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KUNST! The history of America in the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

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01 With this modest building began empire company Ford.

Want to know how to live a typical American family of the XIX century? And do not want to ride in the car that pulls the real locomotive? At the same time you can look into the laboratory of Thomas Edison, and then to see the most interesting cars on the roads of the United States Wheels for the last hundred plus years c. All this wealth is located in Dearborn, Michigan, Ford on native land, exactly between the landfill and the brand headquarters of the famous company.

Good old Henry Ford always respectful to the history of their country. He began to collect valuable historical items and documents as early as 1906. Twenty-odd years of his collection that grew to the size of a city, with svezёnnymi from across the country houses of different eras, workshops famous inventors, with its own railway and a separate building for the most valuable items and copies of art was officially opened to the public. This collection of historical artifacts obtained the official name of the Edison Institute (in memory of a close friend of Henry), but the American people have the habit of Ford calls it a museum.

Let's start quickly run through Greenfield Village. The photographs - only a small slice of the diversity that is deployed in the open air. It's not just wander between the various buildings and almost completely dissolved in the atmosphere of the old America. Dressed in period costume people around you ride around on ancient bicycles, a small company just around the corner playing cricket, store clerks in anticipation of buyers cut in the cards.

Even for domestic needs in Greenfield Village are solely responsible for vintage trucks and visitors to take a ride in a Ford-T. By the way, these machines are not so old. In 2003, specifically to Greenfield Village was made a small batch of replicas.

The open part of the exhibition called Greenfield Village is the largest gathering of its kind in the United States. You can not walk then that hours, days. On this piece of land (though rather large piece of about 100 acres) contains unique evidence of the history of America. On the same street you can see the bike shop of the Wright brothers, the house where he was born Ford, as well as its first plant, the hut in which they lived slaves, and much more. Enough to walk up in the open air, you can go in imposing red brick building with a beautiful clock tower. Here, the most interesting: a luxury car collection, where there is, as you already understood, is not some Fords.

Lincoln K Roosevelt. This car in 1939 was the first purpose-built for the head of state, before the American president went to a more or less standard models.

Let's go back under the roof. In addition there are a lot of interesting machines. For example, theater seating, which shot Abraham Lincoln. Some rooms are dedicated to a life of Americans (want to see, looked like the house of a typical American family two centuries ago or bathroom a teenager of 80, - please), agriculture (tractors, combines, mowers, and all this kind of stuff), and Aviation . But we pass by these, of course, very interesting exhibits to go there, where there are cars. A great many surf America over the past century cars.

Lincoln Cosmopolitan 1950 used by Truman.

convertible Lincoln Continental, 1961, in which Kennedy was shot. Here the car after numerous changes, including the installation of roof and booking.

And finally, one more Sontinental 1972, Nixon ordered. It was in this car in 1981 sat Ronald Reagan when he was assassinated. Apparently, since the mark Lincoln acknowledged the unfortunate, and all subsequent presidents (except for George HW Bush), traveled to the Cadillacs.

The Henry Ford Museum is not freestanding machines. Each - of the specific topics. In the place of honor - the presidential cavalcade of limousines. Interestingly, all four represented in the museum are a sample of Lincoln. Since the era of Roosevelt and ending period of the Reagan administration, it was the most solid brand of America, which did not have the perverse links with show business. Not that Cadillac.

Let's move on to the model, a symbol of American automotive industry. This is a real milestone in the history of the car. Gold fund.

Ford GT40 - the first American supercar, managed to overcome the hegemony of Ferrari in hours of endurance racing. In the period from 1966 to 1969, he was virtually no rivals. V12 technical finesse of Italian Americans opposed the draft dray adored them "eights". About this displacement in modern races have long forgotten. For example, shown in the museum GT40 Mk IV is equipped with a seven-liter engine.

Continental Mk II in 1955. One of America's most expensive cars of its time. For the price and the level of luxury rivaled by Rolls-Royce. To add to the exclusivity, the former name of the Lincoln Continental for car even singled out as a separate brand. For the Ford group, this model has been a symbol of prestige rather than commercial successes. In two years, it was released only three thousand copies. Then the Continental division was abolished. Among the famous owners of cars - Elvis Presley, Nelson Rockefeller and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi - the Shah of Iran.


And here and say nothing. Tailed Cadillac 1959 - the apotheosis of American design 50s. Without it, the popular culture of this country is impossible to imagine. What other car can be considered a model of technology and real pop idol?

After the debut of Ford Taurus 1986 model American car ever said goodbye to the established in the 70s way angular box on wheels. The streamlined shape, front-wheel drive, the weight of the plastic in the construction, interior designed for maximum driver convenience - no wonder the first 100,000 Taurus were sold in just one year.

A separate area of ​​the museum is dedicated to the concept of Karama. Previously, there was a decent selection of experimental machines of all US corporations, including the legendary Buick Y-Job, considered to be the world's first "dream machine". But at some point, GM has decided to withdraw their samples home. However, among the remaining small collection of "dream machine" you can find interesting items.
A separate area of ​​the museum is dedicated to the concept of Karama. Previously, there was a decent selection of experimental machines of all US corporations, including the legendary Buick Y-Job, considered to be the world's first "dream machine". But at some point, GM has decided to withdraw their samples home. However, among the remaining small collection of "dream machine" you can find interesting items.

