Love - a beautiful, powerful, comprehensive energy that is the beginning and end of everything.
Love - is the alpha and omega. Love - this is the essence of the universe.
«God is Love» ...

Radiate love - especially important today. In many letters the Angels and Higher Powers of Light ask people about it. Radiating Love, you are helping not only yourself, you are helping people heal the atmosphere around you, heal our planet. Today, our Earth, as never before, needs your love.

Radiating energy of Love, you raise your vibration,
that is absolutely necessary for the upcoming transition. Any knowledge will have no effect, if your heart
It does not vibrate in harmony with love.
After all, the energy of love in you is the basis,
Your divinity, your light.
Radiating Love, you are co -Tvortsami universe. The energy of love has its own consciousness, it is one of the building materials of the universe, the most valuable,
that you can give.
The more love you give, the more you get in return. This Universal Law.

Awaken the energy of love that lives inside of you and just waiting for you to refer to it. You are the most powerful source of energy, Love - this is your divine essence, the fundamental principle. Divine spark within you - is Love.
We are all given it as a great power, as a divine power, wisdom, as the Higher Self, peace, harmony, beauty and infinity.


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