Fima Baytler: "To inspire myself - not an easy task"

Anatoly Golubovskii h6>

< Fima Baytler - Black Square theater actor and master sound. The man who has found a niche in life, but looking for goals and benchmarks


< -Nachnem with eggs. Where I came from, where he grew up?

-genus From Kiev. Ros periodically here and Lyakhovichi Brest region in Belarus. Parents for the summer were taken there by my grandmother, my mother's mother, the earth her down. And there were battles summer
< -Lyahovichi than ever famous? Fortress, historically interesting?
-As Far as I know, no. Just the fact that it was founded by Poles. Nearest Fortress - Brest, and in themselves Lyakhovichi of the attractions - dairy, district hospital and obelisk dead soldiers.

< -What about those battles?
-Well? Friends some streets. And we in the street - seven boys of different ages. Plus cousin. A cutting ... it all began with soldiers. Rubber, plastic. On concrete unfinished. Then there were cut from the ski swords, running, shouting, "cue", with cries of "Sir!»

< -So you guys were well-read?
-And What else to do Lyakhovichi summer? When the sun - run. Football, voynushka, darts. When the rain - or ride a bike through the puddles, or read. Since watching on TV was nothing special. Grandparents watched the news and serials.

< -A in Kiev, where he grew up?
-Shevchenkovsky Area. Street Pimonenko. District without the district. And without a court yard. Was originally a children's playground, which many times were transferred from place to place, so if you are going - that behind the house. Near an abandoned building. Again - a huge variation in age. So that the yard was not party.

< -As a child, was a fighter or a mother's son?
-Neee)) Neither the one nor the other. I never ran to complain if something happened. But to say that a fighter - there is none. I'd rather shirked, found ways to negotiate, to avoid conflict situations ...

< a genius?
-Skoree Than not)) and no confirmed combat merit. I never liked to fight and especially could not do it. Even walking on Judo gave me pugnacity - I still find a peaceful solution.

< -And why in this case it took judo?
Dad at the time was engaged in Sambo. Conversation. And, you know, all together - talking, kimono, movies about kung fu, I watched avidly as a child, somehow resulted in a desire to go to judo. Football - not mine, then music is not particularly interested. Before there were swimming lessons. Even acrobatics in very very early childhood. If you would choose boxing, perhaps it went the other way. And so - a struggle that has its own philosophy

< -A option was the choice in favor of boxing?
Well, how to select the section to children. Or on the recommendation of friends, or as my mother did. Led me to the "Falcon". Stood and looked, I did not like - gone. Came to another - like it. And like judo coach is normal, and the cost of the solution, and not far from the school. And in the next room - section of fisticuffs. Initially wanted to go there, but then I looked at the post-workout kid - and changed his mind. Do not struggle, especially with my complexion and motor skills still closer.

< -You can call it childish fad?
Well ... hobby - not a hobby, but I liked to go to the section. Run on his knees, playing American football simulator with full of sand ball. I then another at the Institute tried to do, but did not grow together. As a coach there was a very simple task - to wait for tests and get the loot.

< -How's relations with parents?
-As Usual, I guess. Mom - loves daddy - the team and makes it do something. With Mom - communicate, and my father - a genius and always right. My dad - engineering genius. Once he came up with the know-how in automation. In his field, he shone. Tied to the business, to a place in it. And always push for the idea that there are certain vital rules that must be followed. And I have it still not very good. Especially here it is, from school days: "normal people sleep at night».

< -When and how it sounds enthusiasm? Music?
-Music Initially only listened. A large number of records in the house predisposed.

< -Zhanry?
-Ooooo. Began with the Beatles, Queen, Deep Perple - what dad listened


< -Old cheekbones, in general
-Yes I Am. Plus Robertino Loreti, classical music, blue plate from the Journal. Plus many perepadalo from neighbors. There were from children's fairy tales to jazz. At one time in your favorite record was "Stars on sorokopyatki" - a sort of disco-funk. That's funny. A sound recording took up seven years. We had Lyakhovichi "cassette radio." Undertook a cassette player with recording function, old microphone MD-200. As in the Soviet translational hardware. Plastic. We sat down together, and if no one was there, I also dictating to tape some eyeliner to songs like "Hello, today rain on the street, in the city Lyahovichi overcast, let's listen to something, such as Michael Jackson." And parallel to turn on this Jackson on another recorder. And writes not from tape to tape, and a microphone through the column to be heard, which plays a different source. Then the tape was passed from hand to hand, or switches to full power out of the window on the exposed tape. Although used to hesitate to include

< -Stesnyalis what?
-Includes All. We have something was funny, of course. But people put on their do not even work, and tomfoolery ...

