The consumer reality

Most of us live in an entertaining, depending on things. In fact, things for us are representatives of our own experiences. Toys are interesting, fun – fun, exercise – exhausting exercises as toys – again excitement, and money, so in General, "happiness".

Although they say that happiness is not in money, but honestly almost no one believes. Money can buy things. And things – these are the magic keys to our feelings. There is a thing, then, there is fretting over its possession. The presence of certain things creates a certain "configuration" of the current state. So we have people day in and day our instinct "Apostle".

It seems sometimes that the more you grab, the easier it is to mix everything according to your taste of that, grab your own unique "cocktail" of happiness. But even when it is possible, finally, to steal something "substantial", we end up prostiraetsya experienced a bummer some stupid inability to survive the projected long-awaited happiness. Somehow, even in the presence of "necessary" things, you still always something missing.

Why is this happening, and what can you do, I would like to speculate in this article.

Unique hallucinationsAll though we are similar as a few billion drops of water, but something different. One person like the rock, the other classic, the third love silence, etc. we are All so different and unique because it was born and grew up in different conditions "in the circumstances". The variety is as it proves that every individual stamped matryoshka, and responds to life his unique way. But the uniqueness of this "response" depends on the mental data of each individual being. Here, the response I don't mean waving his hands, scratching, twitching, screaming and moving the body in space. Talking about mental reactions. The "response" to life — is a mental process.

Of our mental reactions are born our perception of our lives. In this sense, or in that spectrum of life itself is perception. Perception perceives itself. Events, movements, scripts, programs, feelings – all perception of life. Here I deliberately focus on perception, to emphasize that life for a person depends on how that person perceives his life. The life of a man is what he perceives it.

I didn't plan this article for the umpteenth time to focus on projections of perception. But the theme that I consider worthy of constant remembrance (perhaps it's time to to create a new category). Here I am about projections once again remind and to drag the narrative like a puzzle of the picture. By the way, I think, almost all in different periods of life have noticed how successfully joined fragments "adequate" understanding of reality with each other, creating new shades of the knowable.

The projection of such slides, which are projected by the light projector on a pure white screen. Projection – unreal. The real screen. The projector is the human psyche, a blank screen is life. Projection is the psyche through which we see the world. The contents of the psyche are projected onto the world in such a way that we have not really see the world, and see only their projections on the world. Thus, we all your life react to themselves, while ignorantly believing that react to other people, external circumstances, events, etc. Our subjective is unreal projections are perceived as true reality. However, we do not notice the screen of life and the projector of psyche. Colored pictures on the screen completely absorb the attention of the layman.

It is very easy to confuse yourself with definitions and fall into empty philosophical reflection. To understand the topic enough to grasp a simple idea. We react to life is subjective, according to the contents of our individual "projector." In fact, we don't react to life, and the content of their own psyche. Life liberates, expands the contents of the psyche as the potential for the development of the individual.

From a variety of projections depends on the variety of "reactions", which are different people looking at the same object. In a sense, the psyche of each individual man is a big projection on a blank screen existence. Man projects himself into reality, whereby reality is determined and becomes "some", takes on the characteristics, quality, etc.

The reality is, is psyche, which in reality projects. So, looking at the same hours, different people can see: a complex mechanism, a luxury item, cheap fake, a reminder of the transience of life, a toy or just an object, measuring the period of his service. Variations of as much as observers. Looking at the same object, each sees himself in it.

If a person believes that to be happy he needs a house on the beach, it means that his individual psyche is a projection of happiness smoothly falls on the concept of a mansion by the sea.

Gourmet OuroborosKarma, the biochemical reactions of nerve tissue, the flow of energy – all this subjective projection, individual ways to call absolute reality understandable terms and calmed down on this, jump on.

Some of the terms seem clear and familiar. But how rarely we try to understand what is behind this familiar. All human life is one big spontaneous habit. That can lead to this habit of a few decades? As "inside" habits could evolve into something spontaneous? In this world of continuous effects can happen enlightenment?

Yes, I oppose the spontaneity of habit. It is in pop, the usual topic - the mental machinery to oppose awareness, habits of spontaneity. And not to be bored for the usual subject, it is sometimes useful to afford even a little to stay conscious and spontaneous.

