Why all men leave me at the peak of relations

This article is written to help the beautiful half of humanity. Question from our reader with the beautiful name Love: my relationships with men constantly repeats the same situation: a man is lost at the peak of relations, simply disappears without explanation. I understand that the problem is me, but don't know how to solve this problem.

Very many letters of similar content I received on my mail.

The reasons for this situation may be different, all not to enumerate. But there are key issues about which I will tell in this article.

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Generally, in the modern world the relationship between man and woman is most often not a relationship of two souls, a single pure and selfless love and mutual existence of the Ego and the second one. And so, when a person's ego, no matter male or female, grows to excessive size, be a big problem. Or accumulated negative karma and personal karma or ancestral karma in the female line, this is the second question.

Now explain to the Russian language)) I saw many times working with this problem when a woman complains that all men run away from it, and to a serious relationship or until marriage never comes.

Why run away from me man? Key reason

Will respond first to the specific letter, then, the remaining possible reasons pass.

One of the reasons: you have a lot of subconscious desire to bind the man and control him it can manifest as fear of losing him, fear of being left alone, a desire that he was always there for you and no one else, etc.

Normal men always feel the dependence and not love, when a woman seeks to bind him, to lasso, to subject themselves, their personal power. They feel it even if on the physical level you don't do this and are very unobtrusive. But, subconsciously, a woman's desire to subdue the man of my personal female power can be overwhelming.

This is the work of a developed woman's ego. Our Ego is always trying to take power over others. The female ego over men. Men's — over women.For what? The answer is simple — to use another for the realization of their selfish desires, his will. That he, the man served the woman. Accordingly, the male ego wants women to serve him, fulfilling his desires.

How to spot exaggerated female or male Ego? The desire to bind themselves, to make only "his" to control all the manifestations of another, to deprive him of his liberty, put himself at the service. Female ego wants to assign the man himself, make it his property — "so he did just as I want."

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The ego wants. It — wants! And that desire is always personal and poorly controlled. As you know, the most important thing for the egoist himself, is what can be called "mine." For Terry always selfish in the first place — his personal desires!

Once again,externally, the woman may behave very modestly, not to impose myself, to control myself, but energetically she already threw the man a thousand clamps, has bound him to himself, climbed on his head and chase him. And man will always feel the emotional, spiritual and energetic lack of freedom, the framework in which wants to drive his overbearing female ego.

Moreover, the woman also can not feel what she's doing spiritually and energetically against the man. Just work out the negative karma accumulated in the past (the subconscious works). This is a dark power, subjugates and enslaves the other.

You've probably met in life:

1. Mothers who break the fate of their children, everywhere intermeddle in their fate, trying to control everything, trying everything in life your child to bend to his will, because "they know better how to live...".

2. Or wives of tiranoc near which the husband is a broken dog on a leash, sitting, lying, running, and leg raises at the command of their mistress. In such a pair is immediately obvious who in the family of a man who has power and who is who. Other.


But the fact that all these gross manifestations of ego, easily recognized. And there is this dark selfish power, which are fragmentary, and seemingly not immediately see, especially from himself. When the Ego has become more sophisticated, highly developed, fine and discipline their ego-power of another person externally is very unobtrusive and neat.

Generally the nature of the Ego, egoism, egoist think many people understand.The essence of Ego — first of all "take" and not "give", live at the expense of others, to use others for their own interests, selfish motives, etc. And it does not matter how a person looks it furnishes. Also, it is important to note that the selfish person is never truly satisfied and happy!

Because the feeling of Happiness gives a man the Soul, and the Ego is not bright, but dark contrast to the divine Soul. So, Terry selfish to make happy is impossible!!!

How does it work? If women in the subconscious is alive and well Petersville women's hungry ego — it will be energetically tear and bleed man, downloading it with the male energy and vitality, which starved her ego. A woman all the attention of men seeking to win over, but with her men, as a rule, does not become good or at least uncomfortable.

Ego, if unchecked, grows and turns into this energy monster that lives in man (dark essence). This monster begins to destroy the person, his soul, all light that is in it. And feeds this ego-monster life energy of other people.

Here is another example.Probably heard, there are women with whom die, die after some time all men. This is it! Women with accumulated negative karma in relation to men. We can say that the ego of these women feed on men, draining them of life as a vampire sucks blood, and throws (in the light of sends). So these things need to control and time their karma clean, your ego squared and the power to give his Soul, not selfishness.

