Henry Miller. Best quotes about women

To your attention the best quotes about women controversial American writer and painter Henry Valentine Miller.

"The less you notice them, the more they are after you. In women there is something perverted... they're all masochist at heart".


"I want to give a woman entirely...<..> I want she took me in itself... But for that she must be better than I; <..> It should make me believe that I need that I can't live without her. Find me a woman, huh? If you find it, I'll give you my work. Then I don't need no job, no friends, no books, nothing. If only she can convince me that there is something more important than myself".


"All I want in life," he says thoughtfully, — to read, to dream and fucked*tsya".


"That night when I sat down for Dostoevsky, was the greatest event of my life, more important than first love."


"If you see a woman naked long enough, they begin to pay attention to her face."


"When I think about the fact that she's gone, gone, probably forever, a chasm yawns in front of me and I'm falling, falling without end into a bottomless black space. This is worse than tears, deeper than regret and the pain of grief; it is the abyss into which was thrown down by Satan. There is no hope to escape, there's no light, no sound of human voice nor the touch of human hands."


"The most unattractive, the most infirm, the most noteworthy man should win if he is willing to sacrifice all to the last drop of blood. There is no woman that can reject the gift of absolute love."

"If a woman can breathe the love in your heart one man, why can't she do the same with others? To love or be loved is no crime. A crime to tell someone that his or her you'll love forever."


"Either it was a very clever woman or a very naive — it is sometimes difficult to distinguish one from the other."


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"The only thing we always have to give less, is love. The only thing we always have to give less, is love."


"To forget a woman, it is necessary to write about her".published



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