2016 the year of the red monkey: what to prepare

Very soon we will welcome the year of the red monkey 2016 according to the Eastern horoscope or the Chinese calendar, which is the same. Although, you have to remember that technically, the new year on the Chinese calendar will come February 8 next year.

And, of course, for those who make it their winter holidays until the beginning of February, it will be another great reason :)) So, invented by the Chinese over 2000 years ago, 12-year calendar cycle in which each year corresponds to a different animal, proved its accuracy.

It cannot predict all events, but still helps to lift the veil of the future, how to prepare, meet and spend a new year so to us it with success, luck and prosperity. In this section, we will talk in great detail about the next year, its characteristics, features, colors, symbols, and the nature of the animal of 2016 year, with tips for what to cook, how to meet what to give, how to congratulate, and attempt to create a horoscope as a family business.

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Feature: what can we expect and what to prepare2016 — the year of the fire or red monkey, animal, interesting, diverse and somewhat similar to ourselves. The monkey is incredibly smart, resourceful and inventive, but at the same time unpredictable. It can be as a Creator and destroyer, instantly changing from affection and kindness to irritation and rage. Fire monkey — this monkey twice. The fire is the same fickle nature: it can give warmth in a cold night, to enjoy the comfort of home, and can destroy entire cities. It is in these years each person gets a chance to really change his life, to do what had long dreamed of, to achieve unprecedented success.

Those who will be just as inventive and resourceful as she is, who is going to go for their goals, despite fears and doubts, the monkey is sure to reward. In the year of the monkey need to act decisively, relying on yourself and your strength. The monkey does not like those who are waiting for the sea weather, but those who dare, and play VA-Bank, has very big chances to win big. The motto of the year of the monkey may be the phrase: "Now — or never!".

The monkey has its negative traits: she can be arrogant, superficial, cunning and conceited. This is the reverse side of its positive qualities: perseverance, breadth of vision, intelligence and confidence. All these positive qualities are necessary to fulfill your dream in the year of the monkey, but not to get carried away and become too selfish, differently there can be problems in personal matters and difficulties in communicating even with the closest friends. You need to be able to notice the bad qualities in yourself and put the monkey in place, reminding her who is the crown of evolution.

In the year of the monkey always happen on a large scale and major events, it is not only the life of individuals, but of whole States. Suffice it to recall the events that happened in the previous year, held under the sign of the monkey— 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956. The latter, incidentally, is full of doubles, 2016: it was also a leap year of the fire monkey. The fact that the Chinese calendar, in addition to 12 animals, includes also the five elements. Thus, following the year of the fire monkey will only happen 60 years later, in 2076. In 1956 after the XX Congress of the CPSU, began the famous Khrushchev thaw. Then came the film “carnival night”, a song from which about five minutes we unconsciously hum every new year. Occurred and tragic events of the Hungarian revolution suppressed by Soviet troops, and the Suez crisis — a military action against Egypt.

Characters 2016: color, stone, materialSymbol 2016 is fire, this is one of five elements that complement the Chinese calendar. You need to know how to deal with fire: and then it'll do you good, not harm.

Color of 2016 is red, and all the fiery colors and shades, from scarlet to bright orange.

In 2016 your luck will bring the red stones — garnet, ruby, fire opal, and stones that have a fiery origin, for example, obsidian (aka volcanic glass). Jewelry made of amber also like the fire monkey.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the element of monkey is metal. So to give preference to must this material. This may manifest itself in domestic details: if you choose between a rack made of wood or metal, it is better to stop the choice on metal.

How to meet the 2016 red monkeyTo celebrate the year of the monkey the best in flashy outfits cause: the monkey loves all bright, lush and shiny. Carnival fun monkey also like, so to make a costume party and to wear an unusual outfit would be a great idea. It is advisable to costumes and Christmas decorations were decorated in the colors of the year — that is, in the fiery, orange, red, scarlet colors. Since monkey loves metal, welcome glitter fabric "sparkle" shades such as "red metallic".

Monkey loves large and noisy holidays. So if you usually celebrate New year at home, in the family, it may make sense to change the tradition and to go guests, restaurant, club or on a journey to meet midnight in the main square of an unknown city along with thousands of other people.

During a celebratory feast wouldn't be complete without live fire: a fireplace is not everyone, but you can put on the table beautiful candles. In honor of red monkeys and colorful large-scale fireworks. But also more modest fiery fun — sparklers and table fountains that produce a shower of sparks.

What to cook on new year's table in the year of the monkeyBeautiful fruit tree — the original, tasty and healthy idea for decorating your Christmas table. Kiwi, tangerines, grapes, cheese and all the berries.

The basis of the diet of all species of monkeys are grasses and fruits. So if You want to please the monkey in 2016, Your Christmas table should burst with dishes of fruit and vegetables and a variety of greenery. Rejoice vegetarians and raw foodists! :) The decoration of the table should dazzle with beauty and bright colors, because the monkey loves all noticeable. In the center of the Christmas table you can put a big fruit tree, on top of which will be the red monkey. Try to choose the most healthy and natural products. When choosing main courses prefer light salads, meat, baked in the oven or cooked on the fire. Don't forget about the cheese which is necessary on the table this year. Sweets also needs to be light and with the maximum amount of fruit, berries.

Despite the fact that the symbol of 2016, loves to eat, he also moves a lot. Therefore, do not make new year's feast on the night of gluttony. A lot of dance, have fun, walk is not only useful, but also appeal to our fiery beauty.

