The ban on the responsibility for their lives.
It is a relationship of being in a specific zone of psychological comfort, created from the belief and mentality "of the victim».

How does this ban?

Example 1: "I - a victim of external circumstances", "live-stream", "where the curve displays».

Such a person is sure that his whole fate is sealed from the moment of his birth: that is - what will be, replaced by a black stripe of white - nothing to do. The main emotion - sadness, depression.

Example 2: "Miserable creation».

This person, who like to "put pressure on the pity", then to ask questions about how to live, with whom, on what the work, etc ... A man who is trying to manipulate others, is looking for a "guide dogs" who, eventually become "scapegoats" (if that - you are guilty) - Get the (at best) only pity. What does it represent?

If we regret, so we closed the energy center of a strong-willed, each of our manipulation, we lose the ability to change your life for the better.

Do not feel sorry - so compassionate to understand, to listen, to help those that are in your power, but do not feel at the same time its superiority. Compassion opens energy center willed person, he inspires a feeling of the meaning of life, the energy to change (due to the freedom of choice) their lives for the better. So what do we regret or feel compassion, pity, or whether we feel pity Nam recognized "by their fruits", as a result.

Example 3: "As the card will fall».

Mindset: what it will be next to me? It would be better, no? "Victim" desperately hopes that everything will formed, just need to wait a little, or to "help" it.

Psevdomagichesky business is booming thanks to the principle: "Tell the people what they want to hear" (eg, "you feel bad, because you put a spell, right now, correct", "all you have is good, my dear", "yes, he loves you , right now, we will make sure that he understood ", etc. The victim is calm and it is easy to relieve the burden on your wallet" constant "amount of money.

Example 4: "Hey, this is karma!»

A person with this mentality is not relieved from the burden of negative karma, are not aware of what it teaches him, he is just waiting for (when it's all by itself end) suffers bullying him around, all due to the fact that he was in a past life, "great" sinner. Spiritual pride can manifest and so.

Ignorance leads to the emergence and strengthening of more negative karma. There is a choice: either to study (the effects of negative karma "pull" as long as the person does not realize what was going on, did not strengthen blissful quality Soul) - or suffer to pathetic and at times angry not know to whom and for what.

Example 5: "Everything was to blame».

If there was trouble, a man with such a mentality will find the "extreme". He can not be wrong in principle - he's the victim of external circumstances. And over it is not destiny, "mocks" the weather, the government, neighbors, children, parents, husband, great-uncle, a passer-by, a cat, a psychologist, a friend, and so on. D. Ah, if they do not - "what kind of life would then be started ! »

Origins of the ban on responsibility for their lives, "broken" childhood, lived through painful adolescence or "superopekaemoe" parenthood. That is, the extreme parenting.

So the reason for 1: parents do not give the child to express their opinions, make decisions (of course, feasible and relevant in a particular case) tried to impose their vision of the world, what it will or will not engage, beaten, humiliated, insulted, mocked, and so on .d ... Just do not look for a way to acquiescence. That's another story.

Especially difficult teenagers. They were given this resource psychological age to feasibly they began gradually to take responsibility for their lives. If you have not learned - the results we have considered above.

Reason 2. Parents tell the child: life is hard thing, so we cherish you, cherish, Holim and life-it breaks. The child, a teenager gets the impression that if you want to live better - look for the easy way out - any example, the parents sit on the neck or find a spouse mommy (daddy).

To love their children, to respect their freedom, inspire them to goodness by his example of life and not to give them the opportunity to grow stronger spiritually (t. E. To wish to close their volitional Energy Center) - different things that give opposite results.

Methods exemption from the ban on responsibility for their lives.

Step 1. Accept that the ban there.

Difficult, I tell you, step. Because the "victim" does not want to admit the facts, carried away by the game, "yes, but ...." If there is a state of mind (to argue, to deny, to continue to put pressure on the pity), the first step will be made. We must still take of the presence of the ban (yes, I have lived so that now I want to change my life for the better), analyze the results.

Step 2: Leave the emotional pendulum - "other fault - my fault." All of this - a way to get pity. And all of this indicates an increase in the mindset "of the victim».

All is well, there is a way out - in this belief is energy healing, energy is still one step to liberation.

Step 3. "Victims" to delve into the psychology of love, magic, anything, but would not change, "running" from one workshop to another, from one "guru" to another. And the only cure decisions, actions, deeds, change their philosophy of life, a lifestyle change, and so on. D.

I can say: the knowledge you have (if you feel the "victim") is more than enough. But if this feeling will come (all, "dig" and "run" is not necessary), then you can work on yourself more.

Former "methods" only led to vanity, frustration and loss of strength (I'm not talking about the deterioration of health and relationships). So, are taken into account only the action!

Step 4. Now ACTION.

Any - small, big, blissful, glorious, emotional, useful for changing your life for the better. For example, you can start to lead the very successful blog. But it does not need to write that would do, and that is already done. Thus, the piggy bank will be filled with resource states that you do not stop halfway to healing, and, looking back (in fixed steps for the release), we see what has been done already very, very much.

Of course, before you begin to ensure that change their lives for the better - it is important to take stock, to improve relations (in the relevant key) with others, conclusions, etc.

So, first - the results, then the target (in all aspects of life).

Develop physically (improves health, change your daily routine according to natural rhythms, aware of how we eat and so on. D.), Mentally (There is "Hold the horses," is the first actual results will not be visible, and then the knowledge of yourself will come in our lives, we do not need them "run" and jump "out of the frying pan into the fire" blessed lifestyle attracts relevant knowledge for further improvement of the soul and body), emotional (proactive behavior: freedom of choice emotion, reaction), spiritual ( philosophy of life, the center of our inner universe, the relationship with the Creator, the knowledge of the forces and laws of the universe, and so on. d.)

And, of course, faith, hope for the best, love, love, love! Everything will turn out!

Wish you happiness!


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