As hunted leaders of the USSR (43 photos)

All the Russian head of state went on the hunt, from kings to general secretaries and presidents. At all times, the hunt, which was preparing for the foreign guests, was seen not as a mere pastime or entertainment, as well as the next political move. I suggest you take a look at rare photos Kremlin hunting.

Painting A. Moravova "Lenin on the hunt" Moscow military district built around one of the local villages wooden house - ohotstantsiyu - kennel for dogs, a shooting stand.


After the war, as one of the lodges, according to the memoirs of rangers used ... stricken German armored personnel carrier. But the economy itself as clearing the Germans initially more involved cows and potatoes. The cross on the hunting stories of these places, which began to revive after the war, nearly put Stalin in 1951. The leader himself had not been a real hunter and did not like firing a rifle. Hunting for wild animals considered a waste of time. But this does not mean that his loyal supporters once sheathed his shotgun.


1934. One of the few pictures of the leader with guns. Stalin jokingly aiming a gun in the room. The joke turned out to be black: many delegates soon shot ... the next chapter of the USSR and an avid hunter Nikita Khrushchev to recall this way: "To hunt Stalin treated in everyone: sometimes, and he was trying to go, and sometimes sharply spoke against ... Yeah, he does not I went hunting, but very often waste time more than anyone else ... In vain the table with wine, with endless lunches and dinners. Sometimes he even unflattering comments about Lenin in connection with hunting ... »


Stalin (second from right) on the hunt. 30 years hunting passion in Zavidovo outside Moscow quieted down, but special game reserves were held far away from Moscow: in the Carpathian forests (Truskavets), on mountain trails Elbrus (Mineral Waters), in Polesie (Bialowieza Forest). The organizers of the amusements were hunting Yagoda, Yezhov, Beria. In mineral waters liked to rest Nikolai Yezhov. The territory of a secret project guarding guards. In the corners of the central database were machine guns. The shooting bears, mountain goats and other game. Yezhov could spend hours lying in a hammock and firing a pistol on vases with fruit ...


The legendary Red Army cavalry SM Budyonny demonstrates his trophy hit leader conceded his associates - Voroshilov, Budyonny, Lakoba, but those after each successful shot chorus asserted that it was precisely Stalin. The eldest son of the leader Yakov, who left the country, adapted to meet the excitement of hunting rather unusual way: the boy, using his utter impunity, have fun, shooting a gun on the kolkhoz cows. Such "prank" evoked murmurs of peasants, they complained even Lakoba, but he tried to make the information about the antics of his son to Joseph Vissarionovich not reached.


Voroshilov (right) on the hunt. Snapshot 1930. "If the powder nasty, mean, ours." The personal archive Kliment Voroshilov remained a large number of notes on a hunting theme, which he exchanged with colleagues right at the meetings of the Politburo of the CPSU (b) in the presence of Stalin.


September 20, 1928 Chairman of the Presidium of the All Mikhail Tomsky Marshal Voroshilov writes: "Where did you get smokeless powder for hunting?" Marshall replied: "I really do not know, but I can say that the powder is very ugly. Find out from my guys, I can tell if you need to. " And, while there is a meeting of the Politburo, Voroshilov Tomsk wrote the following note: "If ugly, our. Well worth the 20 p. pound and 15 overseas p. pounds ».


Voroshilov after the hunt lists to visit Zavidova postwar personally argued the minister of war. Members of the All-Army military-hunting society one day safari to pay 10 rubles, which was the price of two kilos of potatoes. For just as well, without being members of the society, on the list of the Minister, here frequent elected person: Chief of Staff Sergey Shtemenko, Chief of Logistics of the Armed Forces Khrulev Andrew, head of the main staff of the military department, Philip Golikov. There are about 70 permanent VIP-clients. According to estimates Mingoskontrolya 1951 armed struggle with the "crop pests", construction and maintenance of hunters subsidies over three years amounted to more than 7 million. Rubles. It turned out that the army has missed about 100 tanks.


AND IN. Stalin, after hunting in the Don steppes. 1933 Part of the land was "occupied" by the generals without the permission of the local authorities under the farms. Almost half of the cultivated plant and animal products were sold crafty ensigns left. The same hour, at a cost of "military-scientific" work in Tver forests, the generalissimo was furious. August 1, 1951, he personally ordered the release of "strategic" recreation center on the idle winners. Land holdings in the form of contribution transferred to the ownership of farmers. Service houses and outbuildings went by the book value of Kozlovsky cloth factory.


Stalin with a hunting rifle. 1930 The question of how to deal with domesticated animals, hung in the air. But Stalin was not in the details. Under the hot hand and got the whole "Moscow Sea" - worth hunting area near the Interior Ministry. Overall, victims of a campaign to eliminate sanctuaries with their hunting huts began two years before the death of the leader about a hundred of these safaris. But the game of hunting leases-Army military-hunting society on Stalin's desk delivered properly: snipe, grouse, water hens and Garganey. Zavidovsky forest rangers began after the departure of patrimony poachers who almost knocked out here all big game.


