16 photos from the mad holiday art Burning Man 2016

Week-long art festival Burning Man is 70 thousand participants, the atmosphere of freedom, expression and concentration of bold ideas. Here you can see a giant fantastic objects, crazy installations and sculptures, creative exhibitions and creative projects, people in extraordinary images and costumes.

The website has gathered the best photos from the Burning Man festival, held in late August — early September of this year. After one glance at them there is a great desire to visit this fabulous world myself.

Key installations of the festival Burning Man 2016.

At every festival there is a wooden effigy of a man, which is traditionally burned at the end of the holiday. This year the theme of the event was chosen the Renaissance. That is why the installation is reminiscent of the Vitruvian man by Leonardo da Vinci.

Creative participant of the festival. One of the ways of self-expression at Burning Man — incredible images.

Most of the installations are illuminated when it gets dark. A night at the festival are lit such huge words as "house", "love", "earth", "magic".

At Burning Man everything is possible. For example, climbing on the sculpture.

One of the hosts of the festival — two massive gorilla made of cardboard.

Moving luminescent mushrooms.

People can interact with fungi and affect how they move. At night the installation is lit from within and responds to the sounds around.

One of the most popular sculptures at the festival. One of the participants not only tried to ride that hog.

La Victrola Gramophone.

A team of artists created a huge gramophone, which was lost on the festival music in the styles of jazz, Blues, bluegrass, country and Western.

Giant scary or cute monster that you can see in this installation you?

A huge sculpture of an octopus.

Medusa — a monster with a female face, whose eyes, according to legend, turns a man to stone. Instead of hair, snakes. A night at the festival from their mouths burst a flame.

Architectural structure "Tangential dream".

On the planning and implementation took 2 years. The winding tower is composed of thousands of wooden parts, assembled around the horizontal axis. Has several interpretations: the intertwining lines of life, the value of mathematics in art, the emergence of a new Renaissance when very complex structure in the design can be made at very low cost.

Architectural structure "Mayak".

At night, the building really was filled with light and has served as a lighthouse, helping attendees to better navigate the festival. The lighthouse was burned, like many of the installations.

Geometric installation "heart of gold".

The inspiration to create this project were the polyhedra in the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

A fifteen metre space whale with a cub of steel and colored glass is a symbol of our relationship with nature. The sculpture is designed to remind us of the need to preserve the environment and to inspire the creation of a brighter future for our descendants.

The Guardian Of The Milky Way.

The owl symbolises the protector who protects our world from the dark forces.

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