Modern medicine treats our body. But the illness - is the cry of the soul. Abnormalities in the body that the doctor identifies with the help of X-rays, in fact, are not limited to those that can be seen in the picture. X-rays can not see the hidden cause of the disease. They see angels.

Only the angels are able to decipher the cry of our soul, to tell us the value and help us to finally determine what is wrong with us. Contact your guardian angel in prayer in sickness, and he will certainly support you. The angels in heaven - our keepers and assistants at all times
They are ready to support us, to help survive the loss and frustration, give a truly wise advice. To cope with the difficult situation, to reconsider their views on life, find true wisdom you can only thanks to the support of his guardian angel. Only your angel will give you happiness and love, peace and tranquility, forgiveness, and grace. Angels surround us all life.

They help avoid the dangers. Give a lot of tips, how best to proceed in a given situation, contribute to the execution of cherished desires. Each person has, at the very least, a guardian angel.

Even the planet Earth is supervised by 365 higher angels, of which every one of the most actively manifest themselves every 4 minutes.

At Moon 28 higher angelic ranks subordinate to the hundreds of angels.

The closest to us - the angels Mercury zone - 72
Mars and Venus - 4 Angel
There are special ceremonies, allowing to establish contact with the angels.

Angels also have each sign of the zodiac.

Signs patronize:

Aries - Angels Anael and Samael,

Taurus - Angel Tiber,

Cancer - the angel Gabriel,

Twins - Angel Michael,

Leo - Angel Anael,

Virgin - Angel Devon,

Libra - the angels Raphael and Cassiel,

Sagittarius - angels Tahiel and Anael,

Scorpio - angels Telizet and Samael,

Capricorn - Angel Zeron,

Aquarius - the angel Michael,

Pisces - the angel Raphael
He has his angels, and every day of the week:

Monday - Gabriel,
Tuesday - Samael,
Wednesday - Raphael,
Thursday - Sashiel,
Friday - Anael,
Saturday - Hasiel,
Sunday - Michael
Every angel in charge of some area of ​​life, a field of knowledge, art, aspects of the relationship (business, partnerships, friendships, family ties, contacts). Therefore, it is best to seek support precisely to the angel, which is in charge of your question. Here are the names of just a few of the angels:

Aziel - helps to solve financial issues, as well as strengthening financial position. It has a fast effective relief. Anael - patron of white magic. By his advice and support necessary to resort to physicians. He teaches healing, gives knowledge of the laws of the universe. The name "Anael" means "answer me, O Lord".

Ieguyya - it is useful to enlist the help of especially students of schools, colleges, high schools and university students. And it is able to easily pass the exams and assessments will be higher. (With good preparation, of course.) It improves memory.

Kassiel - translated as "the throne of God." It is believed that he pokroviteletvuet those who seek knowledge, truth, truth.

Sashiel - "God's justice". He is invoked lawyers, human rights activists and those who defend their interests at various levels, fighting for justice.

Sandalphon - Prince prayers. It is believed that this it sends our prayers to God. By the way, the wives, who are waiting for the addition of the family and want specific boy or girl, is to ask the Sandalphon, since it was he who determines the child ....

How to contact with angel?

Refer to him in prayer:

"All-blessed, illustrious spirits archangels, angels, and all the Heavenly Powers honest officials, and the coming of the Holy Trinity and the light Prebozhestvennoy inherent glory illumined, constantly slavoslovyaschie Her name! Thee (angel or archangel - to specify a name) resorting to prayer and supplication: Representation for me (to be named) at the throne of the Lord Almighty, and as ministers of grace, all though the heirs of salvation helps, and every penitent revelers help me in Blagovestnov and blessed the lives of my, and confirm me the way of salvation. I beg of you / you (specify the name of the angel / angels) ... »

Please note that the loudest call from us to address the angels resounds in the so-called planetary clock, which they patronize. According to the ancient canons, all hours of the day are divided into daytime (from sunrise to sunset) and night (from sunset to sunrise). The duration of these hours do not coincide with the usual time, they need to count.

Among the angelic hosts have the greatest force archangels. There is even a special day on the calendar - on 21 November - when praying archangels, you can enlist their strong support in the most important and crucial matters
Gabriel (Gabriel) is depicted with lily flower in hand. His day is celebrated on April 8th.

Michael (Michael) - his day is celebrated on 19 September. The head of the heavenly host. Defender of all Christians from evil spirits, from visible and invisible enemies.

If necessary, the emergency protection is good to read the prayer:

"Archangel Michael! For help! For help! For help!". Effectively applies daily circulation Protection: Michael ahead! Michael back! Michael on the right! Michael left! Michael at the top! Mikhail below! Michael, Michael, Wherever I go, I am his love, protect, here & quot ;. (Repeated 9 times).

Raphael (Rafael) - he is addressed with the request for spiritual enlightenment, for physical healing, that the man had a house that he was provided with food. You can also ask him to, he helped the doctors in the treatment process.

Uriel (Uriel) - "Fire of God, or the Light of God." The religious paintings and icons Uriel Images-to reflect the lightning, lowered down. He is invoked with a request for longevity, the development of abilities and talent, the achievement of success in the field of art. Uriel is also called the "Prince of the South". What most people ask the angels? About love, children, health, a good financial situation. The most successful contact with the angel will emerge, if at first to commit Kabbalistic Cross, blessed with a candle, and then call the desired angel.

During the search of the satellite / life partner, to the same ideal, that is intended over (remember the phrase "Marriages are made in heaven?"), Meets an angel Poiel. In his honor, you can light a pink candle, sanctify and three read Psalm, "The Lord upholds all who fall and raises up all neizverzhennyh" three times to repeat the name of the angel and his words to ask him to help you in finding a life partner. As a rule, assistance from Poielya comes very quickly - within two to three months, and only in rare cases delayed up to a year
Angel Miael strengthens the already established family union. Read Psalm "The Lord revealed to rescue her, opened the eyes of its people the truth." Three times, repeat the psalm three times - the angel's name. In your own words ask Miaelya strengthen your marriage. Remember that the main condition for the help of angels - the strength of your faith
source - Tree Angels


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