The concept of Burning Cup to support the beverage hot

The issue of permanent employment of modern man, his excessive workload at work, usually entails another problem, though not critical, but still unpleasant and gives a lot of inconvenience. For sure that you are constantly faced with it, and the last time it was no more than today — will make a Cup of tea or coffee, going to do stuff, and when you look up, the drink is already cold. Designers are trying to solve this problem, inventing all sorts of gadgets, and the Burning Cup concept by Ryan Jongwoo Choi is another attempt.

This development is interesting because for it needs neither batteries nor connection to the computer, nor solar panels, nor even an ordinary socket, Burning Cup is completely Autonomous. The circle independent of external power sources, as for heating a beverage using a built-in heat accumulator, as it generates heat through an exothermic chemical reaction. Probably Ryan Jongwoo Choi has become one of the few modern designers who use in their development of scientific methods, reliable and tested many times by thousands of scientists, researchers, students, technicians, and others.

A heat accumulator embedded in an innovative mug constructed on the basis of sodium acetate. This substance, also known as sodium salt of acetic acid, is used in the home as an integral of chemical heaters and is used as part of a mixture of "hot ice", as during the crystallization of sodium acetate, heat is released so happens that the exothermic reaction. You can activate it by tapping with your fingers on the buttons located on the sides of amazing mugs. One swipe — coffee and warmed again.

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