Interesting facts about O. Henry

11 of September 2013th year marks the 161 anniversary of the famous American writer O. Henry. Master action-packed stories with an unexpected finale, he easily captured the hearts of readers of the story, subtle humor, and a genuine sense nenarochito morality. Interesting facts about this writer read on.

O. Henry - a pseudonym of the writer. In fact, his name was William Sydney Porter. At the age of three he was left without a mother, and his sister brought up by his father. After school started adult life - I had to earn their bread. First, it defined as an apprentice to a pharmacist. Having mastered the pharmaceutical knowledge, he went to Texas. By the time William had married. But in order to support his family needed money, and the pharmacist will not earn much. He had to try on the role of a cowboy on a ranch, worked as a draftsman in land management. Then he got a job as a bookkeeper and cashier at the Bank of Austin.

The first literary works date from the beginning of 1880. In 1894-m William began to publish a humorous weekly "Rolling Stone", almost completely filling his own sketches, jokes, poems and drawings. However, the magazine did not last long. In 1895, Porter was accused of shortage, he was fired from the bank and brought to trial. Although relatives and compensated for his embezzlement, it did not help to avoid punishment.

After being accused of embezzlement, he was on the run, first in Honduras and then - in South America. After his wife's death, he returned to the United States, where he was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison. The three-year conclusion was not in vain. Where William worked in the hospital and continued his literary work. It was at this time, he thought about the nickname.

In the end, he opted for the version of O. Henry (sometimes you can find a misspelling - O. Henry - in the style of an Irish surname). According to one version, Henry - the character of the secular news article in the newspaper, and initial stands for O. Olivier (Olivier French name). Several published writer of short stories under the name Olivier Henry. According to others, the name of the famous French pharmacist Henri Etienne Oceana (Etienne Ocean Henry), a medical reference book that was popular at the time. The third version of the advanced writer and scientist Guy Davenport: "O. Henry "is not that other, as the abbreviation of the prison, where he was the author - Ohio Penitentiary.

His first story under the pseudonym "Christmas Gift Dick-Whistler" (1899), William wrote in prison.

The only novel O. Henry "Cabbages and Kings" was released in 1904. In subsequent years, it was published collections of short stories, "The Four Million" (1906), "The Burning Lamp" and "Heart of the West" (1907), "The Voice of the City" and "Noble swindlers" (1908), "The ways of fate" and "Favorites" ( 1909) "The exact
business "and" Kolovraschenie "(1910). In all, he wrote 273 stories, which have been translated into many languages.

His thoughts have long been wise aphorisms. We offer some of them:

"Every self-respecting thief first accustom among another's good, and then it will begin to assign." "Kindred Spirits»

"Such is the property of the female sex - cry of grief, crying with joy and shed tears in the absence of both." "Gifts of the Magi»

"... Life is made up of tears, sighs and smiles, sighs and prevail." "Gifts of the Magi»

"An empty stomach - a sure antidote to the crowded heart." "Gifts of the Magi»

"The man - it is something sitting at the table with knife and fork in his hands." "Gifts of the Magi»

"Women are always portrayed men staggering surprises».
"Gifts of the Magi»

"When we love ourselves, the word" love "- a synonym for sacrifice and renunciation. When love to neighbors who live behind the wall, it means arrogance and insolence. "Cabbages and Kings", "Peaches»

"To get into bad company man may in two cases of life - when he was penniless, and when he is rich." "Noble rogue»

"In life there are two cases that nobody knows what end: when a man drink for the first time, and when a woman drank the last».
"Noble rogue»

"Three times in the life of a woman walks though the clouds and feet under itself does not feel joy: the first time she comes down the aisle, the second time she enters the sanctuary, bohemian, and the third time she comes out of the kitchen garden of the murdered neighbor's chicken in his hands. " "Cabbages and Kings", "The Rape of Medora»

"It's not the way that we choose; what's inside of us that makes us turn out the way. " "The way we choose»

"Sleeping man - this spectacle, which may shed a tear angels. What are his brains right now, biceps, checkbook, aplomb, patronage and family ties? He - a toy in the hands of the enemy, and even more - a friend. And just as attractive as a hired nag when she is leaning against the wall of the Opera House in the first half of the night and dreams expanses of the Arabian desert. That sleeping woman - is another matter. We do not care how it looks, if only a little longer in this state. "As Bill Black was hiding»

"Friendship between men ... there is an ancient historical virtue, born in the days when people had to protect each other from flying turtles and lizards with vosmidesyatifutovymi tails. Users retain the habit to this day, and stand up for each other as long as the captain does not come and spoken to them, that all of these animals they only imagined. " "A friend of Telemachus»

"Nature moves in a circle. Art - in a straight line. All natural rounded, all artificial angular. The man lost in a snowstorm, unwittingly, in circles; legs city dweller accustomed to rectangular rooms and areas, take him in a straight line from him. " "Squaring the circle»

O. Henry lived a short life, he suffered from diabetes and liver cirrhosis. He died at age 47, in 1910. But his books continued to be reprinted. And in 1918 it was established literary prize named after O. Henry. His works are the basis of many movies.

In 1952 the Americans was filmed "The leader of the Redskins and the others" based on the stories of the writer, and in 1962 Soviet film director Leonid Gaidai has presented "Business people».



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