15 stories about stupid American blonde who shocked everyone!

The common assertion that all blondes stupid - stupid stereotype. But stereotypes do not appear out of nowhere, there is always a reason. For some reason blondes are so empty-headed, as compared not with anyone. All these glamorous Kitties with antics, jumping and dakfeysom ... But let's not talk about sad things. Now is the time of amazing stories.

15. Nanny robber of banks

This story took place in the state of Colorado. Stupid blonde Rachel Eynspar by unfortunate coincidence, worked as a nurse, to prove that idiocy is incurable, when she went to rob the bank. Together with the children, for whom I should look. Money she needed to return to a tidy sum, which she previously steal from their employers. An ingenious solution. She came to the bank "drive-in" and handed an employee a note saying that the back seat of her car with the children is the man who takes money and threatens to kill children. What a flight of fancy!

14. Girl, which cost 80 thousand dollars the Pope and winning in court

In 2011, Gulliver Preparatory School teacher named Patrick Sney sued for age discrimination when the educational institution has refused to renew the contract with him. The court, he won - he had to pay 10 thousand dollars of compensation for forced absence, 60 thousand for attorney's fees, and 80 thousand in damages.. That is, it was all in the ointment. And then his daughter, a young dumb blonde in prematurely zapostila facebook post boastful: "Mom and Dad won a lawsuit. Now Gulliver School - the official sponsor of my trip to Europe this summer. Serves you right. " As a result of the victory of Patrick Sneya court it was annulled due to a violation of privacy. Presumably, the dullness in the family - a family trait, because if you break the terms of the confidential information and merges all the daughter, explain to her at least that this information is not for Facebook


13. Selfie during a baseball game

This blonde named Kaylee Hill distinguished by the fact that ran on the field during a baseball game in order to make selfie. And she still did it, what is the most beautiful. When she was carried off the field.

12. The blonde with the development of preschool

Kellie Pickler, participating television game, asked: "The capital of the state in Europe is Budapest?" And that's what she said: "This is probably the tricky question ... I thought the state - this is Europe ... So, we must think ... Budapest ... I've never even heard of such. I know they speak French there. Well, let's say .... France - the same country? I do not know what I'm doing. " At this point she decided to just copy the neighbor response. He answered correctly - Hungary. Kelly was glad that she was so lucky, as she herself would probably chose France, and about Hungary asked: "What? This is a country? I mean ... I know that Turkey - a country, but on Hungary have never heard. " Charming.

11. Selfies with monkey

This blonde is most likely got a good lesson. Young tourist in Bali found a cute little monkey, and decided to take a picture with her. She took selfie-stick, smiled, prepared .... and then a cute monkey pounced on her like an angry tiger. She pulled out a handful of hair and scared to death of the maiden - all documented. Still, you probably should not sit next to the wild animals, even if it is very important post, which with bated breath waiting for your subscribers in social networks.

10. Hide keys in the vagina? Easy! B>

One blonde showed off her boyfriend, who is the boss, stealing and hiding his keys. Where? Of course, the vagina (the same for supertaynik jagged metal objects). Alas, when it came time to get the keys from the cache, nor she, nor her boyfriend failed. Deciding that the keys are lost somewhere inside her, this extremely wise lady phoned for an ambulance. But the doctor, to my surprise, and could not find any foreign objects in her body. In the end she decided that they simply dropped out (!) Somewhere down the road. There are no words.

9. Banana Girl

Unfortunately, this is not a figment of fevered imagination, but a real person. This blonde girl Frehley called Banana. It is a video blog on Youtube, talking about the banana diet (30-50 bananas a day and nothing else). It is vegan and thinks that toxic fat, vegan diet that cures cancer and that menstruation - a process by which the body gets rid of toxins. In fact, it has long since ceased menstruation due to a miracle diet. Afraid that her video blog is popular and someone believes in all that stuff, and also begins to ruin health.

8. Lindsey from Facebook

A certain blonde Lindsay of Facebook has become famous for that lost her job, write a post along the following lines: "B ... rd, how I hate my job !!! My boss - a rare m ... e ... and to pervert the second and drove me constantly forcing to do some x ... nd - just to get to the bottom. " In principle, it can be understood. The only but: she had forgotten that this pervert her friends. A boss Brian was even steeper, "Hey, Lindsay, you seem to have forgotten to put me here on this link? Firstly, do not flatter yourself. Second, you're working with us for five months and still have not realized that I was gay? Of course, I did not dissect the office as an explicit queen, but in general it's not a secret. Third, "some x ... I" - that's your job. Well, you know, something for which I pay you money. And finally - you also seem to have forgotten that your trial period, finished a just two weeks. Do not bother the appearance tomorrow at the workplace. I'm serious. »

7. Twilight (hour) Zone

The time zone is easy to get confused, and nothing wrong with that. But it is beyond: a blunt blonde college student, a lesson about time zones teacher asked the question: "If China is ahead of us for 12 hours, which they were not warned about the September 11 tragedy»

6. Battery

This story was told one Internet user. Once he decided to help the blonde on the road, which is crying next to the machine. She complained to him: "I knew, knew that it was necessary to replace the battery in the remote control door opener. Now I can not get into the car! Do you think there is a store close to find a suitable battery "The guy took her keys manually unlocked the driver's door and said:" Why do not you drive up to the store and do not know they have ... and then go for a long time to go »

5. blonde Syndrome

Here is another story - about how one girl was helping her sister to make this such a difficult parallel parking. My sister was driving, and the heroine of the story was behind and sent her, "so carried away, waving his arms," ​​I forgot to stop waving them. I come to their senses only when it got caught between two machines. What she found - she does not understand. And laughing, calling it a "syndrome blonde».


4. Eye drops for the feet

This story was told by one pharmacist to the forum for people faced with rude customers: young blonde came with a recipe on the eye drops, and she needed to cure a fungal infection of nails on the feet. Not everyone knows, but doctors often prescribed in such cases, the treatment of eye or ear drops. The drug is applied to the affected area. Maid was told what was happening, and she even had detailed instructions from the doctor, but she continued to insist that the eye drops have to drip into the eyes only. And so rude that I had to ask her to leave. Pharmacist finished his story with the words "I hope she does not try to continue to treat his leg, burying eyes ... And then before long gangrene».

3. Stop a running horse, enter a burning house

One blonde in LA somehow decided to personally solve the problem with insects at home. Rather than call an exterminator, this brave woman sprayed in the room more than 30 cans of "bombs for insects." Unfortunately, I found some source of ignition and explosion, in which it was severely damaged. As explained by the fire, at the same time you can not use more than 3-4 of these cans.

2. Photo credit card Twitter

This is a story about a girl who has proven stupidity on Twitter, and more than once. At first she was shopping online and tweeted: "code on the back of my card - 388, why do I always ask him to specify?" Then the photo current zapostila debit card - with the number that was clearly visible to everyone. And said that she liked the color of the card. The next tweet, after some time, stated: "We had to cancel the card. It turned out that someone else has used it. Well, okay. This is also nothing new. " And provide this record fresh photo card.

1. Stupid drag dealer

And finally, such a story: a middle-aged blond woman was arrested in Texas after the car passed in for repair: motor mechanic called the police to find the car in 18 packages of marijuana hidden in the engine compartment. She asked to change the oil and, as it turned out, had no idea that this mechanic will have to raise the hood.

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