How to celebrate New year 2016 - year of the red Fire Monkey

2016 new year on the Eastern calendar – the year of the red fire Monkey. Are you ready for the holiday, fireworks, surprises and incredible gifts? You need to prepare, because all of this in the coming year promises abundantly. Neither the year of the Monkey astrologers were related to the number of calm (so she is temperamental and unpredictable), besides the element this year is fire.

So the circumstances will develop a pretty interesting, though completely wrong, as you planned. Entering the new year, you need to be prepared that everything will turn on its head – but somehow, inexplicably, it turns out that it's even better.

Strictly speaking, the astrological year of the fire Monkey will come only February 8, but it is better to celebrate New year 2016 taking into account the tastes and preferences of the symbol. Especially that Monkey loves holidays and unusual events. Moreover, being a special is very vain, she will put her honor and in gratitude would grant you in the coming year, a variety of amenities.

Where and how better to celebrate the New 2016Place, perhaps, does not matter. But the joy that should be hitting over the edge! This year it may not be too much of a masquerade or a real quest on the streets, show in the restaurant, a large company of friends and even strangers, a rock concert, or a party in Hawaiian style – it's all good. The main thing that was fun and noisy.


Want to have a picnic somewhere in the tropics – perfect! This is the best time. You can go even to Brazil, where, as you know, monkeys are abundant. However, the ski resort is perfect for a Christmas party.

It is important to remember: no matter where you celebrate the New year – 2016, it is necessary to provide unbridled joy and good mood.


How to decorate a house on New year 2016If you missed the bright colors, glitter and tinsel, you have a great reason to fix it. For the eccentric Monkey nothing is too much, it must be borne in mind to perfectly decorate the house in the year 2016. The more decorations the better! So scrimp and shy this year, not worth it.

The main colors this year: red and all its variations, cheerful orange, elegant violet (and purple and other similar shades). Not enough Christmas decor without the gold glitter. But from the black and blue colors should be abandoned.Make sure that the Monkey feel at home: hang beautiful garlands on the walls and the ceiling – even if they are twisted like vines in the jungle. Do not interfere, and a large vase with tropical fruits – bananas, pineapples, oranges will appeal to the mistress of 2016.


And, of course, we cannot forget that element this year is fire. So everything has to Shine from the lights on the Christmas tree to the candles for expensive candle holders.


How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2016while Dressing the Christmas tree for the New 2016, creative imagination. Who said that the actual can only be balls, bumps Yes, figurines of Santa Claus? This year you can give vent to creative impulses and to decorate the Christmas tree literally anything.

Candyman-Monkey like candy in shiny wrappers and fruit – tangerines belong on the tree! And will look great homemade toys: a garland of buttons, balls of lights, homemade snowflakes from colored foil and all-all-all that your imagination will suffice.

The monkey, according to astrology, loves money (but who doesn't!), so a great idea will be to please the mistress of the coming year, hanging on the tree banknotes, tied with red ribbons. Then on top of that you will firmly count on financial success in 2016.

Want to personally take a hand to the decoration of the Christmas tree? Great idea! Besides, it can be done with the children, then joy and pleasure from the process will be much more. Beautiful what can I do? For example, balls of thread, or the stocking for Christmas gifts.

In addition to a large Christmas tree this year you should dress up a few small role is perfect for bouquets of pine branches or your home plants. But if the house has a palm tree or the famous money tree, Christmas decoration they just need! What to wear on New year 2016, this time to along to the main party of the year should be approached with great responsibility. Recommend to think in advance, what you will see in the New 2016. Look for Monkeys are very important and to please her is not so easy. Bright colors and some mascarades suit is a necessary condition. However, it should not look cheap or tasteless, so I have to combine in a single outfit extravagance and style.


Women in the new year night are recommended only and exclusively dresses – of course, evening. No suits – all should be on the highest level. Get out of the safe family jewels (or purchase on the occasion of the decoration of natural stones), feel free to open the shoulders or back, don't forget to put on an incredible head designer hat with veil and new year look ready.

The unusual hairstyles in this year. Forget about modesty and naturalness, and get ready to Shine! Makeup should be matched with gold and silver sequins, unusual drawings, and even a cute mask – the sleeker, the better.


Men, too, can forget about restraint. What would you opt for a tuxedo, suit dudes, or outfit in the spirit of the Mad Hatter is supposed to look extraordinary and even a little eccentric. In General, the time to allow yourself to get behind.


What should be on the table on New year 2016, All! And more! The table should burst with dishes and decorations should be bright and festive. The most expensive dishes, the most exquisite decoration, most unusual dishes – everything has to be the best. Don't forget about the color of the symbol of this year – a fiery red. Red and orange must be present not only in the decoration of the table, but in the treat. Oranges, tomatoes, mixed peppers or strawberries – add bright colors in each dish.

Another feature of the menu for the Christmas buffet – an abundance of exotic dishes. Not only the fruit (and there should be plenty of them), but also any other meals. Make sure to prepare something really unusual, well, if yesterday you didn't even know that such a food exists. New year's eve – a great excuse to try something new!


But we must remember that despite the culinary abundance, on the Christmas table there should be only "light" dishes: Monkey will not like too greasy and heavy food. But the fruit (and not only!) salads very much like. The task of the evening was good fun, to walk and to dance and not spend all night getting stuffed with delicacies. So not less attention than the decor, along and table, should be given a Christmas entertainment. published

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