All our life is like a wound up toy that continues to work because gathered momentum, and now the inertia is heading in the infinite future. It just happens. No matter how to call it. This biochemical reaction. This is the karma. It is the movement of energy. It is just the flow of life that happens to us. Sometimes the thread moves a little slower, sometimes it is insanely fast.

Obstacles in the spontaneous flow of "energy" projected onto a life that felt like obstacles at the event level, as if someone or something prevents you to go, to say something or to do something. Once the energy makes its way and starts flowing freely, You feel relief, as if all at the same level of events in the life you have removed some weight, given access, something that would allow. So our projection evasive "explain" our personality, what happens to her on a subtle mental level. The energy stopped, and the person sees the problem. Energy moves freely, and the person anticipates success.

The person thinks that her worries are her possessions, money and relationships. The person thinks. And her thoughts in its essence – is a form of current experiences. In other words, money and relationships – it's all the same hallucinations personality projection, which cleverly distracts attention from its very nature to a plurality of false images, in order to remain unexposed.

The person receives a salary, and his mood rises, then he loses the money and the "fall spirit". Gain and loss experiences. The acquisition is the opening of the interior resource. The loss of his exhaustion.

Of course, sometimes a person can feel that it is not in the events, and just he suddenly became more confident, or on the contrary — faith in himself was lost, he bites his own tail like the mythical snake Ouroboros the. But most of the events of the material world are perceived as the "true" cause of the experiences. Some people of their experiences did not even feel, and believe that experience such events. To sit alone is a boring event. Hanging out with friends – "cool." To listen music is awesome, etc. And that music is just a collection of sounds, people rarely think. It's funky, harmonious, or unpleasant, these sounds makes individual perception, projecting music that breaks from the "inside" at the moment of life. Therefore, even the same people at different times perceive the same phenomenon differently. Yesterday was like today not in the mood, tomorrow again like.

We feel not what we see, and what we have. But we believe that we feel what we see. We enjoy delicious hints of flavors of their own "flesh" and projecting them on the screen of existence. Looking at the beloved, the lover is not experiencing the beloved, and the potential of its amorousness. In this life, we just convenient to attribute their experiences to external objects, because to accept these experiences we are not yet able. Looking at the outside world and other people, we experience not an external world and other people, and the potential of their experiences. And here we smoothly approach to the subject, which I planned to dedicate this article.

A cocktail of happinessIn a very simplified form, the man reminds him a layered cocktail is filled to the surface layers of different information. On the surface of the brew of our information drink eat watching the subject. The idea is that by even drinking a cocktail, the subject consumes it layer by layer with your karma, since "the surface", continuing to move inland. But not always. At some point in our eating, the subject gets a straw, sticks it in the center of the Cup and begins to consume one of the deep layers of experiences. As a tube the subject uses a mansion by the sea, by which it is to milk one of the layers fleeting "happiness". In the best case, a year later since the beginning of this "drinking", the layer is exhausted. The subject of crawl tube, running around my mansion, and finds no place. The layer is exhausted. On this tube it can consume only "fever", the layer that follows the fleeting happiness.

You can arrange the race, squeezing out yourself nuggets of bliss in all possible ways. But this is addiction in its purest form. We are all in this life hooked on "needle" good, good, fun, and exciting events. "Special" events do us a special experience. And the moral is that, no matter how much "stuff" we acquired, maneuvering between the layers of buzz, to disentangle eventually have the whole mess entirely, as it is.

The materialists, in a certain sense, life is easier. They firmly believe that death is the final end of creation, and therefore now it is possible to squeeze out of existence all the sweet juices of life, not caring about the consequences, which according to the faith of materialists is simply no. After us — at least then the flood, when "we" have here will not.

In some range of people is a flow of information. New things and events serve as keys to access specific information in this thread. Event directs attention, focusing it on a particular layer information of the cocktail. In a global sense of events and things unimportant because the information layer by layer still needs to be worked out. Addicts, hooked on things, or substances are stealing from themselves their potential. The more "buzz" from itself sucked, the stronger the breaking. Five layers of spent bliss can leave a single quintuple layer breaking.

How to be? We are all hooked on good news. What can you do? At some point, watching these practices, you begin to realize that the only way out, is to treat this life peacefully. Most quiet attitude toward all phenomena gradually produces a kind of detachment with which the extremes of suffering and happiness smoothed. This is the voice of our wisdom.

