22 tricks for parents kids

Being a parent - it means to be a parent soobrazitelnym.Dlya to life does not turn into a sheer struggle for cleanliness and order, you can use simple techniques that significantly simplify your life. And it does not necessarily run to the store. Your imagination and ingenuity will do the job.

Website has collected 22 life hacking, for which your children will thank you.

How to make a beautiful meal and unloved vkusnoy.

That children do not confuse what the right shoes, and some - left, the label can be cut in half and glue the halves inside obuvi.

Use the vial from the shampoo to wash the baby was easier ruchki.

Buy interesting knitted cap, which the children do not want to shoot. So they do not exactly zamerznut.

Make hammock easily. You can use the blanket and stolik.

Old bed can become a table for your creative pursuit malysha.

Place a Aquasticks or any other material. Then the child will not fall in sleep with krovati.

In an old box of disks can be folded up the paper and karandashi.

If your child loves water balloons, then come to the aid dispensers myla.

Affix stopper, and the child will know how much toilet paper is actually his ponadobitsya.

"You shall not pass!»

You can make a bracelet with a phone number that parents can easily find out if the baby poteryalsya.

Ice cream will not drip, when you use the plastic cover from the stakanchika.

Conventional gum does not give the child to stay vzaperti.

The child is not too hot on a hot day and was not bitten by the bugs, use prostynyu.

Circle the leg of the child marker. Then you can buy shoes without uchastiya.

If you are very tired, but the child wants to ride on the swing, use verevku.

Toys baby does not float away far if bathe him in a basket for belya.

If your child is afraid of the night monsters, you can come up with a "weapon" to be their unichtozhat.

Use Aquasticks, and the baby not to pinch your fingers when will close dver.

Insert the plastic tube into a decorative glass upside down. So the child will be less likely to get it and oblitsya.

Nail to the dresser drawers that the child was where to put their journals and komiksy.

Turn cleaning the house in igru.

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