Aphorisms on women

The woman - is an invitation to happiness.

The woman - a human being who puts on, talking and undressing.

Being a woman is very difficult already because basically we have to deal with men.

Woman centuries played the role of a mirror endowed with magical and deceptive the property to keep it in the figure of a man was twice as larger than life.

Woman - God's second mistake.

What woman wants, God wants it.

All of God, except the woman.

From the perspective of biology, if anything you bites is likely female.

We must learn to obey the woman often, sometimes to have the right to rule over it.

If you want to know what really thinks a woman, look at her, but did not listen.

If a woman answers your question - I do not believe it; if silent - it does not believe it even more so.

The stranger - a woman with whom you can live life.

The final decision is the latest women rarely.

Women as players - sacrifice for the purpose of winning.

Women - is a stimulant, poisonous element, without which women are more difficult to manage than men.

Every woman feels indispensable and considers that could be easily replaced by any other.

Women Women always appreciate his due, especially the two women - a third.

As bad as a man may think of women, any woman thinking about them even worse.

Men who speak ill of women, usually have in mind only one.

Hang on the neck woman - and you already easier.

Only a woman can temporarily stop time.

Women do not follow bad advice - they are ahead of them.

Everything in the hands of man, and the man in the hands of women.

Thoughts and women do not come together.

There are two ways to command a woman, but nobody knows.

And now a little about blondes and brunettes

Men prefer blondes because they believe that brunettes smarter and therefore more dangerous.

Now I understood why the blonde enjoyed great success. They are easier to see in the dark.

Choosing his wife, try to imagine how she would look if she was not blonde.

My wife called the dumb blonde, but this is not true: it is not blonde.

Of all these false tales about blondes good half true.

Blonde: blend brunette with perhydrol.

We dye your hair every time a different color, so as not to repeat twice the same mistake.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but marry brunettes.

God - a gentleman. He is supportive of the blondes.


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