The monkeys with human eyes

In the central part of the Democratic Republic of Congo has been discovered a new species of monkeys who received the scientific name Cercopithecus Iomamiensis.
The locals call these monkeys "lesula". The first time such a monkey scientists saw in 2007 at a local schoolgirl, who kept her as a pet in the town of Opala.

1. "We could not even think to find here a new look. I immediately noticed that this monkey is somehow different from the others. She was like a little monkey living far east, but the color and size are totally different, "- says Dr. John A.Hart, a leading scholar and researcher organizations Lukuru, group, exploring the wild. Photo: Portrait of a female lesuly with amazing expression of human faces. (Reuters)

2. Hart and his wife and fellow researcher Theresa Hart and a team of scientists in a research expedition were separated in the woods on the river Lomami when they suddenly came upon an unusual looking species of monkeys. (Terese Hart /

3. ape-like sovinolitsuyu monkey was bright chin and upper chest, dark-colored limbs and lower back is painted in reddish color that distinguishes it from other species of monkeys. It is this unusual color made the researchers suspect that in front of them a new look. (Reuters)

4. "The adult male areas of bare skin on the buttocks, testicles and perianal area. It is painted in a bright blue color and looks very impressive, "- says Hart.
In a report published in the journal PloS One, Hart says that lesula - this is only the second new monkey species, discovered in Africa for the past 28 years. In lesul mane of blond long hair that framed a pale elongated snout. On the nose light strip. (Reuters)


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