Who? Where? When?People sometimes like a beast caught in a trap. The more the beast twitches, the more tears his flesh, and the more desperate continues to shudder. Whatever happens, almost always for the most efficient interaction with what is happening, you just need to relax, calm down and look around. What's around? Who am I? Where am I? Filled with data about its current position in reality, you begin to intuitively sense who you are and where "it" moves. Starts to smell, something to shove against the endless waves of life – our own peril. Sweep cleaned. But following in the same direction as the flow of existence, are beginning gradually to merge, finding the strength bestows the will of life itself.

"I" this will does not possess. For her to have impossible. It just happens. I can only carefully observe what is happening, giving himself to this will, or out of inertia, out of habit continue to twitch in different directions in an empty effort to assert themselves. The very "I" is a consequence of knocking out the individual currents from the General stream of life. Individuality appears where life begins to resist itself. Grasping for their experiences, enhances his personality and along with that enhances the extremes of all of his experiences. A relaxed attitude to themselves and to the script of your life includes detachment, and helps to mastoiditis with the illusion of individual will. The flow of life is always spontaneous movement. Individual will exists as a projection on a blank screen spontaneous existence.

The true suffering in this life does not exist. There is only opposition to the flow of life. Mind life is not to take. Fear is the rejection of high-frequency information of the light screen of life, from which the individual is protected by projector projection.

At the beginning of the spiritual path some seekers think that the spiritual path is a blessing, the power, the subtle sphere, sparks, rainbow and So might look the superficial layer of psychic cocktail that the seeker currently living for intoxicated drinking is the easiest way to project onto any duhovnosti teaching. When this layer is exhausted, the path begins to seem so, which is the next layer of "karma". If the word karma like it or not like it is a projection of one of the current layers in Your mental cocktail.

"Consumer" reality"Partakes of" the subject in nature is pure observation. When a person chews food, the subject in the information stream of the perception of watching a man chewing on food. In the course of such surveillance in the information stream be extreme, distracting from the overall flow. Thanks to these extremes, eating as if the subject loses himself, and fully riveted to the observed phenomena.

One of the most important parameters of the surveillance information flow is the intensity. This option is "on top" of everything. For example, separate objects within the information flow have different properties. The food can be fresh, phone – callers, monitor, etc. included In the information flow occurs innumerable phenomena with a myriad of properties. All these phenomena – familiar to us the events of life. The intensity of perception, is a property of information flow as such.

The intensity of perception is the level of detail that we are able to discern in each individual phenomenon. For example, a person chew food, at a rough level stuffs your taste buds accordingly coarse food, dressed with all sorts of spicy sauces and spicy condiments, all washed down with some beer, and at the same time watching the series on TV. Such a person is just not enough impressions, because the intensity of the perception he is weak, and for pleasure he uses the surface of the "crude" methods. Such people in pure Nirvana not enough beer stand, or any shop, otovaritsya in which each can compete with other consumers being the degree of development of their ability to possess things and relationships.

With the increase in clarity of perception, and increases its intensity. Food one begins to distinguish some colors which do not want to turn off extra sharp impressions. Thinning the perception of the consumer's life goes from raw meat to the subtle tastes and aromas begins to perceive the fine details, plunging into a phenomenon of their meditative consciousness deeper, ukladyvaya in the moment of its parts or even the smallest particles.

Contemplative people are slow because each new moment is getting enough impressions, not to rush, rattling hooves in the China shop of life, with the aim to grab all the colorful surface images.

A person staying inside of the information flow can observe the degree of intensity of his perception. And thanks to this observation, this man's attention is disengaged from the separate internal thread objects, and can even go beyond it, seeing the stream as a separate private "phenomenon."

The intensity of perception is not so much the perception of how much flow of information that the perception perceives. In other words, the intensity of perception is a property of perception in its purest form, and the value of the perceived life. This is because even the psyche as the projector projection is a regular projection on a blank screen of life.

Pure perception of the screen being it's an infinite immeasurable intensity. Projector projections blocks this infinite intensity, passing through a limited portion of her light-bringing the light of what is happening with our life. The intensity noise of the projector's light depends on the amount of impressions. On the spiritual path we learn to open to the light of being here and now, letting this truth deeper and deeper. The more intense the light of "truth", the more experiences, the brighter and vivid projection. But in fact, these projection has never been my life. Their life is the light of the screen of life, the light of the higher self.

