What is this ban?
For example, a person is in the company of friends who enthusiastically discussing something. He has something to say, he studied in detail the subject under discussion, but can not dare to even out, just open your mouth. Fear. Fear of making a mistake. The fear of being ridiculed, ostracized. Such people "remained silent" (eg, the student with the prohibition knows the answer to the teacher's question, but raises his hand).

Silence - gold, but what if the purpose of such a man - to transfer knowledge, to do science (and there is debate - business as usual)? A person becomes a prisoner of his own fear, paralyzing his intellectual abilities that could go on well with him and others. Since he does not develop his speech, he became tongue-tied, quietly, tentatively mutters something, it is often interrupted "brave" are not considered his opinion.

Thus, the manifestation of this prohibition: the fear to make a mistake, fear of being ridiculed, expelled from the society; fear of appearing stupid, incompetent; envy (possibly admiration) to those (those) who are not afraid to freely express their thoughts, ideas and knowledge; anger at those who consider it "dull", near; suppression of negative emotions that one "perfect" moment, when the boiling point reaches its maximum, may lead to open conflict, hysterical, rupture of relations, alienation. Furthermore, such a person may be prone to patterns of thought, not to have an opinion, and so on. D.

The origins of the prohibition of the development and manifestation of his mental faculties - born child (of course, everything is not so easy - this karmic return overtakes the one who in a past life laughed knowledge and beliefs of others). And in this life "we tried" parents or teachers, or both together. "Add" peers and friends. Everything was fixed, man has lost self-confidence, become "invisible" or a target for ridicule.

What this might tell your child, which subsequently led to the "intellectual" inferiority complex?

"You are a fool, or what?", "Do not try to be clever here", "Who are you at all, nor mind, nor imagination," "anything clever of you not to come," "fool," "a fool and stay", " small even ask such questions - still do not understand, "" comes before the giraffe "," slowpoke "," pot, however, you do not cook, "" you are, in general, he understood what I said? "" shut your mouth "and so on. d.

Such phrases are very, very much. Moreover, parents or teachers could tell them not to hurt the child or to forbid him to express his thoughts freely, there probably is the place to be "hazing" - above them laughed themselves at this age.

Therefore, those who laughing, mocking, is trying to "muzzle" defenseless babies - people with the appropriate ban, close, staying in their intellectual development, thinking exactly the pattern. But once this cycle of destructive plants must be broken. So we need to learn to be Berezhnaya with children, respect their opinion, be considered with it. And, of course, to heal your psyche.

Exemption from the ban on intellectual activity.

Step 1. Acceptance.

This prohibition is (signs of the presence of the installation, see above) and should be exempted from it.

Step 2. Observation.

How does this ban? What emotions (fear, anger, sadness, guilt, resentment, and so on. D.)? As reflected in the behavior, reaction to others? On health? What phrases demolition I use in relation to other, more weak and defenseless? Remember the effect of "bullying", we need to break this cycle of violence intelligent.

Step 3. The origins of the prohibition (a phrase memories of the actions of others).

Forgiving myself and ban members (in fact, by and large, all this has led only to the possibility to transform the negative karma associated with the intellectual violence in a past life).

Step 4: Focus on your achievements, successes.

This will help the daily (for the healing of the subconscious mind will take more than one day) diary of success, achievements, which can record each his small or great good luck, joy, everything that happened, the way you still dare to express their views (albeit in writing, "hard" form - for example, the Internet).

Focusing on the positive therapeutic effect increases. The main thing - every day! It does not take a lot of time. It is advisable to remember the "good" at the end of the day, when you sum up the morning reread what was yesterday a wonderful, happy - it adjusts to a blissful state.

Step 5. Transformation of fear to make a mistake.

No error - have experience (we all know that, in theory). And how to realize "almost"? After each "slip" to analyze - what it taught me. What is this all for? If we have a habit of blaming yourself for mistakes - we will repeat them again.

Lingering guilt draws the appropriate lessons again and again, we have tried to forgive yourself, others, to understand what was the true meaning of what happened. Guilt - necessary, useful emotion. But if it is stretched in time, lead to a disease or to the destruction of relations, or to one and the other.

Therefore, we learn to recognize the experience, and are not looking for just one thing - the lessons in one "sitting" may be several. All awareness, inspiration can be easily recorded in his diary achievements. It is truly fascinating process of self-improvement!

Step 6. Accordingly, we note the progress esteem, achievement and we do not concentrate on their "mistakes" (look for the meaning of what happened).

Step 7. We practice to express their thoughts, their opinions, their point of view. People with this ban - talented students, you now need to learn to communicate more harmoniously.

All out! I wish you courage, confidence and wisdom! Words can also be golden!

Wish you happiness!


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