< Well, I do not know. Often creativity just with tomfoolery and starts. Okay. Started seven years, and then what? Once developed it in yourself?
-In Fact of the matter is that there is. Some work with the sound was not much. A freshman helped friends-Drink-schikam do narezochka, cutaways, because managed kryaknuty download Cubase, one of the first handlers sounds. Surpassed the music from cassettes in mp-3, went to school with the player permanently.

< -Institute chose what?
-KPI. Kiev nursery idiots, as I affectionately call.

< -Special?
-Fakultet Computer Science

< Why this choice?
-Roditeli + School + comrades who together Rushed. Three years after spetsangliyskoy school - 142nd Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, where I have the first time in a profile subject - Algebra - was three, and up to the eleventh class thought that I will do on the faculties of the first level. Not will do? Nate - one of the best points on the stream. By the way, this is my usual practice: while the fried cock does not bite, I'm not particularly cheshus.
Mom is not particularly pressed. Dad - only Polytech. And it is desirable - that this specialty. Friends, teachers in computer science, who said "you get." Although, in principle, could choose any faculty.

< -You did not have certainty what do you like it?
Yes I have it and still do not.

< -The most vivid memories of school
-Was Theatrical circle in the same 142-m high school, while working as a teacher who worked on this. The first theatrical performances for elementary grades, which we fully disengage - even eggs smashed against my head in the final presentation. The people running away, screaming "zavzhdi Coca-Cola," I stopped, started to list the brand Ukrainian lemonade, for which he received an egg on the head. Child-prophet. Advertise domestic product and get paid for it in the face)) I remember - I was a man, who did not like in the "A" class. We in the 8th "B" and "B" were recruited hodgepodge, all came, and in the "A" were natives. And all these "same high school," with a sense of inner superiority. I greet all, did not suffer from an excess of stylistic power - did not follow fashion, for example, went to school with a square leather briefcase over her shoulder, for which I have nicknamed plumbing, it was funny ...

< -A "favorites" in "London dandy," or something, the number?
-No. Such was their attitude towards people and the world around them.

< -Do not feel like outcasts with them?
-Skoree More. I knew that for the same answer they get a higher score. And the opposition. Especially in the first year. When a parent meetings fathers and mothers of the "A" class were outraged that the Small Academy of Sciences sent more students from the "B" and "B". Lyceum was regularly confirm their status. So, on the events in his confirmation beginners always been more than natives. Same Physics Olympiad our class delegated to 14 people.
In the first days of school for excessive sociability ogreb in the face, because there are things to adequately respond to that I can not. For that later I can scrape up. At school, however, a big fight was only one - before graduation. Which finally convinced that fair fights do not happen. You either have to do everything to ensure that people did not get up or do not fight me, give man what he wants and get away.
But. I was never called to any Director or to the head teacher. One day, junior high, filled the boy jeans glue and I tipped pretty home. Since it was necessary to give money, but they were intended for other purposes. And so - without any serious conflicts.

< -B school was a theatrical circle. The Institute has a stage and sound fond of?
-In The Institute, I was fond of carelessness. Played desktop role-playing games. Vapor periodically played whist. A second course in general was kind of a period in my life.

< -What?
-First, A large informal company. Heavy music, al * bare. Institute for me - the peak of my drinking. In the second year drank frequently. Truant. Was excluded. All, however, said that just was transferred to the budget for the contract, as much missed. In fact, my "non-attendance" and the late delivery of a number of works would be excluded. I'm closed, but on a budget then have to learn was not possible. In any case, according to the dean's office. Naturally, this affects the family relationships, and everything else. Because in that situation the choice was as follows: to learn and not to hide from the army for money or without them, or still to take up studies. The family council decided that the army - not mine and it is necessary to continue their studies. More precisely, I have not voiced their vision, because it was terrible. I did not want to go crazy in the army. I do not want to date. Although if you have to ... On the other hand, maybe I would have is disciplined. Since I have the self-discipline with a poser. I can not force myself to do some tedious chore things


< -What is the relationship? When you are doing something from which you rushing, you have to force yourself?
-Just A Moment! What is the nature and strength of will? This Neelov likes to say, and my father reminded periodically, "is the ability to do repetitive and boring things necessary to achieve the result." Well, or make tedious hard work interesting for yourself.

< -Here is a very fine line. That way you can convince yourself in any business: that's tedious work, but it is necessary to achieve the goal. And moving in the wrong direction. Or for this work, for example, pay decently. And all this, instead of create, which by definition is more energy consuming and requires a lot of time. And it is very easy to slip into the wild, spanning routine.

