Smart sweater with lights will show the mood of its owner

If you don't have the mood or on the contrary you want to share your joy with others, now don't have to do with verbal communication. Studio Sensoree (San Francisco), invented the sweater, GER Mood Sweater, which by means of built-in sensors can understand the mood of the owner and to inform, for example your work colleagues, with the help of light indication.

Each color is responsible for certain emotions. If you feel comfortable, the sweater is going to play in blue if excited about something, pink. About your nervousness, or God forbid love, others will know by the red signal lights of your clothes. Well, if enthusiasm has gripped you, then the yellow color will show everything!

Technology "understanding" mood based on skin-galvanic reflex, which is used in lie detectors. Special touch sensor, which is mounted on the arm communicates between a user and the fabric of the sweater, and depending on the received data changes the color of the LED-backlight.

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