Information cocktail projections worked by the intensity of the spot. Sonnanstine practice because it increases the level of intensity of perception. People can be stupid as long as depth is not aware of what is happening until it is full full of what is happening. Satiety depends on the degree of intensity of perception. Even if a person has a lot of "karma", she rashlebyvay much faster when the level of clarity on top. If clarity is not enough, life arranges various "disasters" to make this clear at the person to awaken. The clarity you can raise directly with contemplative techniques, or indirectly, moving from consumption gross aspects of reality more subtle.

This is a seriouslyMost of the events do not matter. But the person strongly believes that all that is in them. As soon as you start drinking painful layers of mental cocktail, so once everything in life is clouded. All around selfish idiots, the work is boring, circle — nothing but trouble and nothing good happens. Then after the rollback comes the rise, and people already think that it's not so bad, but somewhere it is amazing! Life again filled with light sense. Now a person intoxicated by a new layer of illusion, where imagining life in rosy hues. One and the same event can be perceived as bad during rollback and positive during ascent.

In fact, all the events of our lives are the events of our psyche. The very life of the individual is his mental processes. The content of the script of life is always painted available at the moment mental information. Someone closer to the word "karma", to someone with energy. No matter how call. The main thing — to capture the essence.

Watching your "I", you can see how the illusion originated. All your worries are mental information, not external reality. A sense of seriousness confers life realism. However, the seriousness is perceived as something complete and understandable, as if to say there more about. Meanwhile, the seriousness of being exposed along with all the quirks of our perception.

We are afraid to be frivolous and crazy, because all that excess gravity is the main pillar of our little worldly ego. It is not the government we have is serious, not society and not our job. It is the projection of the main pillars of our small "I". Our "I" is not just using these experiences, our "I" — and have these experiences! The seriousness and normality is the energy of the fundamental layers of ego.

Believe in the seriousness of normal reality, means to grow on supports a limited ego. It seems it was there, in the bureaucracy of state agencies rests at the heart of "sansenoy" illusion. It seems that some officials seriously do not understand that they are people, and consider yourself a social industrial-a political conglomerate of different cultural layers. It seems that some people seriously don't understand what perceive absolute life of the subjective psyche.

In a sense, every man – energy-informational substance, which is anything. But none of these phenomena is not complete true.

What is the state policy against the background of an absolute reality? I have no intention to destroy these dreadful illusions in this article. But there is at least some understanding of what You're dealing with in this reality, who You are, and where "it" moves. This is not a serious challenge "structures" of our little ego. This is an attempt to see them not being identified with them. On these pillars rests the serious normal individual. It is this serious of normality keep all our main illusions of this life.

After all, it is the same mental shake. Just at the bottom of it stood a thick sediment of seriousness. Somewhere in this cocktail floating "self-evident", that thing that we always take for granted, whatever it is. This is our concrete "normality", which we projected on the absolute life, calling it a political official, in working order, etc.

Perhaps that person for enlightenment still needs to work ten years in any serious official, to gain a steadfast reputation dry cog in the system, and then, in some beautiful Sunny day to come to work without pants, but in a tie, and to welcome all responsible colleagues, Rusinovich the mouths of madness that has penetrated the cracks in the mechanism of their system.

Yes, the collapse of ego borders on complete madness, but madness is not a prerequisite of "liberation." Control keeps us in normality, but is not the only "tool" the preservation of reasonableness. Enough to keep a clear head and the memory of the world in which other people live.

For some non-serious people in the work environment is important. Ego sometimes fed up to the Board their own concrete standards through which any entertainment to be serious and scary games for adults.

Contemplating the "I", you can experiment to see where and how the emerging seriousness of life. It is the image of the control in our mind, the image of the part of the psyche, which thinks it makes the choice and control of life. To observe these layers of the psyche – the most serious occupation. Only that you were absorbed in a continuous election, and suddenly chose to look at selecting, at the source of all my doubts and stresses. This is the most terrible terrorist attack directed against the true upravitelja, which hitherto was covered by the strictness of parents, teachers in school, news in the "box", bosses at work, rigor of the laws, the government, anyone wouldn't be caught and exposed clear eyes contemplative look.published


Author: Igor Satorin


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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