Hereditary negative programs which are transmitted via line kind.

There are hereditary negative programs which are transmitted via line kind. Sometimes it happens that several generations of people from one kind of repeating the fate of each other.

For example, a grandmother, mother and daughter are suffering from the same disease, or all kinds of women do not develop relationships with men.

And all this will go on forever, from generation to generation, until you put on this point. As long as you yourself are not free from the negative programs that inherited through the kind of mother. That you change your destiny for the better, and the fate of all women of her kind.

But most importantly, you have to reconnect with his kind and will attain its support. Because when you are freed from any negativity that separates you from your ancestors, you absorb all the power concentrated in your race.

You get the wisdom accumulated over centuries, gain self-confidence. From now on you are standing firmly on his feet, because YOU nourish your roots. You open women's knowledge accumulated over the centuries, your girl power multiplied.
To do this, take a trip through the kind his mother and to meet with the first kind of woman to regain contact with her and find relief from negative programs that have been passed down from generation to generation through the centuries.

Saturated forces at the source of some sort, you'll get the opportunity to rewrite the fate of all the women of his family, including yourself. You will be granted the right to determine what values ​​will henceforth dominate your life.

► The journey to the origins of the genus

1. Relax, take a few deep breaths and say, "I'm going through the maternal line of its kind».

Now you do not know what is waiting for you in the upcoming journey and not have to think about it. Your soul itself show the events in the life of women in your family, that are important right now.

2. Ask: "Enter the path to the source" and immerse yourself in the first image. You can see both positive and negative events that occurred with the women in your family. Take everything that comes, not appreciating or rejecting.

Driving traffic to your roots can be a kind of series: mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, etc. But this is not necessary. Moreover, each time making the practice you will notice that the processes are different from each other, and you see some kind of new women and new developments. This means that every time you work on the most relevant to you situations that came from the distant past to influence your life so far. At each step you are as long as the image continues its effects.

3. Do a step back, go back centuries until, until you see the first woman of its kind. When you meet her, see what she is, feel its power, wisdom and unconditional love. Fill this state! Receive the blessing of the first kind of woman and thank her.

4. saturated states of light, love, harmony, passed back on steps back, filling them received a positive state. Negativity is transformed into a positive, pain and fear - in love, and the situation is replayed so that it became light and joyous.

5. Once on the place where you start to practice, stop and listen to their feelings. Once again I feel the love coming from the first woman of your kind. You may feel that you are standing behind the woman of your family, giving you the support and the accumulated wisdom of the ages.

By doing this practice regularly, you will clean the maternal line of its kind in all the deeper levels.

When in the course of practice you will see only positive events or just meet the first woman race, it means that you are freed maternal line. Now the channel kind of mother from time immemorial, increasing from generation to generation, for you are only strength, wisdom, support and love.

Now you can say that from now on I and all the women of my family are healthy, full of energy and vitality. We live in harmony with oneself and the world. We are happy in love, motherhood, family life and work.

We live in harmony with their inner world and the supreme destination. Every day we experience the happiness of being a woman! Every day we go to new stages of light and love!

Elena Laon "Journey of Women"


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