School wit in Odessa

In Odessa, no one climbs his words on any phrase you can get an unexpected and original response. It will certainly imbued with local color and a sense of humor.

Website said that the inhabitants of this city, you can learn the art to engage in dialogue.

- Doctor, it's you ...
- What's that?
- My little gratitude: brandy, candy ...
- Listen to and who gave you the right to spend my money?!
- Oh, Sarochka, still very sore leg!
- Well, what you want, you still 80 years!
- The other leg is also 80 years old, and it does not hurt ...

- I did apologize, but where it was sent so you sho ve just come here? - Yes, it all went in Figure!
- Rose, and how can I?
- And you, Fima, will lead the procession of this. - Fima, we're going on vacation!
- And yet where, if not a secret?
- We go to where the "all inclusive" - ​​a mom! - How to cook an omelet in Hebrew?
- To begin to engage in a neighbor three eggs. - Fima, but you still know sho woman's hand should tremble with gifts, feet - from sex and the heart - of the ardent and passionate love?!
- Rosette, riba is mine, but I will not break from such resonance?!

- Abraham seems to you at odds with Sarah?
- No, well, you did tell me, Fima ... How could I spoil her birthday, even if I do not remember when she had it?
- Abraham, you pay me for every kilogram thrown $ 100 - I was fast and lose weight.
- Yes, you sho, Sarah, Fear God! Such prices are no fat in any country! - Sapa now we live in an expensive kvaptipe as you wanted!
- Oh, Abpam I pada! We buy an apartment?
- No, we have raised the rent ... In Odessa, the phrase: "Well, I will not disturb you ..." - means sho help you no one is going.

- Abram what fate?
- Oh, that's if you go down the street and your head falls bricks!
- And if the past?
- So, no luck. - Izzy, how to find a person close?
- Monya, it still is not difficult, just come to him with things! - Madame! When you smile, I terribly want to invite you to her.
- Oh-oh-oh ... You're such a philanderer ?!
- I beg you! I posh dentist ... Odessa. Beach.
- Monia, where did you go! Drown, you have the same kidney stones! Odessa.
- Wee tell me where is the consulate?
- Which country?
- And what did vie advise?

- Me, please, half a watermelon.
- This samets em>. There are two friends:
- Celia, you're still well recovered!
- That I have lost weight! You should have seen me a month ago! I was as you are now! - Gurevich, you have lain in the hospital for a month. You personally promised me to quit and become a different person!
- Doctor, I became a different person, but this person also smokes. - Solomon Markovich! Shaw is a mature age?
- This is the period between the end of the illusions of youth and old age beginning hallucinations ...



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