10 books in 2014, which is worth reading

sometimes I want to read something fresh, issued just about and struggled current. But the amount of paper that is thrown on the shelves of book publishers, a normal person can not afford defeat. We need only the best.

Website has chosen for you the most interesting new books, which appeared in stores and digital libraries in 2014.

Victor Pelevin "The Love for Three tsukerbrinam" The very title of the novel announces, in whose soul came asphalt compactor Pelevin's philosophy at this time. Against the background of the popular Angry Birds toys known writer reflects on the nature of Facebook, Google, social networks and user information slavery.

Quote Secrets in our world there are even companies that just something simply selling psychotropic sugar water, extract podtsvechennye koshenilnogo worm. em>

Thank Se "Plumber. Your my knee "Thank Se loves everyone: women, children, animals and the bright sun overhead. At this time, he falls in love with a plumber-yogini goddess, which is perfectly all - but how does a swallow, so saliva can drown.

Quote Katya likes to go. It may inadvertently get to Paris and back, because the thought. em>

Asya Kazantsev's "How the brain makes us do stupid things" Asya Kazantsev engaged in scientific journalism, which in itself requires talking about difficult things simple, clear and exciting. And then there's a theme that touches a chord with anyone why I am a reasonable person, sometimes vytvoryayu Fortelle those that do not recognize myself.

Quote The brain is no mouth, so he can not eat sweets. But you can make it do whatever he wants. Em>

Andrew Bilzho "Notes escorting" Cartoonist Andrei Bilzho knows how not to waste time - this book was written during his frequent trips. Good and optimistic stories the author's case in all corners of the world. Stories lavishly illustrated with the author's drawings.

Quote For many measure of success is recognition or wealth. For me it is the inner comfort: It is important to do what you want. em>

Boris Akunin "The history of the Russian state. Volume 2 "was released in October, the second volume akuninsky ambitious project that aims to free from any ideological system to tell the story of Russia. The first volume of the Kievan Rus', was released in 2013, in a new book tells about the era of Mongol rule.

Quote Moscow, and then the Russian government has turned Russian. But it has inherited many features from the Golden Horde. According to some historians, it was the legacy of even the main component of the new Russian state. Em>

Tatyana Tolstaya "Light Worlds" Those who miss the rich, bright and at the same time concise Russian language in literature, please new book Tatyana Tolstaya. The collection includes novels, short stories and essays about the childhood of the writer, the peculiarities of the Russian national character, about life in Moscow and in New York, about the magical properties of the Russian language.

Quote We do not know where does happiness. But there are places where it lies, poured slide. Em>

Dina Rubina "Russian canary" Trilogy Dina Rubina - is the story of two families, distant from each other, but connected by thin strings. Leon Etinger, a brilliant singer and a former Israeli intelligence operative, a native of Odessa, and the deaf tramp Aya from Almaty occur despite all probabilities. Fate puts before them difficult and dangerous tasks.

Quote said: "The eyes do not lie." In fact - lies perfectly! Oh man lying everything: clothes lying, hair, even the face. But his hands - at last. em>

Dmitry Bykov "Quarter" Bykov had fun pretty releasing a textbook of life. In the hope of the future wealth of the reader must, within three months to fulfill all the requirements of the author, along listening to stories about Aunt Lele, broken plastic clock and so on. Of course, no wealth in the end will not be, but you will spend a full inventory of your life and the life of the author at the same time.

Quote Any real quarrel begins with self-hate. em>

Igor Guberman "Laurel wreath I posted on the soup ... Garik. Volume 1 "in the new edition of the famous" Garik "includes cycle" Chamber Garik "," Garik from Atlantis "," Obgusevshie swans "and the new" Garik "Huberman written for this book. Witty quatrain, as always, dedicated to the most topical themes: the relationship between men and women, politics, social networks and so on.

New creates in me a sense
ancient peasant path:
Luxury rose even than cabbage,
rose booze for the winter should not be. em>

Ray Bradbury's "Zen in the art of writing books," The writer, who became a classic during his lifetime trying to understand the nature of creativity, tells how the plot is born, "how to hold and feed the Muse", how to make believable the most incredible event. The collection of essays in Russian was released only this year, two years after the author's death.

Quote I've never listened to those who mocked my hobby space flight, circuses or gorillas. If something like that happened, I picked up my dinosaurs and leave the room. Em>

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