What prevents men and women to be happy together

I will answer you - WAR. The war between man and woman, which began long ago - when the Goddess is gone from this world, retired to his cradle, leaving a smile on women's souls

. So, anyway, the myths say. And soon, when darkness crept into the souls of men - I do not know who or what has opened the gates to the human soul - the war began. The greatest and destructive, which has been going on for thousands of years, but every year, carrying away millions of souls. This war is not yavna, it is ingrained in our habits and customs of everyday so that it has become invisible. And that she is terrible.

And now - people can not meet, know each other, happy family unit ... Should I continue this horrible list


So why, you ask, how to stop this war?

I do not know how to stop it in all the earth, but I believe that this is possible in every family, if there is (due to mental stress satellites, combined in family) one small miracle - AWARENESS

. About (Global) - with (joint) - knowledge. If the whole world will turn to the knowledge bestowed upon us ancestors.

For this we need to understand that everyone, yes everyone, regardless of the wishes involved in this war. How? After a spell - "tied note»

. No coincidence that the word "charm", "Enchantment" had a negative color in the national representation.

The charm is created in several ways:

Submenu values. For more than a century there is a "fashion on the body" - every age, with the change of cultural philosophy is changing, and the so-called standard of beauty, and it is no secret that every age it further away from the natural views. If two centuries ago was considered a beautiful woman with a figure and moral, moral principles that make it potentially a good mother, but now the standard of a beautiful woman -. Not a
2. The creation of myths that create a binding to human goals and concerns at the level of the physical body only, without care and attention to the Soul and Spirit. These myths are actually pits are not opposites, as well as important parts, causing them to death.

We will try to enumerate these myths:

1. The myth of equality

In the time that in modern philosophy and history are considered "wild," even in the period of world religions, among absolutely different cultures existed the notion of "problem man" and "the problem of women", which are not opposed to anywhere - neither in China nor in Egypt - a varied

. It was only after the emergence of Islam and Christianity, the idea of ​​"inferiority," "sinfulness" of women in relation to men. The development of this myth on the principle of the pendulum led to the emergence of a modern disease, as feminism -. Now parasite on the body of society

As a result, this has led to the fact that men and women are reversed, that is, do not carry out his divine mission - the man is no longer Ost, Colom - vector direction, and a woman - Colom, bowl. And as a result - and the number of colonies do not form a unity - Bells! No sound Collaborative Shower! So, there is no peace!

2. The myth of the "peculiarities of the male body, which can not be without .....»

This myth has been created during the time of the fall of the Roman Empire, when ... became a common pastime of the nobility. As a result - almost 90% of modern relationships begin with a bed - check ... compatibility becomes a test of family relationships. The way to keep a partner becomes a bed! "First, we will lie, then create a family" - art is not to "sleep"! And even "open" Telegonia law, but rather a proven scientific law of ancient Slavic Rita, not simply sunk into oblivion - it skillfully cut - in today's more or less "enlightened" society, there is a perception that effect Telegonia affects only women! And this is again war! Because this is not the case - and it will tell you any livestock


3. The myth of the "peculiarities of the human soul - male, female, etc.»

This myth is supported by such illusions:

1) "Men do not cry" (type of force - this restraint), the result - the men closed the cult of hard, aggressive, arrogant dork

. 2) "The girls do not have to fight", the result - women feel normal moral and physical abuse of men and can not and do not want to defend himself, taking the position of "slave" for normal Actress

. 3) "Beats a man - means love" ( "pulling the pigtails - means likes"), the result - people are unnatural, closed, afraid, and do not know how shy to show their feelings or make it ugly ways. Hence the desire "like showing their best" - not himself, and better - not just yourself! This BAM! Yes, and show mainly the body, not the soul!

4. The myth of the transience of opportunities for divine blessings

I must say that the benefit of the mainly in the representation of wealth. This well can be shown through the conventional phrase: "The modern woman must provide for themselves - first, career, fame, and then - the family." Modern men, too, are of the opinion that the first material goods and then the family.

Both forget that the development of material wealth is only possible when there is a goal. After all, money - is not a piece of paper, it's just energy. And energy, as we know, comes only where there is a possibility for the development, where "circuit capable of opening and increase" (physics).

That is, when there is a goal - this is the answer to the question: "Why do you need it?»

. In Russia, everything is very well explained by two concepts-images: Koschey and Bogatyr

. A small digression into history.

