Apocalypse - it's just the time of disclosure of secrets.

From the appeal of the Lord Mahatma Morya about the near future
All modern politics and economics is related to the lower areas of the infernal world where for many centuries and millennia formed the special tools of world governance and the earthly humanity.

Few people today do not care about the information from stock exchanges, as well as from the fields of political battles that are moving in the field of military operations. All this is related to the lower infernal spheres, which began to occur a little earlier radical changes, which said earlier. This event is connected with the fact that the inhabitants of the lower spheres of steel re-share the sphere of influence on the Earth's surface, in the physical world, due to the fact that their construction suffered serious violations, and sometimes complete collapse. Energy gavvaha was not enough, and hence, there is a need to get it by any means, up to mutual destruction. Monsters Dungeon grappled with each other, and on the surface of the joints cracked the established political and economic system.

If this information is not perceived as something catastrophic, as well as the repercussions have occurred in the lower areas of the event, they may just seem like a statement of facts. Therefore, there is already a lot of visionaries who are the eyes and the floor half an ear, perceived political and economic news, knowing that it is only the echoes of long ago the event occurred.
The second piece of information is now owned by all sorts of catastrophic expectations. Apocalypse - it's just the time of disclosure of mystery, but not a disaster itself as such. Although, of course, for the dark system of savings - it's really a disaster, to be open and manifestations and rejected the free will of earthlings.

People could be some time kept in the dark about the multidimensionality of the world around them, but the time has come when the heavens above them opened and people saw that they were not alone in this world, there is a Hierarchy of Light, which looks at people not only with curiosity, and with acceptance of and contempt for the world, the demiurge of Satan, with a desire to help them get out of the dark traps of Darkness. There is no hierarchy of light, which would not participate in the education of people. Now, all take part in the Earth's tragedy that it could become one of lack of knowledge and understanding of the people themselves what is happening to them now, and what happened to them so far.
Disclosure - The Apocalypse, and it is a blessing for the world, because the information is shed in the minds of people, helping them make the right idea about the world around them, about the possibilities of Infinity and its highest luminous nature, which allows us to see ourselves not just a little man forever dependent handouts from their masters from the darkness, and these lightbearers and creator of your reality.

This information enables diverse growing perception of events. Do not see the changes only bad and dangerous, but understand that without fundamental changes more than simply can no longer live!
When you realize that the old world is collapsing not in order to bury myself under all those born on Earth is terrible, but a great time, and then to bring down the prison and let the winds of change sweep away all unnecessary and obsolete. And if you had been born on the physical plane seven billion human, it means that they for some reason need to at this time!
Information about the events of the Apocalypse now will only grow. But to her it is necessary to do distinction because there is information from ancient sources, which have been associated with dark systemic constructions of religious traps, and therefore could not ignore, though partial, but nevertheless the truth of his indispensable care in the end of time (again for them and just for themselves and those who will be able to completely fool and take with them to the infernal worlds).
End of the World - is an empty formula, for which there is no Truth. There can be no doomsday though he BEZPREDELEN! One Light octave finishes and immediately begins the next! And so - in the Infinity! What kind of end of the world can be discussed if the light chaos. The end is the system of darkness, because the light is always a beginning, and it has its own location from the beginning of creation to the darkness. Cyclical Creation Darkness leaves no chance of getting over the Light and there is no point in even challenge the advantage of the Light, because He is omnipresent. Therefore, to talk about the end, and even more so to believe that it is possible - misleading, bordering on complete nonsense. What it's time to finish, and it is the system itself Darkness. Of course it will also cry out that after its end nothing else will be fine.
But even with her, with the system of darkness, from the earthly mankind, too, there was nothing good.
Therefore, suffer the Great Transition is necessary, since there is no update without damage and some of the losses accumulated.

See to it that the pessimistic scenario of the "lost everything" did not enter into your consciousness as hopeless claims. It is fraught with strong vibrations and roughness of spiritual attack of the dark forces of the subtle world. They're just waiting for the gloom and fear, to finish the rest for you. Despite the obvious and terrible picture of reality, always remember that at the threshold of the Golden Age, and all these horror stories - for the gullible and nevdumchivyh.
Especially take care of children from a sense of hopelessness. They have to say that this is the happiest time, because when they agreed to be born on the physical plane, they were aware of the Great Shift, which means that each of them come with their mission lifeguard. The young have to bring all this as a fairy tale, or even sometimes as a joke, but their hearts will be ready to understand and did not break, seeing the terrible cramps leaving the world of the demiurge-Satan.
Well, the most important information - this is the place where it is necessary to gather all the knowledge of how ancestral and contemporary visionaries on how to be arranged immediately after the collapse of the World of Darkness, Satan demiurge. His agony yet will last for some time, but now we must begin to clearly see their future as soon as the system will remove the darkness completely. Your peace is essentially saved by the fact that there is a time for sighting the crescent events Great Shift. During that short and very deadly global element of perversion is not held overnight, but slowly and most gentle way. You have given to know that the future of everyone who goes in the direction of light, there are many chances to survive themselves and give life to new generations in the new era. So get ready for what will have to re-arrange everything so much so, that would be a solid new experience. No one will go to the old ways. Everyone will have to learn a whole new experience of life in the new environment of the Golden Age of Humanity where all your thoughts and actions will be directed to the benefit of all of the new formation of the principle of "Do no harm."
Anyone who can master the information from this level, and not just take it off the shelf, and creatively transform, closer to the realities of their region, their country, their people, must now ensure that there will be a vacuum after breaking of darkness.
And we of the Light will give you our knowledge and our libels that have experience in the ascendant civilization, not only on Earth, but in the galactic worlds of Light.


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