations and people is the language of Unconditional Love. Wisdom and knowledge are enclosed in simplicity. Spiritual and material values, combined intuitive synthesis together, offer the best long road, hidden corners of the earth and human hearts.

Creation, creation of a blossoming garden in the inner world, makes it possible to plant trees and shrubs around the outer world itself. Internal knowledge allows us to let go of fears and realized themselves, while helping in this their descendants. But the karmic memory, perceived to feed the ego, afraid of punishment. Not only allows you to start creation. But do not give an opportunity to move the world and the society, because they are in one way or another connected with our karmic programs.
Fatherhood is the quality not the opposite of motherhood, and its second half. Only fertility and creative activity, being a derivative of intuitive thinking and karmic memory, enable us to complete the implementation of life.

All unusual, extraordinary, what happens to us in our lives (good and bad), we have given birth themselves in their inner world, and long before the event. Any illogical actions of our friends and acquaintances, aimed at us - have a completely logical explanation in our subconscious. Be creative, give birth masterpieces, but always remember the responsibility for them, if you or your environment they suddenly appreciated.
Maternal care and sympathy, wisdom and spiritual exaltation, superior intelligence, any useful instinct or impulse, all that is beneficial, that loves and supports, nourishes the vigor and fertility. Places degeneration, as well as the underworld - are at the disposal of the Mother.
The downside of the mother archetype involves all the secrets hidden and dark; the abyss and the kingdom of the dead; everything devours and absorbs all that horrible and inevitable fate.
Any woman or a process, not willing to bear the fruitfulness is barren and its other manifestations, as the power of love are drawn only when the initial full impact. Only in this case, allow creativity in different directions vectors.
A mother's love - one of the most touching and unforgettable memories of our life, the secret root of all growth and change. Love, implying return home, shelter, and a long silence from which it started, and that's all over. Close familiar and yet strange as nature, affectionate and yet harsh fate, joyful and life-giving relentlessly and, at the same time sad and dumb mother relentless portal that closes the dead. The mother - a mother's love, your experience and your secret.
Why risk saying too much (this could be false and false) of the human being, which was our mother. The support of the great feelings, which includes it, and you, and all of humanity, all the feelings of life, and all of nature, the children we all are.

Any trials and secret knowledge, which are also, in fact, are the tests necessary to man as air - but they give a person a sense of the extraordinary of his soul, and give an idea of ​​its value.
However, always test has a side that can "facilitate" your pain and anguish - all that it should be up to you - it is your soul. Think about it: how much it costs, which it offers for all the blessings of peace and freedom from misery.
Man is created in the image and likeness of God - it is the law of analogy of the Trinity - Spirit, Soul and Mind.
It is the archetype of the trinity, whose dominant force is not only conducive to spiritual development, but sometimes also strengthens it. Not by chance, he served as the basis for the formation of many spiritual teachings. God, but we are united in three persons, incarnation interpenetrate each other - one opens oneself to the other, and unceasing this live connection ensured the unity of God.


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