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Another very common manifestation of the feminine Ego!!! When a woman hangs on to the man like a child on a big God. If the woman in your subconscious mind tend to deify man is also a problem. Then it will seek to pass on the responsibility for themselves and for their future, and it will substitute for her God. This leads to a higher degree of affection, and thus to the largest fears the loss of this false God (men).

Attachment always generates a lot of fear, and fear produces the energy of aggression. And if a woman is deathly afraid of losing her man, she will be just furiously seek to control and limit his freedom. This is the beginning of the end of a relationship.

To relations were happy with the development of light feelings for many years — a man and woman should stand on an equal footing, and God shall be above them.


What to do with their exaggerated female or male ego?

The ego is the unwillingness to "give" himself and the only motive to "take" from another, what you need is consumer attitude to other people. The female ego is the consumer attitude to men — "what can I to fuck him", "he still screwed me," etc.

And men will also be attracted to those women who are downloading them the energy drink all juices and who only want to "take", but to those who are able to give from the heart your love, attention, tenderness, kindness and caring, etc. And that is the key! If a woman grows her ego, it loses its feminine: the heart hardens, tenderness and care atrophy, kindness replaced by claims on the fact that the man-she was given not done, always have, etc.

After all, the true light, the feminine is from the heart, from Feelings and not from selfish ego.

What if you discovered the features described above? First of all, you need to truly determine the motive.

A woman is Love, Love is to give! So, start to think not only about what you want from men, what are your requirements it must meet, but primarily because you want to give your potential or real beloved man! What do you want? Do you wish him well, Happiness, Satisfaction in your heart, success and power? If you do not wish? What you from the heart, from the heart want to pass, to give his soul?

And don't be lazy, put it in writing! If you work, take your soul, you go through positive energy towards men and you will become more attractive to them.

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Other reasons why a woman scares off men?

Another common reason is accumulated in the minds of women negative attitudes towards men. A negative attitude is distorted beliefs, attitudes, misconceptions. In other words — inadequate males, inadequate, negative, categorical, and stereotyped their perceptions, which manifests itself in the well-known programs "all men are bast..""all men are scum... bastards...", etc.

So, obviously a negative subconscious (or conscious) attitude, the woman just pushes away men. Men subconsciously feel negative about yourself and go. Because I don't want destruction, because any negativity, especially if its a lot, necessarily destroys. The negativity towards men begins to destroy the man as soon as he enters the field of influence of such a woman. Most men who go from communicating with such a woman, just simply self-preservation instinct.

If in the subconscious of a woman napisano a lot of negativity towards men — a chance to build a happy family relationship just yet. Need to unload! To get rid of the grievances and complaints of men, to remove inflated the requirements to remove consumer attitude and pride, to learn to perceive the man, first of all, as a divine soul, as a person, as an equal.

How to remove the negative experiences to men?

1. To get rid of grievances and complaints. Insult to men, if she lives in your heart, destroys your pure feelings, your soul, health and life, draws in the fate of trouble, destroys those around you men and relationship with him.

2. Write down in your workbook all claims to men in General, and specific. Ask yourself — "what I resent men?""that my men most resent, angry, angry?". And then, all the negative beliefs (answers) and replace with adequate, positive ones that will tell you your bright Soul. And look at this moment at the man, as divine soul, which is the same as you learn, pass their lessons on the Earth can be imperfect, to make mistakes, to repent, etc.

3. Form as complete as possible a positive attitude to men. Just write a creative essay on the topic "My best men!". Write from the heart, heart as if that's not you write, and your divine Soul and sends you dictate your attitude. Draw images in the process of writing and give it your best attitude, the most decent of men. Write what you respect and love decent men, and what you desire all men without exception. Wish for the greater Good, Generosity, and Courage to all men! It will make you attractive to these men:)


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  4. Write in writing, in any form of Prayer of repentance to the souls of all men, which you despised, not respected, infringe, which had been treated unjustly, selfishly, cruelly, on pride and arrogance. Egregore repent before men and before God for the pride and resentment towards men.

Believe me, if you will be sincere to yourself to consider your attitude to men for all of the above recommendations, positive changes are bound to be!


Author: Vasily Vasilenko

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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