Why creative people are not like all

Without a doubt, the creative people are very different from the majority. They seem to live in another world, in another universe. Their ingenuity and originality strike and cause the remaining question is: "How? As they thought of this before? ยป

< Website I was wondering, what are these people thinking outside the box, and with the help of scientists, we have established some of their features.

Creative individuals are constantly hovering in the clouds.
If you watch them in the noisy company, where all the talking and having fun, they will sit in a corner of the room, something to write, draw, something to ponder. In school, these children can fall to thinking on a geometry lesson, while Maria Ivanovna explain the Pythagorean theorem. They often go to, forgetting everything in the world, and it is in such moments in their head are born brilliant ideas. They are good observers and they pretty well to analyze what is happening around.
The source of new ideas for them can serve anything: landscapes, buildings, items of clothing or decoration. Caught for any little thing, these people will create a masterpiece, to turn words into a story. daily routine does not exist.
Waking up at 7, eat lunch at noon, afternoon snack at 16, dinner at 19 and go to subside in 22 - not exactly the lot of creative people. They will work when they want, I'll go, if you got a chance (or may completely forget about it), and will sleep on anything and somehow - though behind a desk. They love solitude.
Many are afraid of loneliness, but not artistic creation. For them it is a way to hide from the aggression of the world, from the formalities that prevail in society. Alone with him, knowing that nobody will disturb and chase away their muse, creative people can safely enjoy the present. They always want to try something new.
The routine - what is it? Creative people this never syshali. The monotonous rhythm of life - "work - home - sleep" - the worst thing that can happen to them. They need the adrenaline, we need movement, new emotions. They are not afraid to take risks.
To come up with something new, sometimes you need to do unexpected things, to put everything on the card. Whatever it may concern: work, personal life. You can not create something unusual, not daring. For them, setbacks and failures - a great motivation.
Life as we know it, in black and white stripes. For incredible success can be followed by a grand failure. All ingenious inventors and artists have ever experienced but certainly wrong. But if others have thrown the case in the middle, without seeing any clear results, creative people are not so easy to leave. Certainly, persistence is not limited to non-standard thinking person, but for the latter, this quality is very important. They are doing something that inspires them.
The most important thing for creative people - to do what is really like. You do not need them any recognition. And come up with something with a stick, they too will not be. The freedom to create new things and new, to work better and better - in this happiness. Creative individuals often put themselves in the place of others.
It's so interesting - to know someone else's philosophy, to see the world from a different perspective. For a moment, start thinking like a different person - a great way to self-development, as well as learn to understand others. They notice everything.
These people have the ability to put the pieces together. See what the others do not see, and use their observations to better understand the essence of a phenomenon. Without such people, the world would be a dull and dreary. Creative individuals encourage us to develop, change us for the better. To say that they are 100% different from the "non-creative" is wrong - just that they have a desire to create something new. And try to be original and invent neizobretennoe can and should be all.

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