Hercules - a word that comes from the etymological roots of the two: God and tyrit (st.sl. - own). Hercules - is "wielding God", that is, to develop their talents, so rich both spiritually and materially, because when you're developing, it comes to you from all of the world (from teachers, information about money). Because the hero has a goal - to move toward God

. The opposite concept in fairy tales is displayed in the image Koshchey, and not by accident. The word "Koschey" comes from the word "koschny" - bone, ossified, and is etymologically related to a term such as "koschna" - the robber a bag, which dumped everything indiscriminately (and the consequences of this, you understand) and "Treasury" - wealth without development . Thus, Koschey - is the one who has wealth, but does not develop it, is not seeking God, so he is "over with gold pines," so it is a symbol of death

. Death to the Slavs - the lack of development. Therefore, the one who just "wants", but does not know why, never will be rich both spiritually and materially, is not Bogatyrev, and there Koschey inherently.

It called for in the present through the arms race, the race of values ​​( "one car cooler," "who has more money"), tel race treasury. In this race, people forget about the souls and the family.

And the family here? I explain: the main purpose of man - is the embodiment in the land problem, which has set itself the spirit. All works on the ground in cooperation with others - from stones to plants and animals. Only modern man tries to resist it. It can not grow without the consent of the seed with soil, insects, water, sky, worms, etc., so people can realize their task only in collaboration - in the family

. Not by chance has survived a saying: "God gave the child - and give everything on the child." The child in the family is born only with the consent of the parents - that is, if they have a common goal, and they know how to negotiate. Child - an indicator ladnosti target parents. And this means that the number of children and the family wealth - it all depends on who the parents - Heroes Koschei or what their purpose

. 5. Myth of the hierarchy, the pyramid of all - from the biological chain to the structures of society

The basis of this myth is the theory that someone may be lower, but someone higher, and thus closer to God, and therefore have the right to be called the "chosen." On the basis of this created a theory of slavery, castes, "the laboring class and intelligentsia," relationship "boss and a subordinate." And what is the worst - so create a family, "older, wiser means", "chicken eggs do not teach," "a woman should stay at home and keep quiet when the man says," etc. - Rashozhie "frazochki", which is a way to start a conflict, to push the two sides without the interaction and fret that the whole world will collapse

. So, any structure built on the principle of hierarchy and oppression of one by another means - it's just a way to create slavery, where there are slaves - those who have, and slave owners - those who have no other. All of this so-called "principle of the pyramid».

It never happened in Russia and in other countries in the Golden Age of the peoples! Remember how the most ancient symbol depicting the sun - the face of the God of all nations - Circus! What symbol Earth? The same circle (only with the point - the seed)

! Therefore, and in Russia were:

Chamber - a circle of wise men, the older of the genera;
cheers - a circle of the earth, that the man was supposed to protect;
temple - a circle,
city ​​- a circle, etc.

Therefore, everything in nature tends to range - an anthill, the crown of the tree, the planet, the circle of birth and death, and the biological food chain, etc.

Therefore, the family - a circle: the child-parent-old - and then again through the death of the parish in the genus in its child - the child

. Therefore, the varna (caste) - a circle! And the true soul tseleustroennoe company - cooperative - circle! Etc.

6. Myth of unnecessary personal changes

In the modern world for a long time there is an opinion, which is expressed in a single sentence: "He (she) must change, and I have to accept the way I am." At first glance, everything is fine, but only at first. In fact, people are able to justify their laziness and doing nothing, do not change anything in my life and not change themselves. As a result, this leads to the fact that people only meet soratnikov- "mirror", ie with the same problems and "cockroaches" in the head. And the construction of the family, this led to the fact that there are families where people only "mirror" each other!

In today's world, this has led to the fact that there are now more than one "type" of the family, and three:

and only the third "type" true - family-satellites

. Family-mirror - it's just the same family, in which people drew only on the basis of a common pain. And they are, as in a mirror, to see his own pain satellite - shortcomings, unresolved situation, aggression, etc.

For example, it takes parenting tips as a restriction of freedom, and it is - too. So - we met without understanding deeper - married

. Relationship in a family based on the principle: "In my eyes do not notice the log - in another speck see quite clearly." That is, any quarrels, scandals look the same: "Everyone else thinks ugly, though, that the very ugly" (L.Filatov). Your "antics" of each other - a nuclear war with the absolute hit of the projectile at the target - the pain, the one

! War in such families - a terrible thing. But in this family is a plus: in the other, as in a mirror, you can see yourself. And this, remember, "like attracts like" - that is, look at what annoys you, angry, nervous in the satellite (not only in the wife, and in any life partner) - the quality of 100% is in you
Therefore, seek not to change the person. And it is impossible. Me myself.

