18 things that make creative people

Psychologists and neuroscientists have identified several traits that are common to all the great (and not so) creators.

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They mechtayut

Yes, the dream is really helpful, and it's not some kind of a waste of time.

Many of us know that the best ideas come out of nowhere, when our thoughts are somewhere else. Although the head in the clouds, instead of something to do, it may seem pointless undertaking such reflection can lead to sudden ideas. The fact is that when you dream, the brain uses a variety of images, which are due to accidental mixing lead to a very interesting idea.

They are for all people nablyudayutTvorcheskie like sponges absorbing everything that surrounds them. In all, no matter what happens, they see the source of the information that becomes the basis for future ideas.

American writer Joan Didion said that constantly carries a notebook, which puts observations about people and events. So it is easier to understand the complexities and contradictions of his own thoughts.

They work at their convenience chasyMnogie known authors recognized that the best time for creativity - this or early morning or late evening. For example, Vladimir Nabokov began writing immediately after waking up at 6 or 7 am, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright in general rose especially at 3 am, and then returned to bed.

So time is a kind of option that creative people will adapt for themselves individually.

They are taking a break to stay in odinochestve

It is believed that artists and writers is difficult to establish privacy. And though it may not be quite so alone they can come up with their best work. Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman believes that the clock privacy - this is the perfect time to just dream up.

"You do not have to interrupt myself in the inner monologue," - he says. "It's hard to come up with some idea, if you can not just get in touch with yourself».

They use trudnostiMnogie life of the iconic stories and songs at the time came out of the very real problems of life, grief of loss and pain. They have become something of a catalyst, and the hope of a solution. In psychology this is called post-traumatic syndrome. It can help a person grow spiritually, gain valuable experience in dealing with others, and most importantly - to discover new opportunities.

"Many people use the difficulties of life as a" fuel "to move forward", - says Kaufman. "After the problems experienced they start looking for the best solution that promotes creativity».

They are looking for new vpechatleniya

Creative people like to get new experience and feelings, and their openness is the driving force of inspiration.

"Openness to new experiences is the key to success", - says Kaufman. Curiosity, the ability to dream and desire to know the outside world to expand the boundaries of your internal.

They fail, but continue probovat

The ability to experience grief - a necessary condition for any creative person. The process of creating any subject is often described as a series of failures at the end of which the author comes to the brilliant solution of the problem.

"Talented people often fail, and ingenious - tolerate it more often," - writes Forbes editor Steven Kotler of Einstein's work.

They ask voprosyTvorcheskie important people immensely curious. They like to explore life, and even when they become adults at all, continue to ask questions. Someone finds answers from a large number of interviews, some in their own reasoning. In the end, they all look at the world and want to know how it is arranged.

They look at people and find them vdohnovenie

Observant and curious by nature, creative people can watch for hours on end to the other and thus generate their best ideas.

Marcel Proust spent his life watching his surroundings. He wrote down his thoughts and eventually created the greatest works. For many writers this is very important. Thus they are able to better reveal the essence of human nature.

They riskuyutSuschestvuet deep and significant association between risk and creativity, and this point is often overlooked. Any artist knows what the result of his work will receive an assessment made public. If the review is negative, there is a risk that he spent time in vain, his reputation will be tarnished, and money spent in vain. All this - the side effects of an unsuccessful operation.

Many things in life are seen as an opportunity for samovyrazheniya

Great Nietzsche believed that his life and the world should be seen as a work of art. In most cases, talented people see the world that way, and constantly looking for an opportunity for self-expression.

"Creative expression - is self-expression. But creativity itself - is nothing more than an echo of your needs, desires and unique, "- says Kaufman.

They follow their zhelaniyamiVse creative people tend to be very motivated. And their desire to succeed comes from the inner impulses and not from a desire to obtain the status of "Miss Universe».

"Prominent authors choose challenges, solve the acute problems that allow them to discover their talents fully", - wrote the authors of the book The Handbook of Creativity.

They break the boundaries of his own consciousness

The ability to dream gives us another important opportunity for creativity - the ability to go beyond the boundaries of his own consciousness and to explore other ways of thinking.

You can easily imagine the future, but at the same time, you can imagine what the other was thinking. The ability to take someone else's point of view can expand the boundaries of creative thinking.

They lose the progress vremeniTvorcheskie people notice for themselves that at the time of order as they write, dance, draw, or engaged in any other activities related to self-expression, as if they are "out of range". This particular condition when a person wants to achieve the maximum degree of concentration. When one of them passionate about their work, almost does not notice what is happening around, even if it's premiere of the new movie clip Nikolai Baskov.

They surround themselves krasotoyTvorcheskie nature, tend to have excellent taste, and they like to surround themselves with beautiful things.

The study, published in the journal Psychology of Aesthetics, has shown that musicians, whether they are part of the orchestra, soloists and educators, are very fond of visiting the exhibition and hang paintings of great artists.

They connect tochki

There is one feature that distinguishes the talented people from all the others. It is the ability to see opportunities where they can not see anyone else. Many great artists and writers argue that creativity - it's just the ability to connect the right point, to synthesize what they could not imagine before.

Steve Jobs said: "Creativity - it is only the connection of the right things. When you ask the authors of the work, how they came to this or that idea, they feel a little guilty. These people have the right to transfer experience and got something new ».

They look at veschiRaznoobrazie reviewing lessons learned for the creative person has the greatest value. People working in the field of design or, for example, advertising, often try something new and to avoid anything that makes life monotonous. "The habit - a killer new sensations and new experiences," - says Kaufman.

They listen to sebeLyudi artists are trying to keep a clear mind and the ability to focus on the project, because it affects all of their work. For example, David Lynch meditates that promotes creative thinking.

People who practice this method, seen a good emotional state, stress reduction and anxiety - all this leads to inventing more interesting ideas.

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