How to learn to absorb more than the required, relevant information and synchronicity?

Step 1: Cleanse.

This intensive enough information age, our head is often filled with unnecessary, superfluous and even toxic "data." How to clean your mental body? Quite simply, as a cleansing of the body from overeating: refraining from making the information on the food for some time or dose reduction of perception, a distraction from the readings and display news feeds, where "everything." Something will be acquired in a dream, something through mental relaxation, silence, through communion with nature.

Step 2. Taste for information.

Do we have it or we "eat indiscriminately?" The taste is determined by the intuitive attraction to certain knowledge, to improve our abilities to the answers, tips, hints to our questions. Everything else - too much. It is a myth that the more I learn - the fast-paced. Sometimes we can observe the opposite result.

Step 3. The mental "training┬╗.

The assimilation of the necessary information is important concentration. What kind of texts we read? Short excerpts (citations, for example) or three-dimensional article? In our time, developed klipovoy thinking (assimilation brief, bright, impressive), it is important to develop the art of perceptual quality of information (read voluminous articles, books, according to our taste and tasks).

Step 4. Learn to be specific.

For example, a question-task. We are looking for articles, books, information on possible causes and solutions. The problem-cause-solution. It teaches us to separate the "water" of the essence. Later we will learn to "not read" to "empty" unnecessary "philosophizing" and mark the right and concentrate on mastering.

Step 5. Accordingly, learn to ask questions, because the question-what is the answer: the information is drawn according to the law of similarity.

The more specific, precise questions - even more accurate and specific information, but rather, tips (we learn in the world to find their own "final" answers) will come. So, in the formulation of the question is important: brevity, the capacity and understanding of what I want to get the answer to it on the result.

Step 6. Information becomes knowledge when we practiced it, turning it into experience.

This is important: feel what information is anyone's knowledge, and how - the theory.

Step 7. Accommodation information received: change, improving their way of life, the use of relevant practices, etc.

Alchemy Knowledge: are taken into account only the actions (my favorite phrase).

Wish you happiness!


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