How to celebrate new year 2016?Of course the main color of the upcoming 2016 monkeys — red! So, the night you got to meet not just elegant, but extravagant, bright, catchy. Don't be afraid to outshine everyone around you with beauty and Shine. When choosing a dress prefer all shades of red from scarlet to orange. If You don't go with bright colors, pay attention to brown, pastel shades and even black, which can be diluted with metal accessories. A Must-have for the new year — jewelry and costume jewelry. This night is not to go without beautiful pieces of jewelry. The stones should be red, such as ruby, garnet, fire opal. Look at the stones of fire origin, the jewelry made from volcanic rock. Classic amber will also like the hostess of the year.

Don't be afraid of the unusual hairstyles, the element of carnival will enjoy our monkey, and will increase the chances of success in the new year. But most importantly, Your outfit was comfortable and did not stop to dance, because the monkey is a very active animal!

What to give for 2016 red monkey

As you know, the upcoming 2016 year promises to be energetic, strong, bright and successful for those who are not afraid to conquer your Everest. Therefore Christmas gifts for family you need to choose carefully. Monkey loves practicality, keep this in mind when choosing surprise. Give your favorite jewelry, a certificate for a SPA or a subscription to a fitness room. If Your boyfriend or husband has a favorite hobby to which he rarely had the time, make him a gift and support this hobby. For example, a man long wanted to start drawing, give him a painting set — let it will love. Men also love high quality cosmetics and fashionable clothes so that you will have a great excuse to pamper them with his attention. Mom, dad, sister or brother as a gift quite will approach the subject of home appliances: razor, Curling iron, crimper, lamp manicure, mixer, slow cooker and more. Children give gifts under the tree very easily, they are always looking for new toys and any gadgets :).

Colleagues, friends and acquaintances can give Souvenirs in the form of a monkey or a decorative candle. But it's too predictable, and as a monkey — resourceful animal. Do not forget that the motto of the red fire monkey 2016: "Now — or never!"use it as a label for any gift and he immediately becomes original. For example, a bottle of wine with the words: "Now or never!"cause at least smile. With the same label made with your own hands can be a chocolate, candy box, cake, gift certificate to a gym, jewelry, diary, a beautiful dress or tie and many more. Customized gift, decorated with your own hands is always more valuable than the usual store purchases with a torn price tag, remember that. In any situation and for any reason, you can give the good dishes. But remember that in the end the most important is Your attention and care!

About born in the year of the monkeyThe monkey is the sign of those who born 8 February 2016 27 January 2017. People born under the sign of the monkey, personality is very bright, always in focus. They are explorers, inventors, pioneers — they are distinguished by a thirst for knowledge and ability acquired knowledge in practice. Monkeys are intelligent and resourceful, they know how to win people and always surrounded by fans and admirers. Because of this, the monkeys tend to become conceited. Of negative traits born under this sign is inherent in greed, cunning, selfishness, vanity.

Knowing about these qualities of a child born in 2016, parents can raise him correctly, turning negative traits into positive self-interest in thrift, cunning — ingenuity and ability to think creatively and outside the box, selfishness and vanity — in-confidence and the ability to correctly assess their strength and abilities. Parents should not indulge all the whims of baby-monkey: he's very smart and resourceful, so quickly turn mom and dad in the staff. But to undermine such a child can not be, otherwise not be able to develop its rich creative potential. As always, you need to keep the Golden mean.

In the year of the monkey was born a lot of prominent and interesting personalities. Among them is Roald Amundsen, the first man to visit the South pole, the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, a mysterious favorite of the Imperial family, Grigory Rasputin, the ironic playwright-storyteller Evgeny Schwarz, a great Russian actor Oleg Yankovsky, famous Hollywood actor and Director Mel Gibson, politician Yegor Gaidar and well-known writer Grigory Chkhartishvili, aka Boris Akunin.

Family and love horoscope for 2016This Chapter is for those who listens to the stars and pay attention to the horoscope. 2016 is a leap year, this year it is not recommended to marry. Besides, the monkey is being rather frivolous and fickle. So those who are in a relationship, is to hurry up and get married in 2015, or to test their relationship and to wait until 2017.

Those who are already married, should pay attention to developing and maintaining relationships. Should not be distracted by the temptations that will offer you the chance the monkey is hilarious. The bright shell can be hidden emptiness, so it is better to cherish the present, what you already have. Despite his frivolous and somewhat eccentric character, monkey favors to the children. So it's a good time to have a baby.

Those who are lonely, passionate and romantic monkey will give a chance to find love. You should never be afraid to confess his feelings! There is, however, another side: unlucky in love, lucky in business. Work made from the APE man, a good year for new projects: those who will become in 2016 a lot of work and is not afraid to take risks will succeed. Here and impact the advantage of loneliness: family people can't afford to work day and night, and to risk, this will inevitably lead to problems in personal life.

In the year of the monkey have a lot of major political and economic events, both positive and negative. It will be clear and without a horoscope, if we trace the history of at least several centuries. Monkey loves pathos and beautiful words. You need to be able to see behind the loud speeches the truth and to act on the basis of real facts.

You need to be prepared for any eventuality: even the worst crisis is always an opportunity to make a great leap forward. The thing is, will you have enough courage, experience and abilities to turn the tide in their favor. It is in these years formed the Foundation for the future, so you need to invest efforts and funds in promising projects that will result in the distant future.

To be successful in 2016 should learn from the monkey habits, especially the cunning and ingenuity. Try to avoid conflicts, not to engage in disputes, while continuing to bend the line.

Even if you are in a lucky streak, and don't forget to listen to the advice of friends and professionals that you trust. Monkey peculiar vanity that blinds and does not allow to think clearly. Avoid it.

2016, according to the horoscope, suitable to change of work or even profession. While those who are not confident, better not to risk it. But those who dare will win a lot more: a year greedy monkey bets are multiplied.  published 

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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