Chinese New year began on the night of 7 to 8 February and is celebrated the whole month!

Every year, according to the Oriental horoscope, has its own element and animal mascot. The element is changing by a ten-year cycle, and animals for twelve years. We already use the Chinese horoscope, gifts for the new year Souvenirs of animals that need to protect their owners from trouble. The tradition of celebrating Chinese New year in Russia has developed recently.

But every year this event takes more than a mass character.

The new year began on the night of 7 to 8 February and is celebrated for a whole month.

The Mascot Is A Monkey

This mascot is characterized by all the traits of animals living in the wild. People born in the year of the Monkey, nature artistic, have excellent intuition, but wayward and possess changeable character. It is inherent in the unbridled joy of the unexpected and rapid transition to sadness or aggression. In the year of the Fire Monkey does not make sense to make plans for the year, still the hostess of the year all make their own way.

Family and material well-being

Family and prosperity — the main thing this year. During the period of protection of Monkeys, we must strive to create a family, increase income and improve well-being. This animal will do everything to help you achieve goals to improve financial condition. Recommended investments in precious metals and real estate. A love of all things luxurious and shiny in the blood in all members of the monkey clan, so investing in gold jewelry, investment and collector coins promises to be lucrative.


Children born in the year of the Fire Monkey, can become great writers, artists and public figures. Many a political career secured. Whoever became a child born this year, it is sure to be extraordinary, a person, a man, not like the others.

Element Fire

Fire — not the most peaceful element. This year the number of wars, increasing conflict, instability of the international situation. Quiet and peaceful year to be promises. For young couples, the element carries storm events, fiery passion and incredible love.

The tradition of celebrating Chinese New year

Like any other New year, Chinese also has a lot of traditions. Celebrate it more than two millennia, so he is considered the most ancient celebration of the new year, or spring meetings.

In China

In China, it is a long-awaited holiday after a year of hard work, study and worries. Celebrate it a month. First night fireworks, colorful fireworks and shooting firecrackers. Large bright celebration with dragon dancing, delicious food and unbridled universal joy. China is a large country, the tradition of celebrating differ from the inhabitants of the Northern and southern dynasties, but the beginning and the end of the Chinese New year celebration date is the same for the entire population. End all activities after the end of the lantern festival on the fifteenth day from the beginning of the Lunar calendar. Be sure to cook traditional dumplings and labidco — special porridge out of 8 ingredients, which includes the seeds of the Lotus, the sacred flower of China.

In Russia

In Russia, the Chinese New year is celebrated in different ways. Those who is a fan of life and customs of this country, to participate in the ongoing days of Chinese culture. People celebrate the occasion with traditional Oriental dishes of the Christmas table, making paper lanterns, and even dragons. Many residents, tired of a succession of past holidays, celebrate this event in a quiet home setting with family or with friends. Holiday table is complete without the traditional Olivier, but as a sign of of a order or sushi. Originally, of course, but fun and delicious.

Features the dates for Chinese New year

Unlike New year, which begins on 1 January each year, Chinese New year date changes every year. It depends on the Lunar cycle. Year of the goat begins on February 8, 2016 and will run until 27 January 2017, then he will be replaced by the year of the Fire Rooster (28.01.2017 — 15.02.2018). So ahead of we expect two fiery years.


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