The most accurate horoscope for 2016. Read and be surprised!

The coming year will be extremely successful for many of us! Fire Monkey - animal moving, playful, full of energy. Those who are accustomed to work and be active in 2016 will get a good result of their efforts!

It's time to prepare for the change: Year of the Monkey promises the tumultuous events in all spheres of life. All that does not suit you now: career, personal life and health status - can change for the better, is the only truly want. Each sign of the zodiac secrets of happiness ...

Horoscope for 2016


Year of the Monkey Aries is preparing for a period of stability, peace and bliss. To be on the horse in the new year, Aries must learn to be moderate in all things and keep track of your spending.

If Aries feels comfortable in the workplace, then it worked fine. Follow the create a cozy atmosphere at work, it is very important for career growth and future success!

In the field of love a pleasant surprise, it would be a great time for anyone who has just started a family life. Do not forget that you need to pay enough attention to their loved ones: a pledge of good current cases in all directions.


For Taurus the hour long-awaited reward! Work will delight that this year's career begins to flourish, bringing a good income for those who respect the work.

What Taurus do not worry, it's about his personal life - no problem, coups and troubles were not planned. Finally, the Taurus will appreciate and accept this for what it is ...

To maintain good health in the Year of the Monkey Taurus need to remember a balanced diet and do not forget about the rest. Rather, the 2016 Taurus will go to a delightful journey that will be remembered for a long time it!


When the twins are not lucky, he tends to fall into a dark, decadent state. This year, the event can occur that will cause Gemini depression. But now these people are strong enough to survive any test!

Work for Twins - an integral part of life, and they are able to earn money. The main thing to be careful with the partners in the case and not to put them too high expectations, it is dangerous.

Twins surround attention, gifts and affection! Especially those who have long ceased to believe in love.


If the cancer is still there the second half, he is sure to find it in the new year! At the time of Rakow family housing arrangement, a showdown with loans and household stuff, which has long haunted.

Now everything is different: the Monkey brings to life Rakov real, true harmony! Flip it is beneficial to financial matters: Cancers can afford it, what is very long dreamed of ...

Avoid stress and nervous breakdowns this year Cancers help pets and any animals, which can be up close and personal. If you feel fatigue - Caress a cat, and once it becomes easier.


The key to success Lions in 2016 --control and positive mood. Excessive emotion and temper can seriously hurt the mark, Lions should be kept.

Thinking through every step, the Lions are approaching his goal. Monkey Leo will sort out any difficulties and give that special person who will rescue many times in the most difficult situations.

Love can overtake Lion at any time, just need to learn to distinguish the true sense of the passions and not be afraid of responsibility. The attraction of Lions this year to surprise everyone and will lure many fans!


Effective advertising for your brand

New people, interesting acquaintances and travel persecuted Virgin. But if you are tuned to a great success, it is necessary to understand what is really important to you. In all he had neither the strength nor the time - it's time to prioritize.

This year, Virgin awaits transformation into the private sphere. Lonely Maiden will get a chance to meet the person of your dreams, and Virgo will put a pair of relationship to a new level.

If Virgin have problems with excess weight, this year marks the favorable period to change their habits. Exercise not only enhance the beauty of Dev, and will give confidence, and it is worth a lot.


The main thing for Libra now - work. If you try the heart, all the cases bring profit and emotional satisfaction.

Personal life should not put in the first place: only towards the end of the year balance can understand what they want from the relationship. If you have any unpleasant contacts and acquaintances from the past, it's time to break them!

Libra is time to start to look after themselves, check the status of their health and to be sensitive to the signals of the body.


Scorpions it is time for change! Once in the whirl of events, Scorpio kept his head and come out the winner in any situation.

The active Scorpio will be happy to learn that his personal life from this valuable qualities only wins. In the Year of the Monkey Scorpio will be set for a peaceful solution of conflicts and tradeoffs, what will please your other half.

Scorpios is important to strengthen the immune system if it is constantly maintained by natural means, the health of the Scorpions in 2016 will be at the highest level!


Labor feats of Sagittarius will not go unnoticed. In the new year he will receive a favorable business proposition and will be very glad that it is prepared to promote.

Life Streltsov sparkle with new colors! Those who are lonely, suddenly find their own happiness, and family Sagittarians will strengthen relationships. These people need to remember that the work is no substitute for a loving heart close ...

Sagittarius lucky and in financial affairs, the profit will be much more spending. If the result is free time for leisure travel, Sagittarius should not miss this excellent opportunity!


Capricorn is time to treat with gratitude for everything that he has. Otherwise, you may lose the dear people and the work that just seems too good ...

Year of the Monkey is going to be very hot for Capricorn on the love field. Happy moments will be much more. than frustrating!

Hobbies - what should be paid special attention in the Year of the Monkey. It can bring a considerable profit Capricorns. Also, Capricorns need to be extremely careful in relation to their health, especially if you have liver problems or stomach.


The higher the goal, the easier it is for Aquarius will be the way to achieve them! Aquarians are visionaries, in the year of the Monkey will be the darlings of fortune and will be able to realize their full potential.

Aquarians need to learn to listen to your intuition: all answers are already in you. Uncertain times and suspicious events - clear signs that you made the wrong decision.

The financial affairs of Aquarius will go uphill! Wonderful time to start new projects and investments funds.


Fish in the new year will feel the support and influence of the stars at every turn! It's time to say goodbye to all the trouble to become an independent person, Pisces is important to be able to count only on themselves.

Bright feelings fill the life of fish in 2016. Emotional and subtle sense of Pisces find peace and satisfaction of enjoying their love story.

Year of the Monkey Pisces attract new friends and make a lot of things to look at a different angle. Pisces is recommended to work out to maintain their health strong!

The ideal time for abrupt changes in life - the upcoming Year of the Monkey! Do not be afraid when something goes wrong, like a plan. Be open to any surprises, and you will receive generous gifts from life!



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