That could be very wild stallion, if the management of Ford not decided that the production of a completely original mid-engine roadster for two people is costing them a fortune. Therefore, this project was rejected in favor of a traditional machine with the extensive use of already produced units. The market has shown that this time, Ford executives were right not even 100%, and for all 200.


At first glance, it's not a car, and some caricature. In fact in front of us one of the first attempts to make the most secure model. In 1960, a group of independent researchers took normal Chevrolet three years ago and turned it into a Survival Car - a machine for survival. By today's standards, it has no remarkable solutions - just an energy absorbing steering column, seat belts, shatterproof glass, energy-absorbing bumpers, number plates with reflective film. But just imagine that at the time of this project, the vast majority of production vehicles was nothing like this ...

Typical Dream Car 50's. The car began its life as a prototype of the future, and even the Lincoln Continental was built on the chassis of the Lincoln sample 1952. But then for some reason it was renamed the Ford X-100. This concept, by the standards of the 50s, was packed with servos everything. For the sake of their livelihood had to implement additional generator and battery. By the way, the roots of the Lincoln car still made themselves felt - in a similar style were soon decorated production models of this brand.

One of the first attempts to make a viable car with gas turbine power plant. In 1963 he was a pilot batch of 55 coupe Chrysler Turbine. They were handed over to the consumer tests. Unfortunately, congenital deficiencies thrust gas turbine, such as high fuel consumption, noise and exhaust gases are very hot, then we have not been able to win. Therefore, most of these curious machines were destroyed immediately after the test.

And here is a special exhibition dedicated to the centennial of the United States of motorization. It is interesting to observe how in the time of stylized highway stretched wide variety of machines, reflecting the preferences of Americans in a given historical period.
Starts gallery-time in 1894, introduced by imported wonders Benz Velo and the first American-made cars like the 1896 Duryea sample.

Automotive quickly grew bolder. Already in 1901 the company produced 425 copies Oldsmobile their Curved Dash, marking the beginning of an era of mass production of cars in America.

By the beginning of World War I the American auto industry has already captured the world leader in production volume. A choice of any models: from releasing the millions of cheap Ford Model T to the photos presented at the prestigious Cadillac.

In 1932, Henry Ford made another revolution. He turned the engine V8, hitherto considered an attribute of a life of luxury in a mass product. Pref thereby Americans still unabated love for the solid "eight." Since then, the concept of European and overseas automobile industry on the average vehicle sold out for a long time.

In 50 years, this small and at first no one has taken seriously the German "Beetle" suddenly began to be sold in the United States at an alarming rate. This foreign expansion has been so serious that American firms have begun to develop their own machines "European size»

And it appeared in 1960 model Chevrolet Corvair openly quoted Volkswagen: she rear-layout with the "boxer" air cooling.

And the natural ending. At the end of the highway - Honda Accord of 1983, the first "Japanese", assembled on American soil. By the way, can be seen next to Ford Escort, the time is not much different from their European "namesake". The era of big American cars over.

Interesting exhibits dedicated to caravanning. America, compared with European countries, at the beginning of the last century was still sparsely populated.

Therefore when distant wanderings always the problem urgently find accommodation. Not everyone likes to break the tent, and in the 20s appeared the first motorhomes built on truck chassis. Later they added trailers campers, and since the '60s have become increasingly popular purpose-built residential cars, caravans.

They cost is not cheap, but you can always stay at a reasonable and inexpensive alternative: a compact stowed house brand Volkswagen.

A separate chapter - the impact of the car on the subculture. It's hard to convey how important car for the American. Powerful "oil-cars" Roadhouse, cinema drive-in, well, a lot more, not having a clear term. The Henry Ford Museum in the "subculture" section presents the first generation Pontiac GTO and prostrate on the pavement caste, traditionally built on Mercury 1950.

Immediately - parked "McDonalds" convertible Chevrolet Bel Air 1956

and stunningly beautiful tanker Dodge brand at a gas station a nostalgic 50s. In short, the iconostasis.

How in such a patriotic exhibition do without racing !?

Just do not look at the Henry Ford Museum in Formula 1 race cars. Americans are not interested.

There are cars of NASCAR and Indycar series of different years, a variety of dragsters racing a quarter mile.

Even the legendary "golden rod" to hold the 1965 and 1991 world speed record for cars with four-wheel - 658 km / h.



Visitors definitely go and see the section "African Americans in US history" (you know, without the subject anywhere in the United States). There is a bus, in which the black woman, Rosa Parks in 1955 refused to give way to a white man, thus triggering a boycott of public transportation in Alabama.

In parting, many people buy a toy car-sausage - a real prototype is in the lobby of the museum. Why do they do it? In my opinion, this is the most convenient souvenir to visit the museum. Where is the story of America on wheels served very tasty and at the same time very simple. Like sausages in a bun.

Cars - only part of the "four-wheel" section of the Henry Ford Museum. You can trace the evolution of freight traffic, motorcycles and horse-drawn transport. This is not our subject a little bit. And because it's time to call it a day. In parting, many visitors buy a toy car, a hot dog - a real prototype is in the lobby of the museum. Why do people a souvenir? In my opinion, it most accurately reflects the essence of the museum. The history of America on wheels served here is very tasty, but also very simple. Like sausages in a bun.
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