Preparing for the year of the Fire Monkey

Very soon knock at the door New year! What will it be for us? This is largely up to us and depends. Because each New year brings with it a new energy, and that means new opportunities, which must properly dispose of. The new year of 2016, will be held under the sign of the Fire Monkey.

So this year you certainly was waiting for a happy and long-awaited changes, get ready for the New year, using the principles of Feng Shui.

Tree for the year of the Fire Monkey

It must be special: bright, brilliant, glowing. Not necessarily green: it can be red, crimson, or gold – if we are talking about an artificial tree. Favorite color of the fire monkey – red, so need a Christmas tree to decorate mostly in red color scheme, at least half of the toys on the tree are supposed to be red, orange, crimson, pink. But the rest – let them be gold or white.

The advantage is for large toys. Christmas tree during the holidays is becoming the energy centre of the apartment, and that she, like a magnet, attracted the most positive energies in your home, it is better if the decoration use two colors (e.g. red and gold) – these two colors will be energetic poles.

But to put a new year tree is better in South, East or Southeast sector of living room (sectors are defined using an ordinary compass, while you stand in the center of the room).

Tinsel and garland

You can decorate the tree with colorful toys. But remember – the Monkey delicate taste, and therefore of kitsch in any case should not be. So do not go overboard, stop for 4-5 colors, no more, and in any case the red should prevail, and do not use toys blue, blue and black colors.

In addition to Christmas tree decorations on a Christmas tree in the year of the Fire Monkey needs to be luminous garland – they can be both electric and shiny tinsel. The color of the lights should complement the color of embellishments: so, if the toys are red, the garland may be gold. Family good luck hang on the Christmas tree a few handmade toys, and for good luck in the field of opportunities and career – edible decorations: tangerines, candies in shiny wrappers, gilded walnuts. By the way, great Christmas decorations you can make yourself.


For money luck hang on the tree 3-5 banknotes, tied with a red or crimson ribbons. If the tree has lights, place notes so that they are illuminated with light bulbs. And of course, can not do without the figure of the hostess of the year – Monkey.

The Christmas tree according to Feng Shui will allow you to tell fortunes for good luck in the New year

But this "energy" is the divination tree should be natural. Cut 12 cards from any paper, size 10 X15 or 15 x 20 cm These cards will symbolize the months of the year. Place them around the Christmas tree, like the numbers on a clock face, and at this distance from the trunk to the card under a fir paws. New year's eve make a wish, and 3 days after the New year, inspect the card. What kind of card will be most fallen needles – in the month your wish will come true.

The house should be decorated, using the color scheme of the Fire monkey

The main color is red and all its shades but in addition, you can use orange, lilac, purple, gold, white, brown and coffee color. But where to apply a particular color has significance. The emphasis on red colors draw in the southern, Eastern, South-Eastern and North-Eastern sectors of the apartments, shades of brown in the West and South-West. Mauve and mauve and white color is best used in the Northern and North-Western sectors.

By the way, in addition to the Christmas tree this year, you need to make some fir bunches, and place them throughout the apartment. Bouquets can be supplemented not only Christmas decorations, but also candy, fruit, various Christmas accessories. Alternative spruce flowers can become bouquets of sweets or fruit.

If you decide to make a bouquet of fruit, then their composition must include pineapples and bananas. By the way, the pineapple can serve as a basis for the creation of this bouquet: it is very convenient on skewers to pin the smaller fruits and berries.

To attract good luck you need a hanging decoration for walls, doors and Windows

And here it is best to use original solutions, because the Monkey can not stand boredom. Instead of doing classic Christmas wreaths, better turn in such wreaths, all mirrors in the house – decorate their frame with fir branches, Christmas decorations, postcards, photos, small fruits, pine and fir cones.

Garland made of Christmas cards that you attach to a beautiful cord with colourful pegs. And even walls can be decorated with images of Christmas trees. To do this, quietly to lay out on the walls of the large triangles and then fill the contours of the triangles cards, bows, individual Christmas decorations, chocolates etc – all of this you can attach with masking tape, and the tape hide, sticking his large sequins and bits of tinsel.

Even easier – cut large triangles out of the drape, and sew them all this Christmas beauty, and hung on walls. Door decorate with wire clothes hangers, hanging these hangers beads, toys, cards and other decor. Well, on the curtains, you can attach Christmas balls on ribbons. If you have only one suspended element, it is best to place it in the Northwest sector of the room.

At the meeting of the Fire monkey year in the house needs to be candles

Choose candles in red, gold colours, or just white candles, because Fire is the element of the year. But you need to arrange them depending on what kind of luck you want to attract.

To attract money good luck place the candles on the window sill and in a big dish in the South-Eastern sector of the room. Family good luck, put in the bedroom a few crimson candles. To attract good luck in your career, put the Golden candles in the Western sector of the apartment. This year it is best to use large candles, and such candles need appropriate candle holders, and for this element – glass.

Candle holders you can make yourself from ordinary glass jars or small vases simple shape, decorated with pine cones, gold and red braid, Bay leaves and artificial snow. Cones can be used in its natural form, or gild with spray paint.

Table decoration

For money luck base color for serving better to do white – for example, in the form of a tablecloth. To the edge can be figured to pin the tinsel. Oh and the tablecloths should be red and gold napkins. Ware is better to choose two-color – for example, you can "shuffle" the pieces of different sets, thus avoiding the utensils in shades of blue.

For good luck in the field of opportunities and influential assistants opt for a red tablecloth – but in this case we take the plain dishes. If you want to liven up the table setting – you can complement her glassware, and was decorated with in the technique of reverse decoupage using Christmas stories.

In the centre of the Christmas table you can put a small "table top" tree or a Christmas bouquet or a candy bouquet. And of course, the figure of the hostess of the year.

Beautiful rings napkins can be linked from red and gold plastic Christmas tree beads. You can simply bind the devices with gold or red bows, or sew covers for them in the form of "Christmas boots." For good luck in health on the bottom of the glasses put some frozen red berries – raspberry, viburnum or Rowan.
In General, the Monkey loves fantasy and improvisation, so the serving of welcome unusual solutions.

Gifts in the year of the Fire Monkey

Gifts should be Packed in a big, bright packages, it can be done independently. Enough to buy a small box, and paste in its bright wrapping paper, and then paste composition of gilded cones, nuts, small branches of fir, beads, faux petals and beautiful buttons.

And, you can apply this technique to make for gift packing, the opposite form of gift. For example, a rectangular box, say, with some decoration, packaging, round packaging, made by hand from a small ball. And yet, in this New year will be actual edible gifts. published

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