Yes, simple. And here is a sense of proportion, experience and so on. And if you are somewhat accustomed myself to carry out such actions, the same cleaning, for instance, or ...

< -We run the risk of bias towards, but here is ... My eldest boy always detested such actions and execute them if absolutely propped up. But the chosen case, the fact that he was interested (he narrowly specialized programmer), he devoted almost all his spare time. Plowed five years prior to the first result. And he went on. He is now in his field №1 in the world, established business and everything that comes with it. But extraneous issues not involved at all. Even when building a house, rarely distracted. So examples of the monotonous boring activities of non-your case areas do not always work.
-Yes I Am. But your son had a goal and he went to her. When somewhere, even far ahead, there is a point to it, you can go. But when these points are a thousand and one to choose ... Now I have been behind almost ten years of work in the Square by the sound. For ten years, in principle, could jump anywhere. And I do more than what I do now, almost from flourishing.

< Why? You do not see where to go or a lack of ambition?
I'm not ambitious - just kapets. Sometimes there is a desire to say "Oh, what Fima done." But constantly pushing forward momentum not. And spit on graduation in relation to me as a professional. I heard in his address a lot of epithets about how I work on the sound. On how to lead the event. Or writing programs. Never had to say that I made - complete shit. Video was the case when told. I replied that I got exactly what we ordered. Sat down, a couple of hours to understand. It is very difficult to admit that I did something bad, when voiced by someone else. Although himself three sheets can criticize and come up with a bunch of much more advantageous embodiments.
Yes, of ambition. For ten years, until a rival until the task is an alternative - "Pulp Fiction" in "Carrabin" tour programs, I did not do anything radically new. Once the task appears - just starting to learn, to find something new, to grow in the end. If someone finds a new and will be able to infect me, and I take vpahivat to complete. But to come up with a similar problem myself - that I had not really. Inspire yourself - not an easy task

< -Another time, the institute you are in the business of sound?
-No. Was nearby, so to speak. At concerts, KVN and similar events. And so - drew sites, photographing, writing concepts and worlds for board games, but the sound before joining the KGB in 2003 seriously studied.

< -B Square came to engage in sound or as an actor?
-How Actor. To engage in the studio.

< -Where learned?
-Oh! Class from the 7th or 8th started going to the theaters. Consciously. Because I do not understand how these guys on stage, half of which I do not believe, manage to have fun ...

< Why not believe? Level of play, excessive pathos?
-If Analyzed retrospectively, it is my intuition, their manner and level of play. Some people on the sidelines said his line, took a step back - and there's this man on stage. No character. There's a boy in a suit who just stands, because he said so. I notice such things, but could not articulate what and why. Just could say this is like it, but it do not. Jankowski like Abdul, Zbruev. I was on the performances of the Moscow Art Theater in Kiev, when there did not go to the square. I've heard a lot about him in grades 9-10, but never got to play. Because it plays on the SB held on Saturday and Sunday (and other scenes was not there), we had to come in advance, stand in line, and before that to find this secret place at the address given on a white piece of paper ... And somewhere in 2002 some companies once again heard the name, when one of the participants excitedly told how on almost bare stage actor read poetry, then it went to the girl and they began to improvise. I listened and thought, "What is it? About the theater? I do not understand. I also can not talk much about anything and call it improvisation. " About a year later someone from the company offered to go to the Cheka to "10 minutes after lo * sa". And for me at that time was the Cheka - the park named after Chkalov. And I have a small gap, "10 minutes" in the park Chkalov? "-" No, no. In the theater, Black Square ". I came. And lost. I remember my first sentence, said in the Cheka. In complete silence. Is a play on the stage Alexei Arestovich and Ira Andreeva (this sketch I remember for a lifetime). On the bed, they almost did not get up. Now this study Neelov hacked to on the spot. There structural improvisation without text. Only tasks. Conditionally - at Arestovich quickly dump, at Andreeva - get married. Ira, respectively, said that he wants to marry. Arestovich - that she did not like it. And he does not like women with a fifth the size of the breast. And I shouted from the audience: "What a fool." Solely on emotion, absolutely not giving a report that I say it out loud. And then I learned that you can do in the Square. Came to "Tamara and Demon" and met Yuri Klyatskin, whom I had known from the Polytechnic, where he studied at the Mehmashe, it seems, had the nickname Banderas for a long black coat and beard. By the way, after admission, he said that the story told in the exam, I made up. And I was soooo uncomfortable. I was so long and tedious stylized story, shovel it in detail to make it look nice and unbanal. The bottom line - met and slept with an older woman. Tell - they say "all true." I experienced this story. Simply styled literary. Well, added a little bit. Just a little. Slightly fib. But did.

What then? Time passed. Strongly doubt.


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