Amazing photos from the Burning Man festival, mystic fire show in the middle of a dead desert

Fifty two million one hundred twenty seven thousand two hundred thirty seven

Photographer Victor Habchy visited the popular Burning Man festival in the desert of black Rock. Over the last few years, every year he visits this fantastic event in Nevada, returns with a surreal fantasy scenes photos thanks to the dust storms, unusual artwork and tenacious eye of a photographer. Victor Habchy — a self-taught photographer from Paris, who suffers from blindness. His pictures from this series are in varying degrees subjected to digital processing: from easy color correction to image overlays (for example, compositing was used in the 7th and 10th frames).

Site publishes photos of Victor, on which our desert, the fire and the people look absolutely fantastic.

Sixty five million one hundred twenty three thousand one hundred thirty two

Photo source:

Eighty six million six hundred seventeen thousand two hundred seventy nine

Forty eight million seven hundred forty six thousand seven hundred eighty two

Sixty one million six hundred seventy thousand seventy nine

Ninety six million four hundred ninety four thousand four hundred seven

Forty two million seven hundred ninety nine thousand twenty seven

Eighty nine million five hundred thirty eight thousand two hundred twenty five

Fifty six million six hundred seventy one thousand six hundred sixty eight

Nineteen million four hundred eight thousand six hundred forty two

Eighty nine million four hundred fifty thousand seven hundred thirty nine

Sixty eight million eight hundred thirty eight thousand three hundred fifty three

Eighty three million two hundred twenty eight thousand seven hundred forty seven

Thirty one million one hundred eighty nine thousand six hundred seventy two

Sixty one million nine hundred eighty seven thousand seven hundred twenty one

Forty one million seven hundred twelve thousand six hundred eighty five

Sixty two million one hundred sixteen thousand five hundred eighty nine



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