Central hunting estate "Voroshilov Sharpshooter" Nikita Khrushchev special status of the territory was returned almost immediately after Stalin's death in 1953. Moreover, Khrushchev, who started to go and see in Zavidovo before the war, turned Zavidovsky hunting is not just a regular pastime for members of the Politburo and the generals, but also in the way of entertainment of high foreign guests. In the wake of the exposure of the cult of personality Joseph Vissarionovich remembered not only repression of Zavidovsky kabanschikov in the 30s, but also an attempt on the national form of entertainment. Amateurs male leisure, perhaps the first and last time with the pleasure felt itchy Khrushchev's reformism.


Thanks to the care of Nikita Sergeyevich Zavidovo got its second wind. At the highest level, it was a historic decision on the establishment of several demonstration hunting leases. The standard was to be "demilitarized" Zavidovo. More than ever in the reserve began to acclimate animals. Built houses for picnics. Tone asked Khrushchev himself: zastolnichal with members of the Presidium of the Central Committee took outdoors, foreign delegations, photographed against the background of hunting trophies. Along the way to resolve political issues. Including with high foreign - brothers Fidel and Raul Castro, Josip Broz Tito.


Khrushchev was a real hunter - "pravdashny" as it was called rangers. Besides it's great shot. Ogaryovo dacha in was even shooting range, where he, along with security training in skeet shooting. Perhaps that is why most loved duck hunting, where it was thoroughly consumed. Naturally, the first secretary is always held the first place. In his memoirs, Khrushchev recalled pre-war trip with Bulganin and Malenkov in Zavidovo, where at that time was already Voroshilov, "Please do not understand me as some kind of a typical hunter-bouncer, but I actually managed to kill one while duck more than Voroshilov. Why do I say this? Because everywhere we thundered: "Voroshilov arrows." Voroshilov, allegedly, fired rifles and hunting weapons best. And in fact, he was a good shooter, but the company in the press has been very much sycophantic character & quot ;.


But what exactly ahead of Khrushchev in the hunt as the accuracy of shots, and the number of trophies were contraindicated. For example, Nikolai Podgorny (under Khrushchev - Secretary of the CPSU. - AG), specifying how many ducks removed Khrushchev, significantly reduced their results and urgently warned us about the silence. Often the production of satellites Khrushchev exceeded its results, but announce it in no hurry. If the Master should note that fired this morning pretty, then, for example, Podgorny, modestly lowering his eyes, uttered: "Mazal, Nikita ... This much I am a hunter." The only person in the company Khrushchev, who dared to go to the tattoo used to "host" was Dmitry Stepanovich Polyansky (Chairman of the RSFSR Council of Ministers. - Ed.). But among the frequent visitors Zavidova and another enthusiastic hunter - a member of the Presidium of the CPSU Central Committee Alexei Kirichenko.


Khrushchev and other members of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU in Zavidovo hunting on a dramatic stories, which are facing Kirichenko and Khrushchev, First Secretary remembered the son of Sergey: "... In the paddock at his father jumped boar. He fled, substituting his father left side. Father took aim and fired Zhakanov - charged in a smoothbore gun lead bullet. Kaban sat down for a moment ... but did not fall, and staggered kept running. And then on it I blurted Kirichenko. Wild boar fell dead. "My!" - The cry rang Kirichenko. "Excuse me, - said the father - I fired the first shot and hit accurately." "But he dropped something after my shots. You will most likely missed. " "How it missed? - Outraged father. - Let's assign the expertise. " "How is it - missed?" - Outraged father (the words Kirichenko. - Ed.). His father was proud of his marksmanship, and the insulting word "missed" stung him to the quick.


"Judge" was chosen by Marshal Grechko. Father jokingly protested - Kirichenko's son married the daughter Grechko. But Marshal swore to judge impartially ... Grechko with a conspiratorial view from his pocket a piece of lead and solemnly proclaimed: "He belongs to Olexa!", That is, Kirichenko. "What did I say? - Kirichenko smiled and added: - I told you, you missed. " Father frowned and stared at the plate. Grechko held a pause: "But other of wild boar killed Jacques ... He died from a shot Nikita Sergeyevich, and he, according to custom, was awarded the spruce twig." Father shot from the side, and Kirichenko - almost on the forehead of his Jacques passed between the shoulder blades, and without touching the heart, stuck in the body. Side shot hit the wild boar in the ear and left eye. At the table to the bald head of his father failed to attach a sprig, Grechko put it on the side of his plate. Now triumphantly smiling father and Kirichenko offended sniff. "Come on you all to hell, sycophants damned!" - Suddenly he screamed, jumped up from the table and rushed to the door. Stop yelling! - Then I called Khrushchev. - Thank you, guys that well understood. Come, drink a glass, and I'm with you. And you, Comrade Kirilenko, I would not go in exploration! Khrushchev got in the car and without saying goodbye, I went to Moscow ... ».


