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[02 Jul 2005 | 06: 35pm]
[Mood | loved]

Ah, the magazine decided to make a living, because so many things I care about!

I just dropped my boyfriend Misha, whom I met a year! Now I'm sitting by the window, thinking about death ...
Can I Got? Well no really !!!

I'll go to Arbat Prestige! New perfumes I sure will please!

 - [02 Jul 2005 | 08: 44pm]
[Mood | sad]

New perfumes I definitely pleased ... even I bought a cool shade!

But still ... I sit and I think that could be right now to ask for money from Misha's fancy new formula-1 girl boots! And it is no longer mine ... And I can not go over to his Audi! But enough ... I'll take a hands ... I will not behave like rag!

That's how it was! We met in the morning. He told me that I was stupid, and think only of yourself! How could he, the villain!
Then he told me that he slept with someone, and what I told him nafig not need ... Ah ... why!
 - [04 Jul 2005 | 09: 56pm]
[Mood | touched]

Friends comforted me all day, and I sat and cried. Sasha, a friend of mine brought me a disc with MP3 and dot-caste! Listen, I liked it! Humor uluchshilost! And my best friend Svetik showed off its new lip gloss! Super!!! I will surely buy myself the same!

Thus here!
 - Party? [08 Jul 2005 | 07: 05pm]
One of my friends get-together will be the day after tomorrow! I'm so worried that dress! Especially since there will come new boy, I do not know! Ah!
 - The results of [12 Jul 2005 | 07: 07pm]
About Misha I forgot, I do not weep, and I do not care when you say his name! I'm at a party with a great guy to meet you! His name is Lev. He was 25. Not enough of course, but it works manager and stylish dresses! He even took my phone, it means he loves me!

Now I look caress the telephone in the hope of a signal ...

A get-together in the play cool music! Reflex, Animals and UmaTurman! They drank and rejoiced in, and then he came up to me ... I did not expect ... I looked at him. And she said, "Hello." He answered the same ... So we got to know, imagine ... And later in the same spirit ... I do not remember what we talked =) But it was fun.

Thus here!
 - A meeting! [15 Jul 2005 | 08: 15pm]
[Mood | cheerful]

But Loew has called me yesterday and offered to take a walk on the Red Square! I was so happy that I decided to finish eating Cake, lying in the fridge.

Today we met with him! He went to meet me in an elegant suit and with a rose! He gave it to me of course! Oh, how great! I was so touched! Then we walked around the Alexandrovsky garden, and went to Manezhku. There we ate, and he bought me a bracelet! It's great, just love!

He offered to meet again in a few days!
How nice he is!
 - He loves me! [21 Jul 2005 | 08: 45pm]
[Mood | flirty]

On the left, we meet again! We were in a classy restaurant. He called me and we chatted for 3 hours! How great! Boys do not usually talk so long ... incredible! And the restaurant food is tasty, and he paid me ulcer! And he gave me a small teddy elephant! I told him just last time to say that I love them!

Then he took me home. And then we kissed! Ah ... What was it a kiss! He just loves me!

By the way, I have never written about yourself! Do not worry, soon corrected!
 - There is no happiness in life ... [01 Aug 2005 | 11: 01pm]
[Mood | depressed]

On the left we walked further. Then he invited me to his home, and there we made love so sweet. And now he does not call me more! So he just slept with me? And on my calls, he does not respond, even though I usually do not call the first men ... What's the matter ??

Again I sit and cry ... Again ... After all, I loved it all the time when we were together!
 - [08 Aug 2005 | 07: 02pm]
[Mood | blank]

I still feel sad ...
By the way. Maybe someone wants to meet me? I am a pretty blonde with a breast size 3, I love sports, movies and a variety of music! Height 1.78 =)
 - Again? [16 Aug 2005 | 08: 11pm]
[Mood | confused]

And I met a boy again! Taak cool! It is a model!
But he did take my phone did not, and when we had to leave, I broke my rule and took the phone from him! What is it aggressive! Ah!

Call him ...

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