Why creative people should not be forced to work "from start to finish"

course, strict work schedule for many people is an excellent opportunity to organize life and provide a sense of security. However, this comfort is much less important for creative people and entrepreneurs adventurous! People belonging to these two categories, like launch new risky business projects, giving the latter to do the impossible. < Website published an article that lists the reason why creative people need their own mode of operation.

RamokEsli Too many artists find themselves in very restricted environment, especially if they have some body they go crazy and feel powerless. Entrepreneurs and creative people need freedom. They prefer their own to put the pieces of puzzles in the order that suits them.

They also do not mind to leave gaps in it, simply because that's exactly how
they see it.

Lack gibkostiEsli creative people can not be productive if they make it impossible to dispose of time and resources.

They prefer to have the resources of the loan: the abstract idea of ​​what is required of them, and terms, when it must be completed. In response, they did an amazing job. Heck, they even offer you not an option! So you can even choose the best and you will not have to ask them to change anything.

Creative people need to work at your own tempeLegche prepare for the nuclear explosion than to try to get creative people to finish the work on time, which she or it nekomforten. Even if they can call the approximate time frame of the project completion, it is unlikely the project will be completed in a timely manner. If you do not like the terms, creative people quietly go to another customer, or take on another order.

Creative people crave avtonomiiTvorcheskim people you must be responsible for the work, which they got. You should familiarize them with all the requirements that must obtain and provide the freedom to do so without the constant peeping over his shoulder. Believe me, if the creative people need help - they will be asked about it. It makes no sense to control them. It simply would delay completion of the project. As a result, no one will be happy.

They can not motivation to keep day-to-denOzhidat that creators and entrepreneurs will be equally motivated every day, at least, unrealistic. In fact, it is not realistic for all.

< Creative people do not take on the task as long as they are not sure exactly what it is they are interested in.

I know that the task requires completion, but creative people versed enough in itself to determine exactly when they need motivation, and what it needs to do.

They do not tolerate rutinyNichto so do not infuriates creative people as the need to do one thing the same from day to day, they would prefer to split your day into blocks, to meet and work on the job when it suits them. If you think that this way they are trying to avoid responsibility, then you are wrong. Everything is just the opposite.

Creative people tend to be very motivated. If they decide to do something, it will bring it to the end.

Most creative people prefer to work in non-traditional otraslyahV banks, law firms, in the factories and offices of such people, as a rule, do not stay long. Such an environment makes creative lyudyami opportunity to reveal the full, soon they will be disappointed and will do everything possible to change the situation. Do not be surprised if these people leave before the end of the probationary period.

Creative people, to remain focused and involved in the project, there must be freedom and broad autonomy, but it is unlikely to fit into the timetable from 9 to 18.

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