Fair-Exhibition of Toys

In the United States and Germany - have been major fairs, united by one theme and one product - toys. At these fairs can be found not only collectible Barbie dolls and figurines heroes movies, video games and comic books, but also completely new releases.

Doll Bernard Madoff and the remnants of the broken version of the toys on the "Toy Fair" exhibition center "Yavits" February 17, 2009 in Manhattan. Madoff toy version of the company «ModelWorks» comes with a special hammer that can break this figure. The doll stands 99, $ 95. (Getty Images)

14-year-old Cameron Holiday, won first place in the competition Transformers, looking through the glass at the transformer "Devastator" from the company «Hasbro» fans at the Congress of "Transformers" in Pasadena May 30, 2009. His prize guy spent on this "Devastator", made of six individual structures. (Reuters Pictures)

Japanese actress Akina Minami shows the Barbie doll, which was released on the 50th anniversary of the famous brand in Tokyo, March 9, 2009. First Barbie doll was presented to the public at the New York Toy Fair in 1959. (Getty Images)


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