How are the students and school classes in different countries?

Brazil. School Escola Еstadual Nоssa Epoca do Belо Ramо in Belo Horizonte.
It was an ordinary school for children of workers who live in poor neighborhoods. From this school only 8-10% can go to College.

Germany. School Adpe-Miеgl-Rеalschule in düsseldorf.
"You can see that the class is decorated with graffiti, a youth subculture this school is just saturated," says Germain.

Yemen. The Al Ishraq Primary school in the town of Akamat al-Mega.
It's an elementary school with one room in the mountainous part of the country. Here at the same time children of five to twelve years, the senior tutor the younger. Only close 15% of children after the termination of this primary school continue to study at secondary school to the University here does not come one.

USA. School Bеaumont High Sсhool, city of St. Louis.
This school really shows the reality of this district, which is inhabited mostly black. The school was large in the old building. But the teachers here are strong enough, and pupils, for example, to learn even trigonometry. From this school to colleges and universities comes close to 15% of graduates.

Holland. School Vogado Сollege.
The photographer tells him that of all the schools that he visited, the students of the Dutch school are the most relaxed and friendly smiling, and not afraid to be photographed. This is the 9th class, the children of 13-14 years.

Spain. School Cоlegio de Educación Público, Estаdos Unidos de America Huarte de San Juan in Madrid.
In this school, in music class, teachers are employees of the Madrid Philharmonic.

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