Alex Arestovich: "Man - a creature who must always overcome itself."

Anatoly Golubovskii h6>

Double interview was postponed due to zagruzhennstyu Alexis. Still, our meeting took place. Additionally, represent, perhaps, will not.

You're an atypical military. And on the way of thinking and course of action. How did it happen?

-How I was in the army or becoming an atypical war?

-And then, and more

-In '93, I went to the theater Black Square. Himself from a family of hereditary officer. And in the theater - Neel Voloshenyuk, by the time I served in the army. They go on stage - they have something to play, the amount of life experience allows. And I have nothing to play - a seventeen year old boy. And I thought, "I'll go ka-I in the army." The only reason that I thought they were bulkier me - it is something that they have already served. Life experience, unusual twists and turns, the choice. Still, the army - in a sense, a school. They're all navidalis were all heroes: Neelov served in Angola, Voloshenyuk - in Karabakh and Yerevan, Andrey Ivanenko was a fireman. I went to the recruitment office and enlisted in the army. And the next day you need to leave, says to the Father:
What to take to the army?
-You What?
Tomorrow I leave
-Crazy? What did you forget?
-Pobegayu, I shoot. I will brave

Well, actually, my father asked a reasonable question

-Yes. He was a high-ranking person, the head of the selection committee at the Academy of National Defense - dating, influence and so on. So he and his fellow officers say: "I do not need you in the army, and if you want to shoot, run, and taste the army itself - go to a military school. They somehow get what you want: it's already the 94th year, the collapse of the country, the soldiers only work with shovels and nobody anywhere does not shoot. " I wanted to move in Kiev Combined Arms and its relocated to Odessa, where I did. Well, then I met people who served in the intelligence, and they have to have a very big impact - I realized that this is also a school in which to develop

How did the person?

-Yes. I decided to get into exploration. And hit. He served in the Defence Intelligence, running parallel to the Black Square. Because in order to play an improvisation, you need a good understanding of the motivation of the characters and the people, and to be a spy, you need the same thing, I became deeply engaged in psychology. It became a rallying point. I am now a practicing psychotherapist and psychologist - do theoretical development and to engage in individual therapy. And everything I do in public - so his therapy nationwide.
As for atypical - there are soldiers, like me. Not much, but there is. So, even though this phenomenon is arbitrarily small, but I - not the exception. I have the same friends. Just as the Military I know very little. If necessary, I can build up so that my mother dear. I have included another subpersonality, become, if necessary, a blunt strongest infantryman who builds, driving, straining, "emphasis lying accept." I'm not interested, but if needed, such as in the area of ​​the ATO in a critical situation, then I turn on the captain's roar and run all toe the line and do what is necessary. In the small intelligentsia hipsters, what I look like, so hard to see, but it's in me

-And how do you close this subpersonality?

-Do Not very close, but I have it as a working tool and, if necessary, I can apply it.

Why gone?

-Because That after coming to power, Yushchenko began the process of replacing professional amateurs by party quotas

-A is not started before?

No, Kuchma was still holding. But Yushchenko began stupidly ruin. It was interesting to serve

-It was done consciously and purposefully?

-Skoree, It was the result. When they began to appoint such as Yura Lutsenko to manage services, all became clear. In addition, I began to outgrow the army, lifestyle, range of interests. While working at a strategic level, which is quite different vision of where the service itself makes us think globally. Otherwise, it will not serve. And it was interesting, but still I began to grow it - he set himself the task more interesting than me put service. Cognitive tasks. Dejatelnostno. The army began to limit my growth. In fact, by the time I started my own general - I did not need a boss to guide me. I learned to teach himself, he assigned the task, learned to act alone and to create the necessary resources. And I quit.

-And then?

-Some Time akterstvoval and improved in psychology. My principle - continuous self-education. Even now, a few hours per day dedicate this

-Navernoe, it is a natural way of conscious human

-Daleko Not all

How did you fate brought with Korchinski?

-I Missed serious conversation on serious subjects, and the range of interests I have a specific. Interested in theology, history, psychology, politics and art

-Kasaemo theology - the inner urge or professional?

