Folk remedies to improve cerebral circulation.

Hypertension and atherosclerosis - the two main reasons that lead to the cerebral circulation.

It is because they develop paralysis, eye drops, lost coordination, impaired movement, a stroke occurs.
Chronic disease of the brain called dyscirculatory encephalopathy.

Her symptoms develop slowly and are not always visible not only to others. Often the patient himself and does not give them much importance. Just think, become forgetful. And the books come across some uninteresting. It's hard to learn a new computer program - so they are now the only "advanced" youth ...

So the man justifies himself, not trying to figure out where distraction and reduction of interest, because even at the level of performance. A level that is often supported by previous experience.

When a person becomes difficult to carry out and the usual duties, it is time to beat all the bells, if the blood vessels of the brain lesion is not treated, it comes time to irreversible consequences. And over all the premature decline of intelligence, which can progress quickly, up to a state of helplessness.

Another consequence of chronic vascular diseases of the brain - a violation of motor activity and especially walking.

Mincing and shuffling gait - is not the prerogative of old age. It can occur in humans is quite young, if disturbed cerebral blood flow.

On the pain in his legs, he does not complain, no paralysis of the limbs, the balance is reduced, but the gait gives the diagnosis.

The reason most often is that high blood pressure creating sclerosis small arteries, with normal blood supply disrupted various parts of the brain.

Smoking, obesity, high blood cholesterol - risk factors. It is necessary to get rid of them in time.

Healing mixture:

To strengthen the blood vessels, memory recovery, recovery of brain blood circulation, enhance immunity.

Grind 500 g of cranberry (can be frozen), mixed with 350 g of good honey, add 1 small (about 150 g) grated horseradish root. All beat with a mixer, pour into the banks and put in the refrigerator. Take 3 times daily after meals, drinking hot tea, 2-3 teaspoons as a dessert.

If you like sweeter, and there are no contraindications, dosage of honey in the preparation of the mixture can be increased to 500 grams.

Periwinkle to improve blood flow:

Periwinkle improves arterial blood flow and microcirculation in the vessels of the brain and prevents the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessel wall, which is also important, especially with age.

In addition, he actively recommended for Parkinson's disease, the traumas of encephalitis, headaches and dizziness.

But not only the periwinkle antiskleroticheskoe vasodilator and plants as it provides and nootropic effect, i.e. improving brain function.

From vinca at home you can cook drops on strong:

100 g of chopped herbs pour 1 liter of 70% strong. Infuse 20 days in a dark place at room temperature. Drink 10 drops in the morning and afternoon with 1/3 cup of water courses for 5-6 months.

You can use ready-drops "Sklerovish", which include periwinkle and other "brain" medicinal plants.


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