20 ideas for Christmas decorations

rukami.Chtoby their festive mood to prepare for the New Year, it is not necessary to buy expensive toys and Christmas decorations. In each apartment there are many things that will help decorate the house stylish and original.

Website offers a number of interesting and inexpensive ideas for creative New Year.


Ball plastic, for the weight of the basket to put a coin.

Garland of serdets

Christmas tree toy "horse"

Ice cream from bumagi

Christmas balls of nitok

Snowmen of zefira

Draw a face using a nutritional marker.

Vase with uzorami


Cut out snowflakes and a ballerina on a template. Put on a snowflake dancer.

Garland of makaron

Skates of vetochek

Christmas tree made of shishek

Toys from arahisa

Snowmen of noskov

You will need the children's white socks (or stockings), socks with colored pattern, wheat, stem from orange pencil (make of it a nose-carrot), needles and thread, buttons.

Decoration keksov

Christmas jar with snegom

Use any artificial twigs. To create a "snow" take or cut sequins tinsel.

Christmas toys lampochek

Named shar

Bear of the Christmas shara

To give shape wool, put some glue on it.

Snowflake "Star Wars"

Download instructions.

Even more homemade ornaments for the New Year: 35 ideas for New Year

via www.adme.ru/tvorchestvo-dizajn/35-idej-dlya-novogo-goda-339855/


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