Energy 6-9 January 2016

On January 6, held the next wave of the external energy of the Creator in this world. Her symptoms start to affect, as before, 2-3 days after the beginning of the meeting. Ongoing energy to staying in this regard seem tough enough, ie. A. Their frequency is much higher frequencies and volumes previously held several times higher than the frequency prevailing in the world.

In people's minds, this wave will impact significantly. There are feelings of melancholy, nostalgia, depression. Exacerbation of the disease on the background of the circulatory system and urinary system. This wave energy will feel almost everything - and those who "believes" and those who think that there is "nothingĀ».

As for the hazards - to be held another series of floods and tectonic activity.

Wave will be laid roughly until the end of the month. To cope with their conditions is highly recommended non-resistance. That is the openness of the incoming energies and complete trust (the Creator, the Supreme Force, God, fate, the universe - someone as comfortable).

Much has been said that change is inevitable - energy are strong and very high, and they are not all pat on the head with love, and gradually change the planet and filling this world. It is the universal periodic process and it does not depend on people, their desires or desires anything.

Just keep track of their status, preventing depression, for example, a fully master. Control, but do not resist. When you open the same energy input, with the free passing them through their bodies, by contrast, the state will improve, until the feeling of causeless joy, inner freedom and flight.

Be in peace, and be in love! Let your soul enjoy the process, because of which many came to this world and in these times, and not only receive the voltage rebellious consciousness.


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