Three death: At what age a man's life hangs in the balance?

People for a long time drawn attention to a certain regularity in the course of human life. And according to the ancient esoteric teachings of all human life is divided into seven-year periods, each of which corresponds to one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Thus, every seven years, we go through a complete cycle and are living a life in miniature, dying and being reborn again. And we allocated according to these calculations '84 existence on Earth. It is clear that the science for a long time did not take seriously the calculations of astrologers. However, it turns out, there is no smoke without fire.

Leading Researcher, Laboratory of protein biosynthesis regulation of the Institute of Biochemistry. Bakh RAS, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Alexander Malygin table was "mortality peaks", ie periods of life, the most dangerous to humans. The scientist came to the conclusion that the increased vitality of the body will inevitably follow periods stages, when life is literally hanging by a thread ...

Critical age

It began with the fact that in laboratory mice population scientist accidentally discovered a male with growth retardation caused by inheritable mutations. It was crossed with normal female, and their offspring appeared. Parts of young anomaly is not transmitted, and they developed normally, while others have received a gene mutation from their parents at the age of 15-30 days significantly lagged behind in development. This period of growth retardation was critical: a third of rodents, for whatever reasons, dying at the age of 25 to 35 days. The scientist decided to see what will happen next with the offspring and do not show up there, and then bursts like death. It turned out that at the 270-400 th day of life, as well as on the 520-670 th day come again some critical periods, though less clearly defined.

Intrigued by this trend observed in mice with a genetic mutation, Alexander Malygin decided to continue their research and explore dangerous periods in the life of ordinary rodents. It turned out that they, too, this law applies, though not tracked, and so clearly.

Find whether the hypothesis on human? Scientists note that the fundamental differences between the rhythm of life in humans and other species do not. Thus, the first peak rodent mortality based on Homo sapiens age accounted for 12-19 years. Another critical period of approximately corresponded to a human 60 years. It is possible that such peaks can be increased mortality associated with the weakening of the body's mechanisms. Because, like puberty, gestation, and other physiological processes peaks deaths tied to age, scientists have suggested that they, too, can be programmed.


life But it is indeed the duration of life - it is written by someone program? Interestingly, in response to this question the views of representatives of official science and "nesistemschikov" not too far apart. It is interesting, for example, confirmation of the theory that the deaths of the peaks can be found in the annals of official medicine. "12-19 years - the age of a significant surge in mortality associated with human change and the transition from one state to another: from a girl to a girl from a boy to a young man, - said a senior researcher at the Laboratory of physical and chemical bases of regulation of biological systems, Institute of Biochemical Physics them. NM Emanuel RAS Alexander Khalyavkin. - During this period, it changes dramatically the overall resistance of the organism, there is a reorganization of the growing human attitudes. By the age of 12-14 years, a number of parameters of the body (for example, the pace of its development, the power of the immune system), reaching the highest values ​​begin to decline. »

Some patterns of relationship and age of death also can be found in the statistics of hospitalized patients. "If we do not take account of accidents, and to watch the big picture, we can highlight the following critical age periods: 22-27 years, 37-43 and 56-62, - said the doctor on duty at the front desk of one of the capital's clinics PhD Alexander Morozov . - Most people in this age come to the clinic for urgent hospitalization channels, that is, "first". Of course, the majority of applicants do not die - they are provided with the necessary aid, but if it had not happened, death would have been inevitable. As a rule, it is about dramatically exacerbated chronic or severe cases

infectious nature of the disease. " How to explain such a cyclical? Doctors tend to believe that all the fault of the physiological reasons for the body with a certain frequency "decompress fists." But the esoteric believe that on this principle revolves Samsara - the wheel of life. And science now just slowly beginning to realize that it was known to the ancient sages. For example, for a long time the idea of ​​the seven-year cycles of human life presents us with fantastic stories. In fact, in a variety of fairy tales the number seven is present, directly or indirectly: a dead princess and the seven knights seven Simeonov, Tsvetik-semitsvetik. However, we have shown that in about seven years, our body cells are completely updated - and begins the next life cycle. The main differences on the issue of cyclicality of life is only in the details. Indeed, some esoteric talk about 7-year-old age cycles, while others believe that the life of man consists of a 9-year cycles. But regardless, 7 or 9 years lasts one life span, each transition to the next cycle is critical, accompanied by severe shocks and revision values.

"The energy of human experience with each new life cycle is accumulated, and at the same time accumulate and negative actions - says psychologist Svetlana Kachevsky esoteric. - By the end of each cycle, the physical condition can actually worsen, exacerbated by chronic illness. At this time a person falls in the critical life situations. At the same time the end of the next cycle - is a sign of the person that he was karmically worked this period, you need to move on. At this point, it is worth considering how to change something in my life: for example, to leave for another job, or move to a new residence. It is important to notice what is happening and be able to take advantage of this chance. »

What are our years

Not clear there is, perhaps, the main thing: why did the most critical periods in a person's life between the ages of 12-19 and 60 years? Esoteric explain it this way: in the 12-19 years age a person begins to take control of their lives into their own hands, which is a very important task. During these years, people are intelligent and educated enough to decide on their own set of issues, but he is still young and is not aware of many things, allows himself to get involved in karma, which would try to avoid, as an adult. Not everyone is able to go through this ordeal.

And 60 years - the age of the revaluation. The man begins to think about the completion of their cases. Most people in this age decide for themselves that lived enough and no longer hold on to life.

The answer is the science? "Our goal for the near future - search for patterns associated with peaks of mortality," - says Alexander Malygin. The researchers believe that these periods of life is programmed not death itself, and changes the body's sensitivity to some destructive effects of the environment. Understanding what's inside, and this mechanism can be opened in the near term prospects for the programming life. If we know in advance about the black bars approximation, we can prepare them to with minimal losses to the next level - a bright band. And the scientist has no doubt that the new knowledge will provide a chance to extend the life of a person to a maximum of species - about 105 years. Wait and see ..

? Opinions

Catherine Nikonov, a cardiologist, PhD:

- Of course, the relationship of age and mortality is present, but to talk about some patterns of these values ​​is not necessary. Most deaths may be associated with exacerbation of chronic disease, which is usually manifested by a certain age. I believe that the theory about certain life cycles, including possible death cycle, closer to the esoteric, rather than to traditional medicine. Talking about the scientific substantiation of such theories, it seems to me premature.

Vadim Shmakov, a psychologist at the center of "Healthy Generation»:

- Similar studies may be of interest from the point of view of science, but from the point of view of psychology will become a time bomb. It is possible that people aware of some peaks death, approaching the dangerous period, it will subconsciously wait. It is important to recognize these negative fantasies and try to get rid of them, because we know that, persistently introducing in his own mind certain images, we are in some way assist their implementation in reality. This is because that person forms a kind of self-image, and, approaching the peak of mortality, it will start to samoprogrammirovatsya negative. After all, if you think that something should happen, you consciously or unconsciously, are contributing to the implementation of the expected event.

Author: Anastasia Pascenco


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