-Poiskovy Urge. I do denominational theology, cross-cultural theological studies. As an example, the same idea is represented in Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Taoism. And all this through the prism of human psyche.
So, I looked for the social circle in which you can talk to a single specific theme with a cross-disciplinary contacts. To theology linked with art, iskuustvo with history, with the history of politics and so on. And the only one I found in Ukraine - it Korchinskiy. He can speak on such topics. If you go to the Dresden Gallery, and spend an hour near a painting by discussing it, nobody but Korchinskiy for such an act, I have not found. And interact with it began primarily in this region. But because he is a politician, he has a stable tendency to force all your friends to work on policy. I helped him once, twice. But after ten years of friendship accumulated questions. I did not like some of his methods did not like contacts, principles. Besides, I learned I needed to produce their own intellectual product. And - escalated this contact. I grow rapidly. So once outgrown its relations with the army, the Black Square and Korchinski. A formal reason for the break was his policy proposal, which I refused. For him, it was fundamentally important. We parted mutually offended.

-In addition Korchinskiy you made policy proposals?

-Slightly. A couple of times

You're deliberately distantsirueshsya from politics?

-I It produces, but his. And in the system do not play games at all. I scoff at them

-Why do you this? Somehow, commenting on the events on the Maidan, you mentioned that he refused to speak to an audience, as we understand that you quickly overwhelm

-Yes. Moreover, filled up to "their", maydanovskie as soon as they saw that leadership is intercepted. If I said there is a fifteen-minute speech, the leaders of the Maidan everything would be decided. And with me, too

-A except doing what you do now, you do not designate himself as a future leader?

-Specially Not indicated. Sometimes I stipulate for a joke, but it's nothing more than decoration speech. Style. And with regards to content - never make a single step to become a leader

-A if they come, as Rurik?)

-If Come and say, "steer, more Nenko necessary to save", then save. But then, frankly looking all powers hereditary ruler will not. When I see that all the problems are solved and the continuity established in the policy, and those who remain after me, I will not destroy created. In politics, the continuity is very important

Well, yes. What we see in politics in Ukraine now - a native of the scoop

Is the period of its decay. The worst.
Why do I criticize them? My job - to cure human brain

< -So, you keep doing what you're doing in workshops and personal consultations

-Quite true. All my work is devoted to this. Though the military, though a housewife - no matter, I'm doing the human mind. To make it clean and working properly. Everything else - this is the material and the soil in which all this is happening. They called the military - I correct their brains on military issues. Housewives - taking into account their specific character - the husband, the family, children. I do not care.


-It Is the same idea, projected on different media.

-But in any sphere of activity is encouraged specialization

-I Professional soldier, and - not the worst. I can afford to deal with these themes. Professional analysts. Specially trained for many years to do it. And a professional psychologist. In fact, these three areas and their intersections I do. I analyze the process, doing chores army and psychotherapy at different scales. From a single person and to the state as a whole.

-Prihodya the system at this stage, it is difficult to resist the temptation to get a lot of money for a simple click of a button and do not accept the terms of this game

-The System stronger than the average person. One must have extraordinary qualities to resist it, play it, and somehow directed. And it does not get dirty or broken. A person is usually, especially a man with ambitions - for them because just grab - she eats in a jiffy. The system we inherited from Stalin. And he did it soundly for many years to come.
So it is necessary to criticize, ridicule and destroy. Keeping it there is no point.

-At this stage?

-In Should ideally be civil protest such as Gandhi - complete disobedience to the system. But in our conditions is impossible

-A carry the principles and methods of influence from one territory to another activity generally questionable. Especially because at the moment Ukraine - guys are the state, despite the trappings, namely the territory. And very specific

-We State has become a victim of

-Navernoe. A centuries-old passionarnost people living here, laid the foundation for the scenario that we have at the moment

-Ukraine Really specific society and territory. With its individually by

is the sum of many zeros to offer?

-No. Understand that I will not accept, and feel these things give very subtly. In this respect there is a lovely French proverb: "A certain specific proposal made to women." For me it is clear in advance that it will not work.

-But there kontrversiya this joke about Bernard Shaw and Queen of England, "Well, madam, we have already started to bargain." The issue amount

-No. With me is impossible, I have things very well controlled. I can not be forced to play someone else's game. It is simply impossible

-It depth firmware for possible manipulation or a matter of principle?

-This Is an internal ontological principle, which is part of the essence, existence. Not because I do not love money. I love money)) or able to compromise - is able to run as much. I will not obey

Oh compromises. It happens during telecasts your opponents are the people with whom to engage in dialogue seriously. "I do not understand you". Stubborn retirees, hysterical Madame boy from the ATO. How do you feel in such moments?

