Stories from Henry Kissinger.

One day Henry Kissinger asked:
- What is the shuttle diplomacy?
Kissinger replied:
- Oh! This is a universal Jewish method! Here is an example:
Do you want to shuttle diplomacy by his daughter to marry Rockefeller simple guy from the Russian village.

- How?
- Very simple. I'm going to a Russian village, I find it a simple guy
and ask:
- Do you want to marry an American Jew?
He told me:
- Why ?! We have girls and their full.
I told him:
- Yes I Am. But she - the daughter of billionaire!
- Oh! It makes all the difference ...
... Then I'm going to Switzerland for a meeting of the bank and ask:
- You want to have the president of the Siberian peasant?
- Fu - tell me at the bank.
- And if he is, in this case, will be son-in Rockefeller?
- Oh! This of course makes all the difference! ..
And yet, yes, I'm going home to the Rockefeller and ask:
- Want to have a son in law of the Russian peasant?
He told me:
- What are you talking about, we all in the family - the financiers!
I told him:
- And he just - President of the Board of the Swiss bank!
- Oh! This changes everything! Susie! Come here. Mr. Kissinger found your groom. This is the president of the Swiss bank!
- Phi ... All these financiers - dohlyaki or fagots!
And I told her:
- Yes I Do! But this - a hefty Siberian peasant!
- Oh-oh-oh! This changes everything
Henry Kissinger was born in 1923; American statesman, diplomat and expert in the field of international relations. National Security Advisor to the United States in the years 1969-1975, and US Secretary of State from 1973 to 1977, the Nobel Peace Prize (1973). In 2002, Henry Kissinger, topped the list of 100 leading intellectuals of the world.

In the summer of 2011 Henry Kissinger turned 88 years old. However, in such a ripe old age, he has the envy of robust and lively mind wonderfully, spouting political ideas and interesting thoughts.


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