Closing the Burning Man festival

Earlier we talked about the most interesting installations of the festival, and now invite you to look at his final ritual. The final part of the Burning Man festival is considered to be the burning of a thematic character. All artists who are going to burn his works are under the supervision of a special instruction firefighting instructors, so dangerous incidents can be avoided.

The day before incineration Burning Man, flames betrayed wooden prototype of the Mir space station, after laying the combustible materials in the base of the pyramid:

All lit up instantly:

It is a pity that the station as such could not see: because of the design features, she was inside the pyramid:

In the conflagration crowd Borner:

The first thing burned wooden "padding" and then blazing frame:

For fire we watched fire inspectors, and the crowd - volunteer rangers:

Once the framework is filled up, all rushed to the fire:

Fire inspectors are trying to drive away from the fire Borner, but getting them is weak. Börner started to run around the installation, creating some semblance of a round dance:

And then the whole crowd swirled into a funnel:

When it was over and I decided to return to the camp, I suddenly realized that I could not find the bike. I left it focusing on the pyramid, and after her dance of destruction and could not quite understand where. After wandering in the dark for half an hour, finally I found great:

And that night burning Burning Man. The entire horizon Playa burned and glowed in different lights, neon yet:

One day before the arson, workers sealed off the center of Playa and stopped to let people there. Pyrotechnics and explosives laid prepared very bright (in all senses) set fire to the festival:

By morning, everything was ready. In the design of supports were neatly stacked pile of firewood:

Finally, came the main night. We decided not to risk it and left large on the Esplanade. To Burning Man has walked on foot:

Some Borner is not particularly eager to get close to the epicenter, and calmly waited for the fireworks from afar:

The closer to the center of Playa, the more people:

At the very dish stood a cordon of fire instructors, rangers and volunteers:

Drove a fire-breathing octopus:

Before you set fire to an alien, launched fireworks:

Fire in the sky continuously "spread" on a wooden Borner:

Then the explosion, after which the whole structure flared. He caught me by surprise, so the time to get a blurry:

Here it is - Burning Man in all its glory!

The entire beach was lit by fire and took the form of a Martian landscape:

As soon as the man fell down inside, all shouted and waved their hands:

Despite a decent distance from the conflagration, the heat was felt even in a crowd:

The entire design was conceived in such a way that the combustion neatly collapses inwards:

One man ran for the fence and was caught by rangers. He immediately lay on the sand, handcuffed and led away. Why would spoil your holiday - it is not clear:

In addition to the Rangers, on the perimeter of the crowd were many volunteers who monitor the safety and order:

At some point, some people could not stand, and rushed to the fire through the cordon. As soon break a handful of people, the whole crowd ran to the fire:

One Borner brought the chair on which he sat, and also burned on the remnants of the hearth:

When the fire went out, I went to the camp:

In the morning back on the beach. At the center of the square pieces of wood smoldering remnants. Around was still quite a lot of people: some went to sleep in the evening, someone made tea.

Some lit their fires and warming themselves in small groups:

Many ransacked brand in search of souvenirs:

At sunrise all decayed completely ...



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