"New Garik" George of Frumker: sharp, ironic and very funny!

Eighty five million eighty thousand five hundred eighty three

Here already more than ten years on the Internet walk "new Garik Igor Guberman". They are very popular with fans of Igor Mironovich, but, alas, no relation to him have not. Forty two million three hundred fifty nine thousand one hundred ninety one

Frumker.Soligor Huberman even published an open letter for this reason.

¬ęDear reader! I appeal to you for a sad reason: a year as no more than hang on the Internet poems, entitled "New Garik" and who are neither getting their vpechatlyaet in different local Newspapers (not to mention the fact that reading).

This is not my production, the poems of George Frumker living in Cleveland. I brought him words of sympathy and offered to post any number of my poems under his name. What else can I do if I don't know what son of a bitch made this filth?

I generally do not post your poems in the Internet, especially new, they can appear only on the website "Jerusalem journal," I beg you to remember this when you stumble on some "new Garik".

Thank You!

Igor Guberman, Jun 2012".

So, Site publishes the poems that went under the guise of "new Garik". Their author Igor Guberman, George Frumker, and he is very, very talented!

Eighty two million four hundred forty six thousand thirty three

Thirty nine million nine hundred ninety five thousand six hundred thirty eight

Forty eight million nine hundred forty four thousand two hundred eighty eight

Thirteen million thirty five thousand nine hundred thirty four

Fifty one million seventy five thousand one hundred seventy nine

Eighty nine million four hundred forty nine thousand three hundred eighty nine

Twenty six million four hundred forty one thousand six hundred sixty six

Twenty million eight hundred twenty one thousand seven hundred three

Thirty million five hundred ninety nine thousand one hundred eighty

Fifteen million three hundred ten thousand two hundred fourteen

Fifty two million two hundred fourteen thousand two hundred ninety five

Thirteen million four hundred seventy thousand six hundred seventy two

Two million three hundred forty thousand two hundred thirty six

Seventy eight million seven hundred sixteen thousand nine hundred forty

Three million four hundred thirty nine thousand six hundred fifteen

Fourteen million eight hundred fifty four thousand three hundred eight

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