Representatives of the constellation Orion, "You, the people of Earth, and your strength is in unity and legality"

Representatives of the constellation Orion, "You, the people of Earth, and your strength is in unity, and the rule of law»
January 07

We, the essence of the constellation Orion. Earthlings, we are very pleased to welcome you in the constellation Orion. We have long been preparing for the meeting with you. Perhaps you think that all the inhabitants of Orion are hostile to you. In fact it is not. We have a separate group of 150 million entities from 140 planets that are treated with love for you, humans, and are willing to help you. You all know what happened in North Karelia, in the words of their leaders, they have produced an explosion of thermonuclear (hydrogen) bomb. We refute this information. Nuclear war will not. And even if some of the state governors still throw a bomb or a disaster occurs involving nuclear or chemical substances, we have this wonderful device.

I have before me the essence that keeps the cylinder, about 20 cm in length and 40cm in width.

SUMMARY porodolzhaet: using this cylinder we collect radiation and chemotherapy, leading to the full level of zero. It has a fine example of the NPP Fukushima-1. Earthlings, you have nothing to fear, we are close and are always ready to help you. The combined forces of the Divine Light, to which we have endured it for discussion in the Council of Worlds.

Consider the following:

1) To take tougher measures to stop the use of nuclear and chemical weapons;
2) Stop all nuclear power plants of the earth;
3) Give us the opportunity to give earthlings technology by which earthlings will completely destroy the waste from nuclear power plants and stop chemical and nuclear weapons.

Stop nuclear power plants in the world was seen in March 2015 and your scientists were granted a new type of energy less dangerous, but more powerful, but they do not believe in it and do not take it seriously.

And now we would like to give some instructions to your rulers:

You, the people of Earth, a single organism - it's like the fingers on your hand, and their 5 and cut off if one is sick, heal, but you are disabled. And on the ground, if you will make a blow to another state, it is possible that you will bypass it and you pass that same pain and disability, which we discussed above. And Earthlings, your strength is not in weapons nuclear and chemical character, your strength in solidarity and justice. The law does not only set by your rulers, but also all the common galactic based on love, endurance, intelligent action and respect. Earthlings! We suggest that you contact the Council of Worlds with the plan that we have laid out, if you have suggestions for this you need to collect all the love and all my heart can handle.

With love to you representatives of the constellation Orion.

Has Alirio Maya-Alisoldus


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