Michael Khas'minskii about the crisis: to Follow the logic and trust in the Lord

The ruble continues to become cheaper, and the currency – to rise. Rumors about problems in the economy of the country encompass more people, which increases the degree of General stress. It all, ultimately can push a person to sudden, rash and, most importantly, unnecessary actions with their own finances. How to react? Whether or not to panic? How to survive the economic blow if it fell on you? This was stated by the head of the Center for crisis psychology, created with the blessing of Patriarch Alexy II, crisis psychologist Michael Khas'minskii.

Whether or not to react?

— What is happening now, is happening not only in Russia, it is the tectonic processes in the world economy. To understand these processes ordinary layman, if he does not know the geopolitics, the world economy, of different political aspects, is almost impossible. So he experiences fear, which breeds uncertainty. Panic this is a consequence of the uncontrolled fear. This happens with man trying to run away from danger, which he for himself to the end is not.



The military is well known, that a rout of the division during the defensive action leads to much greater losses than they would have been if it would have the enemy organized resistance. This can be compared with the current situation.

Therefore, all the current throwing, the exchange, in fact, helping only the speculators. You can certainly try to guess, but just not guess. In the end, the income will receive only one who has the most complete information about all events.

How not to panic?

— If the person understands what is happening in this area, he will never panic and will not lose what he has. For example, it is well known that if your capital to keep half in RUR and half in USD, in any case, the loss or profit will be minimal. Well, and who is at risk, he does so at his own risk. And the experience of past crises shows that in any case, the panic is misplaced.

It is, of course, maybe the person who previously took a mortgage in dollars, as of today he owes the Bank twice more. But, unfortunately, it is necessary to think ahead. First, everyone knows that the mortgage in an unstable economy, is a risky move. Second, all the previous crises was to teach that the loan you need to take the money that you earn. That is, in such situations, by and large, the state is not to blame, as no-one to blame if you cheated in the game of "thimbles".

How to survive the crisis, if a person suffered from it?

In any crisis situation, whatever it may be, it is possible to advise only one very effective remedy is trust in the Lord and prayer. In this case, man, of course, should not sit idly by. But I have to understand what can really influence the situation. Because by and large, change processes in the world economy, none of us will fail, it's all in God's hands.

So, first and foremost, it is necessary to pay attention to your soul, to try to achieve some kind of harmony, and then to take reasonable, reasonable actions that are subject to the laws of objective logic. It is important to understand and reduce its own claims during the crisis. This person helps admire your confused acumen and humility. Not to rush, not to succumb to speculation, and to act, clearly realizing what is happening. To understand this can only be calmly analyzing the situation, and coming from different sources. published

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