Family-mirniki - family, where satellites are united by common interests "in the now". This people-friends. They do not think about the future. They together reduce the explicit purpose. For example, he is interested in metaphysics and it, too - have, have got married. That's not bad, but very often then it turns out that both dreamed of the house, but one - a brick in the city, and the second - on a wooden, and in the village. And not always get to build something in common. And by the time of the "discovery" that targets a different, already have children.

Family-satellites - this is the only moment: they have a common tale - dreams of the future. And it unites them forever, even if they themselves are different hobbies, financial condition, appearance. For they are united by the Regulation - common aspirations

. Therefore, as a result in the modern world of Cinderella dreams of princes, but without developing, never meet them. The one that "grows" to the princess without development, and so it remains, and 40, and in the next 50 years with the same naive 50-year-old prince - without development, they never become Kings and Queens

. 7. Myth of bodily contact

Modern people understand by touch, basically, two types:

health (survey, palpate - a verdict),
... Or ...
Some even think that there are only a touch intimate. Almost everyone falls into the trap of these judgments. If the friendly relations it is just a confirmation of this philosophy, the family is becoming one of the ways the relationship of destruction: couples or groping each other and look for faults, finding fault with the figure or of the body of each other, playing "evil doctor", or lasciviously "lapaya" each other.

In the first case there is a focus on the body, which leads to the formation of complexes, self-flagellation, and thus stiffness, tightness of oneself and others - and this is a betrayal of God's vessel, which is the body. And since habits baiting each other increases with each passing year, but nothing changes.

In the second case, this led to the fact that modern people can do ... (from the word "sect" - circumcision - Lat.), Relationships (floors - what is going on than dirt). But they do not know how to give pleasure to each other, the power, as the gods enjoy each other, and thus work for the child of the call is converted to a purely mechanical act, where parents do not hear and do not feel the time of the arrival of God!

8. Myth about management

The modern world is represented by the judgment: "Trust, but verify, and better control." The result - improvement in the modern world of management methods - deception, which led once to the separation and opposition of languages, peoples, etc. And at the heart of this - the difference tolkoviny (popular term) - certain internal translator, which is part of the mind (again, mind - naraz mind this template). He tolkoviny, leads to the fact that even in a language different people under some words on the first reflex imply different.

For example, the word pen - one sees inside the handle of the child consciousness, the other - a ball. The result is a race images - it wins the one who will create such a combination of images, implying the point of view that it does not cause the protest in the listener, creating a substitution of images, but will result in a favorable interaction between the speaker for the result. This management.

9. The myth of the "righteous" or lie about

game In today's world people as a result of the above reasons gets used to live closed, hiding, instead of the face of the soul "palming off" each other different "sides" - masks, learned the role. Playing in this theater of deception, one gradually ceases to distinguish, where he is a true, where his mask - mask grows. And in the end one does not know his soul, does not see it, he does not feel - he becomes a mask, harey - the undead, as they called it in the people. And the most terrible thing is that the undead will always find beautiful words to justify their lies.

Charm created human involvement in the struggle of forces, where the situation is "choice without a choice," ie a person with his emotions involve the creation and support of field-power structures, in other words called egregors or pendulums. And it's the worst thing, because keeping life "pendulum" his estimates, we continue the existing situation, without changing it.

Imagine a man who sees him passing by a woman in provocative skimpy clothes and he swears it was worth, and at the same time and fashion, which bares women. They are not committed to a pendulum fashion, they do not follow it for several reasons. However, what happens? Man scolds fashion, thinking, "God forbid, my daughter will come out on the street in such a way" ... Therefore, it emits intense mental energy at the frequency of the pendulum.

In fact, because the pendulum does not matter which side you're rocking it. For a pendulum for both positive and negative energy. The main thing that has a resonance frequency of the radiation. Because the main task of the pendulum is to engage, to touch a person for living, no matter how, as long as the human mind was a pendulum.

One of the most popular ways to gain access to the pendulum your energy is the conclusion you off balance. Deviate from equilibrium, you start to "wobble" on the pendulum frequency and thereby to swing it. For example, a neighbor does not share your faith, and even more - a representative of the other denominations. Hearing his opinion about your religious beliefs, you react negatively - start to resent, to complain, to share information with friends. It is a normal and appropriate response. But this is exactly what the pendulum is waiting. Вы излучаете негативную энергию в окружающий мир на частоте маятника, он получает энергию и раскачивается еще сильнее – ситуация усугубляется: например, таких соседей становится больше или же у вас появляется шеф, начальник на работе, который активно ненавидит приверженцев «каких-либо религиозных сект».

