POWER KIND WHY NOT ALL her feelings?

I guess everyone wants to feel behind her the strength and support of his family. Everyone wants to save, multiply and pass something that has its posterity.

What do you expect from a sort of how you think it can help you? What is expressed in his care, and what you mean to your race? Let's answer these questions in order, as well as try to understand why Rod does not help everyone.

Rod - is primarily a live tree, structure, living by their own laws and important for the kind - to survive and increase their strength, to grow from a small tree in the mighty tree, and then develop into an entire grove.

Rhode each of living people have the knowledge and power, as well as wisdom, love, luck, wealth and other resources. These resources are acquired and accumulating for centuries and millennia. While alive at least one person from the family, he may revive it, the only question is, how much effort it will cost. All the resources are distributed between the members of the genus.

Often I hear from men the phrase "does not stack the family" or "have a family, but there is no money", "no money", "no children" or "children die in infancy," "Build-order, go-go, and all falling apart, nothing made up "... Why so? Why do so many today can "boast" such a position?

Quite simply, in previous generations have accumulated a lot of destructive (fear, accusations, insults, etc.). This destructive covers all generic flows - resources accumulated earlier.

This negative kopilsya long as at least 2,000 years, though most Childbirth suffered the last 300 years. How did this happen and why we are not going to say this is a topic for another article a bit.

The main thing to understand that no one other than the living will not be able to release the sources of debris. If it is not aware of and did not take action, your Rhode simply withered.
The underlying resource-flow can be considered as a stream of love, which are formed around the rest flows.

If the flow is blocked in a sort of love, it is not necessary to wait for prosperity in the broadest sense of the word (as in life, and the soul is happy enough, and you are in a state of goodness, and in its place). We need to start cleaning from that stream, and then gradually work to other resources.

Now let's try to understand why Rod stopped to help some of its members to drive them out why some relatives all the less formed, while others are falling apart.

I have already said that the fundamental flow - the flow of love. It is important. The less in the family love, so have fewer relatives living Ladnaya and foldable. Those relatives that stronger pulls the threads, and those that are weaker - left with nothing. This is the first factor.

The second and important - you do not do anything for the family. The fact that you have come to a certain platform and all your credit givens Roda, at least for your current incarnation.

Therefore, lack of respect for Rod, burying talents, instead of uncovering and nurturing, pandering to fashion and social demands, looking back at the opinions of others, causes Rod covers flows. Why, you ask? When a person does not follow its intended purpose, the power flow away from Rod.

Remember what I said about the problem of the race? Survive and grow into a mighty big tree. Rhode block the flow of a man who set himself the task of squandered wealth Rod, albeit unknowingly.

Rhode gives all her children and helps, it is only important to realize itself as THE TREE KIND, it is important to become aware of their true destiny and take your place in the family and life. And this is only the first step on the path of spiritual perfection.

The man - a walking tree. When a person thinks of himself as a tree kind, then he will never overlap themselves currents that feed it and grow. When one takes its place, it is the value for the genus, because this branch of the family alive, carries streams and transmits them further, to preserve and increase.

After taking his seat, the man recovers the hierarchy within yourself and your family. His begin to feed currents ancestors, he carries them out and share them with all family members who exercised (alive) and transmits these streams descendants.

Here is the image of a healthy tree, the tree's great when the juices run without hindrance throughout the tree, if the tree is beautiful, lush and rich in fruits, which can be called symbolic descendants.

Here is the recipe: help fathers free flow blockage, then you will have the power and take care of power, multiply it and pass the descendants of his own, teach them to take care of their family, knowledge Roda, wisdom Rod, then they will be able to save to multiply his wealth . Remember that a lot of power hidden in all living kin, so it is important to maintain contact with them.

If you at least once in the summer (year) did not dine at the same table, you are no longer relatives, lost connection and generic tree is split, it ceases to be a single entity.

Let your family be booming!


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