By the way, soon Kirichenko lost his party post. It was said that his resignation is not in the least affected by the case and on the hunt. Finnish Red Riding Hood stark contrast avid shooters was deputy chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Anastas Mikoyan. In Zavidovo he came rarely, visiting farms foreign guests. In this case, often carried out in Zavidovo is driven hunt: Hunters stand in a line of 15-20 meters in the room - along the forest about the size of quarters of a kilometer per kilometer, and the huntsman, shouting at them kicked the beast. Vladimir Cherkasov, the son of Ilya Ivanovich Cherkasova, head of the economy in those years, recalls the following story: "One day after the father of the pen, taking shooters with numbers not found in his room Mikoyan. Footprints in the snow led to the forest perpendicular to the shooting line ... Hair father stood on end with a cap. It turned out that the guard member of the Politburo thought: if you go forward, it will be better overview. Hunter, so was in Gaza shelling the neighboring rooms. The enraged father, recalled to the side guards, all available expressions told him that obliging fool is more dangerous than the enemy ».


Head of Finland Urho Kaleva Kekkonen hunting in the suburbs. 1965 By the way, an example of "ensuring safety" on the hunt linked another funny episode. In December 1965, Khrushchev brought in Zavidovo Finnish President Urho Kaleva Kekkonen. Finn knew a lot about hunting. Senior game manager Khokhlov says: "The Finnish visitors surprised the Soviet leadership, and especially Zavidovsky rangers that the president, the ambassador and the persons accompanying them, when they are put on the numbers, put a bright (red, yellow and orange), sports caps and asked us where Rifle tower here, which you need to wake up. Towers need to bullet flew from the top down. Such are the demands in Finland. " Khrushchev ordered in response: "Learn the main hunters, okay?" Needless to say that the economy soon appeared tower? But the members of the Politburo of colorful hats offer still did not ... guerrillas in the forest! However, the first foreign guests Zavidovsky hunting area - in December 1962 - were members of the Yugoslav delegation headed by Marshal Josip Broz Tito. According to the memoirs of veterans - employees economy in those years, all the staff have raised literally "for the buck».


Josip Broz Tito and Nikita Khrushchev. Back in 1956, the Soviet leader was a guest at the Yugoslav colleagues and was impressed by the organization of elite hunting scope. Hunting Palace, beautiful gamekeeper, a large number of animals and birds, well-trained servants - this we did not have at all. Will be! With characteristic determination, Khrushchev gave the order to solve an important public issue in the shortest possible time. "Snap" a wild animal to a particular place is impossible, rangers have to work in the organization of the pen, showing observation, and for years to gain experience in studying animal habits.


Khrushchev and Tito (is back) inspect the hunting trophy. Remembering the hunt, Anatoly Khokhlov said that after the first day, Khrushchev praised the visitors' shoot you, fellow Yugoslavs, well. " - "What, we wonder so much time went to the partisans?" - Once said Tito. But the beast all the time from the left side of Tito, and the eye in the elderly Marshal was not the same. Khrushchev asked Cherkasova, "Well, Colonel, how? Will this do? "He curled up, replied:" We will try, Nikita Sergeyevich! "Before one of the last paddocks already Brezhnev (then Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet) threat said," Well, Colonel, someone not to demolish the head , sorry, shoulder straps, if the pen is empty. " And so it happened: Tito could not get anyone, and Cherkasova soon to retire.


Leonid Brezhnev on the hunt. 1955. "Harem" for Fidel Castro Castro, perhaps one of the few leaders of foreign countries, who have been in "Zavidovo" twice - in May 1963 and January 1964. Winter hunting the leader of Cuba, it seems, somehow not very deposited in the memory of the local rangers. Well, except for the fact that he simply went to visit them, I could not miss in their company a glass or two or even sledding members of the Soviet government. But this recall sparingly. But on spring hunting ranger talk with pleasure.


Fidel Castro in Zavidovo. In "Zavidovo" special utyatnike, it is called a harem contained a few dozen ducks, mallards, which were used as a decoy to lure the drakes. "One of the ducks I have two weeks before the arrival of guests placed in a dark shed - shared the senior game manager Anatoly Khokhlov. - In the case that if all the other decoy suddenly shut up, this will shout for joy that finally saw the white light. " Fidel Castro and Nikita Khrushchev arrived in "Zavidovo" May 3rd. And, a little bite, immediately went to the pond ... Vladimir Shcherbakov (senior ranger) suddenly said, "I'll take just in case" your "duck suddenly today we will not work, and you take away all three baskets (6 ducks) any work. You need to have host (Khrushchev) Hunt turned. It's, you know, the main thing.


Fidel Castro rolls his colleagues on Russian sled. Zavidovo. 1964 Photo V.Egorova Fidel Castro looked looked around, smoked another cigar, and, pointing to the flying and floating on the mirrored surface of Reach ducks, clicked his tongue, saying: "Karash!" Wishing Castro "not Good luck!" we went to the boat, moored near the shore 150 - 200 meters from the hut where he was Fidel. I noticed that when planting decoy swept over us drakes with characteristic shvarkanem but decoy silent. Silent and "replacement players" that sat in baskets.


About half an hour later we heard the quacking of conscription and a single shot in the area where hunting Khrushchev.


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