Why bad periods in life - it is also good

Every life crisis, in spite of the tragedy of this concept, there is a positive side, which is very often overlooked. When we are experiencing a crisis, our consciousness undergoes a shock. As a result, it reshapes itself into a system that is better adapted to the environment.

Website publishes a list of the philosopher Gilbert Ross in which he enumerates the positive results of depressions and crises.

Break the illusion

Crisis often destroys the reality of man. It seems that you fall through the abyss. In many ways this could be a really positive thing. Throughout life, we are building a bunch of plans, dreams and ideas for the most part illusory. This far-fetched reality can penetrate you so deeply that it will be able to destroy only certain "systemic shock" or world crisis. In fact, this crisis will make the person feel naked. Only in this "pure" state of a person can adequately assess reality.

Opens a new perspective on the surrounding

During the crisis, changes outlook on life. Those things that were once considered sacred, is now being questioned. With these fundamental changes in the values ​​we offer the opportunity to discover new signs around us or open old with completely new values.

Life with a new sheet

Of course, it changes - this is an obvious and positive result of the crisis. The crisis - it is always hard. Although his passing will be a dark and painful, it will help you to literally be born a new person and start life anew.

Overcome fear

The fears may haunt us throughout life, but critical moments, such as the crises that give us the opportunity to meet with them face to face and to evaluate them with a new position in life.

Reloads your inner "me»

Breaking the illusion and overcoming fears, you completely reset the system of the world. In fact, the crisis can be called a complete cleansing of consciousness. Of course, this does not feel right, but then, after a storm, you know what you started differently perceive the world. Sometimes called the crisis the death of the ego. And then comes the birth of a new ego.

Cleared old skin

Crises are not always strong and sudden. A person can be a little life crisis - depression, which is not strong enough to reboot your system, and you create from scratch, but tough enough to be able to take you to the old layer of skin. It toughens you, makes it more suited to many things that you put down.

You become stronger

The crisis - this is a test. Moments when you are depressed and broken - the opportunity to test himself as a person. This is natural selection - life challenges you, and if you can accept it, then go to the next level.

You begin to better understand himself

I said in the first paragraph, the crisis can break our illusions. Here, I'll do the emphasis on internal illusion that relate to perception or imagination itself. Breaking of these illusions will help you look at yourself differently, makes you more open to itself and help build self-understanding.

You open to love

Even the most hard a person may be relaxed and loose during an unsuccessful period of life. And he realizes how much he is still sensitive and gentle. He realizes that he needs the understanding and care. The crisis can be a really good opportunity to reach an agreement with our principles and behavior, as it shakes us to the core, allowing you to analyze the past.

You learn to trust

It's ironic, but the main purpose of the crisis - is to learn to let go and trust. It would do so at a time when we are disappointed in the world, it is impossible. Here is an analogy. Imagine that you are in the sea during heavy waves: drown you, you fight, spend a lot of effort and energy. A relaxed and quell the panic, you are much easier to stay afloat. And in a crisis: you need to act calmly and reasonably, taking care of other people, and not close in themselves, do not give up the whole world.

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