Поэтому, если Вы даже просто обращаете внимание на мужчин, женщин – и даете им оценку, сравниваете – этим вы питаете какую-либо программу. Об этом подробно рассказывает физика и современный автор Зеланд в своей книге «Трансерфинг реальности».

Вспомните первый пример: девушка «оголенная» — «плохо», скромно одетая – «хорошо» — давая такую оценку мы не уменьшаем количество «плохих» и не увеличиваем количество «хороших» — и то, и то будет расти, так как мы поддерживаем качание этого маятника.

Борясь с какой-либо силой, мы не уменьшаем количество «плохих». Выход, спросите вы?

Напомню вам кадр из фильма о Мерлине: «Ты не сможешь убить меня», — говорит Моргана. «И не собираюсь. Мы просто забудем тебя», — отвечает Мерлин.

Лучший способ отключится от маятника – перестать реагировать на него.

Поэтому в народе, когда ребенок или взрослый давал какому-либо явлению оценку «хорошо-плохо», знахарь, видя, что человек находится в «харе» (маске, личине), то есть поддерживает существование какой-либо деструктивной системы, спрашивал его:

Как ты к этому относишься?
Почему это для тебя правильно, это – нет? Почему это «плохо» или «хорошо»?
Что для тебя значит критерий правильности?
Для кого в тебе правильно и неправильно что-либо?
Какой ты оцениватель с точки зрения правильности-неправильности?
Кто в тебе оценивает «хорошо-плохо»?
И таким образом, человек осознавал, что не душа, и не дух, ведут его по вектору оценки, а ХАРЯ.

Любой уровень чар создается через СТРАХ. Самое древнее и сильное чувство. Не имеет значения, чего именно вы боитесь, но если страх связан с каким-либо аспектом маятника, он получит вашу энергию. Тревога и беспокойство уже слабее, но все еще достаточно прочные нити. Эти чувства очень хорошо фиксируют излучение мысленной энергии на частоте маятника. Если вас что-то беспокоит, вам трудно сосредоточиться на чем-нибудь другом.

Чары воздействуют на нас и через Чувство ВИНЫ и через различные Психологические КОМПЛЕКСЫ людей.

Комплекс – это когда вас что-то задевает за живое.

Комплекс неполноценности:

у меня непривлекательная внешность,
у меня нет способностей и талантов,
у меня не хватает ума или остроумия,
я не умею общаться с людьми,
я недостоин.
Комплекс вины:

я повинен, все меня осуждают, я обязан нести свой крест.
Комплекс воителя:

я должен быть крутым,
я объявляю войну себе и всем окружающим,
я буду бороться за место под солнцем,
я буду брать свое силой.
Комплекс правдолюбца:

я любой ценой докажу свою правоту и докажу другим, что они не правы.
Эти и другие комплексы являются персональными ключами к энергии отдельных личностей.

И еще немного о ПРИЧИНАХ существования чар:

1. Привычка. Человек может осознавать, что негативные мысли и поступки ничего хорошего не несут, однако по привычке совершает старые ошибки. Таким образом, привычки часто создают проблемы и заставляют действовать неэффективно, а избавиться от них трудно.

Привычки являются иллюзией комфорта. Человек больше доверяет тому, что давно знакомо. Все новое вызывает опасения. Старое, привычное, уже зарекомендовало себя на опыте. Это как старое кресло, в которое вы садитесь отдыхать после работы. Может, новое и удобней, зато старое комфортней. Комфорт характеризуется такими понятиями, как удобство, доверие, положительный опыт, предсказуемость. Новое обладает этими качествами в гораздо меньшей степени, поэтому требуется значительное время, чтобы новая привычка стала старой.

2. Незнание сказки-мечты друг друга до… и семейных взаимоотношений.

3. Неумение дарить друг другу силу и физическую (не .......), и духовную.

4. Неумение показать свои мечты другому.

5. Неумение сопереживать и сорадоваться, оказывать внимание.

6. Неумение женщины доверять мужчине и «не лезть» вперед.

7. Неумение и нежелание мужчины радовать женщину и доверять ей свое добро и благо – вкладывать, чтоб получить от мира большее

8. Нежелание женщин быть хозяйками, а мужчин – руководителями.

9. Нежелание жить и творить совместно.

Чем все это «лечится»? Как снять эти чары? ОСОЗНАНИЕМ.

Как выйти из этой войны? НЕ РЕАГИРОВАТЬ.

How to be happy? Понять кто ты и почему. И ИДТИ СВОИМ ПУТЕМ – не худшим и не лучшим, а СВОИМ.

Автор: Никитина Арина Ивановна


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