-All I did a professional psychologist, and I can speak to people in their language. I do not ship any innocent people topics that they can not understand. In an interview, for example, can indicate the futuristic complex constructs, and you already accept them or not. But just told nobody ship

-Even not in this case. Man is not able to dialogue. He carries his message across, and he does not care any more to that. As woodpecker

-I Free man. If a person is insane and does not want to - then we will not. If the case does not apply to solving a particular situation. In this case, I can butt in the head

-Your recent European trip - it was targeted requests "Come, tell / explain" or what it looked like?

-It Proposal to hold the psychological seminars. And we love Nastya Europe - museums, architecture

-Navernoe, everyone loves

-Not everyone. But for me it is an essential part of the activities for which I am prepared to spend time and money. Hiking in the art gallery, the cathedral

-And as sensations of the present moment?

-In Europe, the train picks up speed globalist future. All consciously articulated, it is under funded. The project is a global, cultural basis - multiculturalism, the rejection of all the old prejudices. And this train is going fast in a world in which there will be borders, wars and other nastiness and unnecessary tinsel

-As far as it corresponds to the realities of today?

-He Will move to these realities and will not notice. He has tremendous power. The French are fighting with the Islamists in Mali, bombed them in Iraq - and thirty thousand of their strikes one show in Paris. Even if we take the bare arithmetic - how many Islamists thundered French and many French Islamists killed - there is vanishingly small. One hundred people dead, with all the tragic incident, do not go beyond the statistical error. In fact, the Islamists are protected. But they do not have the resources and they do not have social technologies to really confront the West. And the attack in Paris - a mere trifle compared with how Islamists attacked in their home countries.

Why choose Paris?

-Podobrali By artist. Caused by the Parisian and Belgian bombers - in those places, and the attacks were carried out. And there's such a thing as local knowledge, language and so on. Because, if a terrorist with explosives will not be able to go on the subway, for the simple reason that it does not know how to do it, nothing will happen. Parked in various European countries should be different. And other nuances. Therefore chosen people who know this particular area. That will not cause suspicion. With normal documents, which can easily show. And in the spirit of speculation, it is a special mnogohodovki, to bring to power Le Pen - sheer nonsense, people panicked attempt to rationalize his fear.

-I liked the idea does not cling to Europe and go their own way. Personally, I was near. But will it be heard?

-In 2008, I predicted how it would be captured Crimea

-I read

-No One believed. But there was just the way I wrote

Yes. 90 percent

-When I'll make some predictions too often twist a finger at his temple and say that this can not happen. But in psychology and intelligence have a common point. It can be called "all that is already there." This means that any signs, very distant future, there is today. It is important to be able to see them. A good analyst is different in that sees what others do not see people Trends. A lot of them. And which of them will win - is unknown. That win poliglobalistsky project - access to space and exploration for the start of the planets of the solar system - is unique. It will be a new science, a new philosophy, art and so on

You think, will develop in that direction?

-Of course. And where do to go?

We're still far from fully explored their inner resources, so ...

Is a man of such a creature, he to make significant internal progress, need external expansion

-In this dimension - perhaps, but if other options?

-All Mankind meditation will not sit down. In order to develop the humanity as a whole and not the individual, need to external factors have pushed us to this. For example, historians and linguists say that the first reflection in Russian literature began after the Troubles. Before that it was stupid description of what is happening. A question in the spirit of "why it", "what laws" began after the Time of Troubles, when external events have shaken up a base, all three Russian intelligence who were inclined at that time to think, the same thinking as there Muscovy-mother lives. Prior to this reflection in the literature are not marked. Consequently, external shocks have created internal work.
Access to space will open and give rise to large beds in our culture, in our understanding of ourselves, the relationship with the world. It's unavoidable. For example, a colony on Mars - it's not just forty people living in bunkers in the middle of the Martian desert. From there, the Earth will be seen as a single planet. In the noosphere will trickle begin seriously raises the question, "Why fight these people, living on the same planet? Why would they border, customs and everything else? Why do they need plenty of governments that may be one? "All the astronauts talk about this revelation, which visits them in orbit: do not understand why people are fighting and why it live. But he flew into orbit on 40, 50, even 300 days - and returned.



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